Derek’s is green. I think….. 

Wrong. It’s blue. But that’s fine. I don’t know yours. I was going to guess red.

Wrong………. It’s Brown. Why’d you guess red? 

I don’t know. But I mean, brown is sort of a shade of red, in a way…

But my favorite type of brown is nowhere near red. It would be really weird if you had red eyes…… 

*face flushes, smiling* Oh…that color brown…

*smiles, leaning over to kiss him* Yes…. that color brown 

This depends on the scenario. Overall I am. I have more moves than him. However, when he is drunk he has a lot more guts than I do and he will get on the bar and dance with anything that will look his way. 

Also, he has more practice, being a Warbler and all that. But I have GREAT hip movement when I dance from years of my own… “practice” ;)

By practice he means hours playing Dance Dance Revolution. 

Liar. You know what I meant.

and hula-hoop competitions with Amanda. 

*looks at Sebastian* Do we have a song?

A song that makes me think of you…..”Runaway with me.

*smiles* …Can that be our song?

*turns to Derek, smiling, wrapping his arms around his neck* Will you runaway with me?

I’ll start packing *wraps his arms around his waist, kissing him deeply*

The first time Derek said it to me was while we were having sex. It was the first time I had topped….. 

Sebastian kissed me to shut me up. And then waited until after we were done and falling asleep together to tell me that he loved me too.

I still love you.

I love you too.

I like tying Derek up. 

I’m not allowed to tie Seb up because he’ll have a panic attack. But I really have a thing for exhibition and public sex…

And that is a kink I can live with….. You know, Derek… we haven’t traumatized Hanover yet…. 

I know what we’re doing this weekend then! 

We sort of…almost had sex in their kitchen once. There was a party over at Windsor, booze and such, and we got a little carried away…

Kurt said something about never being able to make cookies in there again, and the rest of them got a bit upset and chased us out even though we were only in boxers by that point.

Sex. Sometimes in a less than acceptable place. Derek is handsy and I let him be handsy….. 

And Sebastian moans like a whore even more than usual. It gets loud, and we’re usually in a public place.

Derek doesn’t cook, he burns. EVERYTHING.

Not true! I can make… cereal.

You add to much milk and make it all soggy, or you don’t add enough and it is to crunchy. Long story short, Derek is not allowed in the kitchen. 

Which just means Sebastian is my bitch and makes me food. I make damn good coffee though, you have to admit that…

Sometimes I think I am only in this relationship for his coffee skills.

We went out, and I ordered fish, and later that evening I puked in Derek’s lap in the car, and again on the bed, and again on the bathroom floor……… Date disasters are usually my fault. 

What do you mean usually? We haven’t had that many bad dates. And I cause problems too.

I feel like the disasters are my fault. 

Well, you’re silly and paranoid.

Really? Name one disaster that wasn’t my fault? 

When I flirted too much with our waitress that one night at the Italian place you used to love so much. That screaming match in the parking lot was my fault.

I am still upset they don’t deliver…. I loved their food. However you staring at the waitress’s chest and having the audacity to ask for her number….. 

Ok. Some things are your fault. 

My parents don’t approve of any of my decisions so…… 

Logan didn’t like it much either, but since it got Sebastian away from Julian…

I think there were a lot of people who don’t like it. However, almost everyone accepts us. Just as I am sure Derek’s parents will. 

*leans into him, kissing his shoulder gently*

I love you. *kisses his cheek* 

*smiles adoringly* I love you too.

When we last fought…

None recently ….. Wait, really?

Just for a moment, but it was there. That was a really big fight, Seb. I was really scared of losing you.

You doubted I loved you though?

…Well, maybe not. But I still was afraid you were going to leave me.

There are very few things that could make me do that.

Good. I don’t want you to leave

Good. I don’t want to.

You heard them. Sex me up, Seb ;)

Um… No. And I love the fact he plays with my hair when we cuddle. Even in the shower he spends most of that time with his hands in my hair. It’s nice… 

*smirks* Yeah, I usually have my hands in your hair alright…

This is why we can’t have nice conversations. I meant I like you washing my hair, with shampoo and stuff. Anyway we both know you spend more time on your knees in the shower than I do. 

*coughs* I for one, love when he just randomly climbs practically into my lap to cuddle, right when I’m in the middle of studying or homework. 

*sits in Derek’s lap* Still want me to “sex you up” ? 

*grins* Always *kisses him*

1) Sleeping Beauty… She has the best looking prince. 

1. I like the more modern Disney princesses- Rapunzel, Tiana, Mulan. Girls that kick ass and teach Amanda that she can do anything she wants to.

2) A python or a puppy. I can live with cute or creepy. 

2. I already have two dogs at home, but I’d like to get another one of my own someday.

3) Derek. Sometimes he forgets that speed limits exist. 

3. Probably me. Sebastian’s usually pretty good, unless I’m distracting him…

4) I quite like the Hamptons….. we had fun there. 

4. Honestly, I’d like to take Sebastian somewhere cheesy like Disneyland or Disney World someday.

5) Any mention of a threesome, and when the coffee tastes burnt.

5. Bad coffee and being called any sort of derogatory term for liking guys Sebastian.

6)…….. I rather not think about it.

6. We’ve both done a lot, but…I’m going to guess probably me.

7) Derek Gummy bear heads. 

7. Sebastian Coffee.

8) Trust.

8. Amanda’s safety and happiness in the future.

9) A Star. 

9. My own personal amusement park.

10) I am.  I want this to last, and I’m terrified one day he will get bored. 

10. Me too. I’m pretty sure Sebastian is The One.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Amanda likes that I’m a brony, okay? I watch it for her sake…

The Real Housewives…every single different version.

He isn’t lying. Every Single One.

You’re so ridiculous.

Buttercup and Wesley ;)

I think Wesley is a more plausible name. Buttercup might just have to be a nickname.

I was KIDDING. I actually am quite fond of the name Maria for a girl, and Daniel for a boy. If a boy was names Wesley, I would call him Weasley for the rest of his life. 

Thank god you were kidding. I dated a girl named Maria once, she was horrible. We are NOT naming our possible daughter Maria. Daniel’s not bad. I also like Andrew for a boy. Maybe like…Emma for a girl. Or Vanessa.

OUR daughter? ……..  Alicia. We could call her Ali. 

*blushes, looking away* Yeah. I like the name Ali.


*smacks Derek in the back of the head* 





What are you like in the bedroom?: 

How do you feel about not touching Derek?: 

Hey…no fair…

Let her answer………. 

It is a scary sight, no one wants to be around for that.

This is true. I can kill people with my glare.

It is terrifying. Not even sex can fix it.

Nope. I cannot be denied my coffee fix.

Let’s see…

He’s kind of a cuddle monster, actually. He always wraps himself around me in his sleep- even if I start out as the big spoon, by morning he’s taken over and I am the little spoon again.

He also talks in his sleep. Usually nonsense words or my name…

And yes, it is very difficult for me to just let him sleep, but he needs it. He’s been exhausted lately, and not just because of me wearing him out. He’s really quite adorable when he sleeps though.