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S'mourice Toastygraham, Taffyta Muttonfudge, Creepie TreatTricker, Candlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter.

Send me a character name and i’ll name…

S’mourice Toastygraham

Attraction level: 7/10 (Ice fancies gentlemen but bad boys do it more for her)
Love for the Character: 9/10
How much the character has grown on me: 10/10
Badassness level: 5/10 (She’s never really seen him in a battle before)
How upset I’d be/I am if the character got killed off: 10/10
Your blog: 10/10

Taffyta Muttonfudge

Attraction level: 9/10 (She really admires Taffy)
Love for the Character: 10/10
How much the character has grown on me: 10/10
Badassness level: 10/10
How upset I’d be/I am if the character got killed off: 10/10
Your blog: 10/10 (HOLY COW YES)

Creepie TreatTricker

Attraction level: 3/10
Love for the Character: 3/10
How much the character has grown on me: 3/10
Badassness level: 3/10
How upset I’d be/I am if the character got killed off: 3/10
Your blog: 3/10
(No hard feelings and nothing personal. Your blog/roleplaying/character just never did it for me)


Attraction level:  5/10
Love for the Character: 10/10
How much the character has grown on me: 10/10
Badassness level: 4/10
How upset I’d be/I am if the character got killed off: 9/10
Your blog: 10/10

Rancis Fluggerbutter

Attraction level: 10/10
Love for the Character: 10/10
How much the character has grown on me:  10/10
Badassness level: 10/10
How upset I’d be/I am if the character got killed off: 10/10
Your blog: 10/10

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Rancis returned to his room after his morning shower. He still hadn't put on a shirt after having his torn off last night. Seeing Ice sleeping so soundly on the bed, Rancis hated to wake her up. However, the arcade would be opening soon and he didn't want her to be late. Gently, he put a hand on her shoulder to wake her. "Morning, Snowflake. Sleep well?" ((you asked, I delivered in my special way :P))

Ice squirmed a bit, her eyebrows drawing together in irritation. Was someone calling her? Waking her up? But she was so tired… and a bit sore… Forcing her eyelids to separate, they gently fluttered open. Her vision, though blurry at first, soon focused in on a familiar face. She took a deep breath and nuzzled her cheek against his hand, giving a half hearted nod. “Mmhmm…”

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Cutie pie ;)

Send me “Cutie Pie” and I will answer all of these

If we lived together we’d:
[ ] Argue
[x] Get it on once in a while
[x] Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast
[x] Watch movies late at night
[ ] Prank Call People
[ ] Pranks each other
[x] Cuddle
[ ] Party
[ ] We’d Never Live In The Same House
[ ] Shop
[x] Play games
[ ] Read bedtime stories
[x] Cook whatever we felt like eating together
[ ] Get on each other’s nerves
[ ] Who are you

About you:
[x] I love you.
[ ] I’ve liked you before.
[ ] I like you now.
[ ] You’re cute
[ ] need to talk more.
[ ] need to chill.
[x] I’d makeout with you.
[ ] I wanted to kiss you before.
[ ] I’d slap you.
[x] I’m happy to have you in my life.
[ ] I don’t know you .
[ ] Ex.
[ ] Let’s try again
[x] I miss you
[ ] We’re good friends
[x] we’ve kissed before

Would I Date You?
[x] Yes ✔
[] No ✘
[] Maybe
[] You deserve better
[] I don’t know

Your Best Feature:
[] Lips
[] Eyes
[x] Hair
[] Personality
[x] Everything
[] I don’t know you well enough

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"ah.... shit!" blushing furiously, he turned around and started frantically jiggling the handle, but to no avail. "uh... hi." he turned around, hands over his eyes but very obviously peeking.

Ice was aware Rancis had seen far more of her body than just her underwear but it didn’t stop the flustered state it put her in. Huffing the strand of hair, that always hung in her eyes, out of her face, she took his hand. “Hey, chocolate butt.” Once she was up and standing on her own two feet, she placed her hand over the one covering his eyes, snickering. “Uh uh, I see that. Nice try.”

