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((what the heck, do me and Scoots.)) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ***

Scoots: You are awesome and a cute little filly who has a whole lot of drive to try out anything she can think of! However, you do go a bit overboard - trying RD’s booze, fighting a manticore, hunting for a chicken in a cockatrice-infested forest?

Also, I’m unsure which RD is ‘canon’ for you at the moment.

Blogmod: You own! If it wasn’t for your former blog, I would have never have gotten into the RPs, and they are fun as hell. I hope the issue with your car is sorted out… and finally, your dogs? Cute as fuck.

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OoC: It’s different, i was already following you before. I wouldn’t get offended over you asking me why i wasn’t now. But, it’s okay! I noticed on my own, so you don’t have to ask awkward questions!

Ah, we are coming at this from opposite sides! It’s cool that you’re following me again, I was more meaning that I did not intend to bring up The Blogs That Must Not Be Named in case of crazy pony stalkers.

Tumblr is being awful tonight

just laggy as shit and ugh.

I was tryin’ to ask dudes how they’re going etc but I have no idea if the ask went through or not, I’m erring on the side of ‘not’ though.

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((Rattails what? I'll admit, i'm not good with english hairstyle terminology.))

Oh it’s just like a mini-ponytail, I had one back in primary school. Ponytail = long and large, rattail = short and skinny.