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Ask Shadow Blast (WARNING: some NSFW, most recent update is nsfw)

Ask the Royal Blacksmith

Raindrops Answers

Ask Doctor Colgate

Ask the Time Mistress

Ask Charlie Foxtrot

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anonymous said:

Hello there! If you get this message you have to share 5 random facts about yourself and then send this on to 10 of your lovely followers! Have fun :))


ok um…

  1. I hate corn touching me (and don’t prefer to eat it).
  2. I used to call my big brother, “My Joey.” 
  3. My nickname is Tata (spelled Tata, pronounced like T(h)aT(h)a) because when my big brother was little he couldn’t say my name (Elisa) so he said Tata and it just caught on.
  4. I was a big bitch when I was little.
  5. I get really nervous for stupid reasons and also over think too much.

there i did the thing

but i won’t be doing the send it to 10 followers thing i don’t like doing that

anonymous said:

You already have followers that care about you. What's wrong?

Im mad because i broke my headphones and i also dislike myself and ive lost like 4 followers today