Hey Princess, I herd you like Desktop Ponies

Hello adventurers! I normally would start this as a witty parody of something, but since this is the first post with a proper banner, I’m just going to skip to the bullets.

  • You can get her here!
  • She comes to basic stand and walking animations along with some special stuff and flavor text!
  • This is my third Desktop Pony I’ve made available to the public!
  • If you can’t read the banner, this is (probably) the first Jungle Pony to be Desktop-Pony-ified!
  • I originally was going to give Scootaloo a hat and throw her in this update as an expansion pack, but then I realized that she’s supposed to be a teenager pony (or at least, teenager sized), so I will have to make a new model for her, and that isn’t very fun (to me.) 

I’m kinda unsure of whether or not I should actually go make a new model for StA.  Not only would it take a while (aka: long time), I would most likely feel kinda tired after some point. Would anybody look forward to it if I actually make a Scootaloo the Adventurer desktop pony?

Hello adventurers! There have been times where you sit around in front of your computer screen all alone reading pony-related, Homestuck-like stories. During those moments, you have (possibly) thought “Gee, I feel so alone right now, but I don’t want my friends watch me read these ponies, but I don’t want unrelated stuff on my desktop.”

Okay, enough bigness, time for details! But wait! You don’t want details and just want to download everything without even knowing what’s inside it? Download everything this update has here!

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Oops. This is also going to be a text dump. Time to talk about design.

On Queen Sombra pony, I made her armour/outfit more feminine by extending the cape to be more of a dress, added a saddle, edited the boots/greaves to have that fleur-de-lis shape like the princesses’, and added fancy engraves and gems to the torso. The crown is the same and her mane is longer (Around Fluttershy mane length). As an Emo Anime Horse, her mane looks similar to Fluttershy’s but scruffier, black, waveyish, and has more hair. She doesn’t have visible fetlocks like King Sombra, as mares don’t (commonly) have ‘em. Her tail is also plenty of longer than King’s. Her alias is (draft) Queenella Glimmer Sunshine Goodpony.
On Rule 63 Coffee Talk pony, I just drew from memory of that one post.

Human Scootaloo the Adventurer is what I say is one of the most generic explorer outfits I could think of at the time. I tryed to make her hair look reasonable/possible. About the tower of hats, I realized that I don’t exactly remember what her hat looked like, so I improvised and added more adventure hats. Anyhow, she ended up looking older that she really is :(. She also certainly doesn’t have a Crystal Pony Rainbow Dash keychain on her bag. Nope.
The Royal Sombras I had fun messing around with. I was never very talented at drawing armour, but I think I did pretty well anthromorphing them.
Also, under Queen Sombra’s skirt/dress/thing is around the same pants/leggings/greaves as King Sombra’s. The skirt just adds elegance.
The Coffee Talks were just added because I ran out of things to do.