Because I ship my OC so hard with Colgate its not even funny.

At first I used to think that Colgate was one of the less popular background ponies. But DAMN was I wrong. Seriously, what is it about Colgate that attracts the droves of us bronies? I don’t know. If I had to guess I would say its her color scheme.

Anyways, nothing special here. Just a pic of my OC (Cardoso) and Colgate dancing. Or at least I hope it looks like that. Hell if I know if it does or not.

Also I don’t know if you are thinking this or not but I’ll say it anyways. Yes the coat colors are basically the same thing. Yes the mane’s are similar, yes he looks very similar to her. But NO. THEY ARE NOT RELATED. Not much into incest, no offense.

As always,

Hope this finds you well,


More art. This time of my OC Cardoso and of Saxxy’s. Overtone? Saxxytones? I honestly forgot what it was and don’t really feel like asking what it was.

Anyways here they are, making an inside joke none of you will understand. But that’s what tumblr is all about. Other than making giffs of your butt of course.

Anyways as always,

Hope this finds you well


Did some more arts. This time I did a little piece for a friend of mine. For those of that do not recognize the stallion above, he is the OC for a close friend of mine. In short we based his character off of Barney Stinson (played by Niel Practice Harris) from the show How I Met Your Mother. The Pony’s name is Danhoof. 

I don’t know why I like this little drawing so much. I think what really sells it for me is the smile that he has. While everyone here really doesn’t know his character all that well, I can tell you that for me at least there is a shear grace in his little smile.

The eye is the only major thing that is bothering me.

But alas, I shall end this as I always do.

Hope this finds you well


Finally! After waiting in line for nearly 2 hours I got to accomplish the one thing that I came to Everfree for. Meeting the one and only Tabitha St. Germain. In short, she is an incredible person. My love for this voice actor (not love love, seriously she is like 30 years older than me :P) has grown exponentially. I know that every fan says this but I’m going to anyways. I genuinely feel that both Tabitha and I got to know each other and connected on a level deeper than fandom.