Name: Buttercup

Age: 6 (Because it’s in her code. She went through an age jump while her code was created and settled. and because I said so! Hahaha)

Info: Buttercup is a blonde like both of her parents but her hair is a lighter yellow than Rancis’. The curl in her bangs are natural and the rest of her hair gets curly when wet or when it’s humid she doesn’t need to take an hour to style her hair. She wears a caramel and brown beaded bracelet with a buttercup charm that her mom made and gave to her and a white t-shirt under a caramel colored dress that goes to her knees, the straps wrap around her shoulders and button in the front(you can’t see it because the scarf is in the way).

ABOUT THE PICTURE: Buttercup was hanging out with Gloyd, creating mischief, when she asked him to hollow out a buttercup for her so she could wear it as a hat.(I have a headcanon that her and Gloyd became good friends and get in trouble together, eating almost anything in sight) Then, she snagged Rancis’ scarf and ran home to show Ice her outfit and pretend to act like him, asking if she looked like her dad. Ice, finding all this amazingly cute and funny, replied with, “Of course, baby!” (My mom calls me her baby all the time so I feel like Ice might do the same)


Yola~ In case any of you were wonderin, Ice’s baby is due later today! Haha yeah and since the little angel from above appeared with magic, I’m p sure that he’s/she’s shit! the fuck is it gonna be!? O.o gonna be born with magic too! because how the hell do you write a birthing? I sure as hell don’t know! But ya~ I wonder if any of you have noticed I’m nightblogging right now because I lost two followers and you can practically HEAR my quality dropping one post at a time not like it was that high to begin with but whatevs! Alright! I’m just gonna lurk till I pass out or just watch some supernatural, whatev comes first! Lates!<3

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Rancis gently pushed Ice against the shower wall, his kisses taking a path down her face onto her neck. He was extremely conscious of the position of his lower body, but at this point was beyond aroused. ((resend. :> maybe best to move this to private msg, if you're comfortable with it))

Her chest caved with a shocked gasp, the cold wall of the shower pressing firmly against her back and Rancis pressed lightly against her front. She didn’t bother with moving or shifting but her hands did grip his shoulders. “A-ah, Rancis,” she muttered, unable to do much of anything else at the moment.

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"Both." he kissed her again, this time a little more passionately, resting his hands on her waist.

She laughed softly though her nose, leaning into his touch. Their bodies weren’t exactly touching, aside from their hands, but they were coming dangerously close to doing so. It wasn’t anything new for him to touch her and yet, when his hands made contact with her skin the area began to tingle pleasantly and become increasingly warm. 

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Laughing with her he said, "You know, throwing compliments at each other is getting us nowhere." Smiling, he pressed his lips against hers, the heat of the shower around them not coming close to the heat of his body and heart.

“Nowhe-,” she tried but the words died in her throat as soon as their lips touched. Her eyes widened in surprise for a moment and she had to re-steady her balance before they fluttered shut and she kissed him back. Her hands resting gently on his bare chest.

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Rancis blushed as Ice kissed his cheek. He smiled as she said those words, the words he'd never get tired of hearing. He turned around, no longer embarrassed, and looked into Ice's pale blue eyes. "I love you too, Ice." ((i can't handle these two they're so cute omg))

Their proximity brought color to her pale face, aside from the flush from the heat, and she smile brightly. “I love you lots!” she said again, refraining from throwing her arms around the boy’s neck, a habit. Instead, she gave him an Eskimo kiss, rubbing the tip of her nose against his own, lips curling up in a laugh.

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Rancis moved in to catch some of the shower spray. He hummed as he constantly averted his gaze from Ice's bare form. "Do I tell you enough that I think you're incredibly pretty?" he said while still facing the other way.

She giggled and brought a hand to her mouth to stifle it. From this angle, she could only see the back of him. “You do. And I love you for it.” Ice leaned over a bit, pressing her lips on his cheek. Her body temperature was much warmer because of the water and steam in the room but it still had a small cold kick. Still, she didn’t seem to notice.