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Hehe.. not a reason at all Will. I have a habit of teasing.... it will appear from time to time dear. *playfully nudges his shoulder with a happy smile*


"Hmm, I see." Wilfred suddenly corners Blair and tilts her chin up towards his. A small smirk touches the corner of his mouth when he notices how red she’s suddenly become. "Ah, I see my teasing is a bit too much."

grayace said:

"T-they just let me in"she said nervously uh oh she thought i was just gonna ask for directions and find a place to sty out of the rain


That’s odd, why would the guards—

Before he could finish his thought, Wilfred noticed right away who she looked like. Without another word, he straightened his posture and held out an arm to the maiden.

"Please, allow me." he said as he took her coat from her.

grayace said:

(i think im gonna start over mun) ace peeks through the door of the castle nervously. she was lost and idint know where she was. ( is this ok?)


{sounds good! i’m not sure if i ever received your first attempt, if so my memory must be wacko~}

"How did you get past the guards?" Prince Wilfred’s voice echoed thru the lobby of the castle as he saw a young maiden peering thru the door.

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((I know it has been so long since his birthday..but..ahg!!))

Kimmie hummed the birthday song as she walked slowly without sound to Prince Wilfred’s room. She laughed softly when she tried to imagine how he will react when she appeared in front of his door without any notice.

”Whoa!!” She exclaimed in surprise when she was suddenly grabbed in the arms from behind. ”How many times must I remind you not to roam the manor at such hour, Miss Kimmie?” She gasped before turning to her Worst-Nightmare-So-Far.

”May I know what you’re doing here?” he asked her, still grabbing her arm. ”I-I’m on my way to enjoy the breeze outside?” she stuttered the words out. ”Is that so? Then, I’ll have to say that you have a bad sense of direction as usual. That’s not the way out. Anyway, it’s too late to have walk. Let’s get you back to your room.”

Annoyed, she snapped back at him, ”I can get back myself, you know.”

”It’s you we’re talking about. You will wander off and who knows, I’ll end up finding you in Prince Wilfred’s room again. You should let His Highness have his rest. He just finished his work and he’s going to have a busy day tomorrow.”

She scowled and muttered, ”It’s true, but I’ve seen his schedule for tomorrow. It’s so packed! There’s the parade in the morning and then, the party and tea-party. In the evening, there’s the masquerade ball in the evening. Seriously, I think he doesn’t even have the time to breathe!! Are you trying to kill your Crown Prince on his birthday!!!”((I can imagine her wanting to flip a table here! XD))

When Kimmie entered her room, she sighed and glanced at the present on her dressing table. She stared at the music box with snowdrop design and smiled as she remembered the day when she received it from Prince Wilfred as a gift for White Day. She opened the music box and the song ‘Salut d’Amour’ started playing.

”This really brings back memories,” she sighed and placed her chin on her palm as she remembered the moment she met Prince Wilfred. As she touched the miniature violin replica that was turning in the music box as the song played, there was a knock on her door. She glanced at the clock and realized that it was already 12.

”I wonder who is it..” she muttered and went to open the door. As she opened the door, she said, ”Claude, if you think that I’m roaming the castle again, think aga- Oh!” Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the person she wanted to meet most standing in front of her. She hugged Prince Wilfred and exclaimed, ”I miss you so, so, so much, Your Highness!”


(Thanks for your patience, Princess! -Mun bows repeatedly-)

Hearing the commotion between Kimmie and Claude, Wilfred smiles a bit hearing her excuses. He knows full well that she would try to sneak to see him again. They had been keeping up this charade for a while now, but as Claude began to pick up on it, it became harder and harder to see one another.

Thinking back to White Day, the melody of the music box began to play in his ear. As he got up to head to his bedroom, he faintly heard it down the hall.

"It’s far too late, could she still be up?" Wilfred wondered as he followed the haunting tune. Finally, he stopped at a door; her door. Smiling softly to himself, he knocked on the door but not expecting her to answer.

"Claude, if you think that I’m roaming the castle again, think aga- Oh!" he watched as she swayed her hip in an attitude as if she were adressing his butler. Holding back a laugh, Wilfred’s eyes looked kindly upon her. As a pink hue dusted her cheeks, Kimmie hugged him as she confessed her emotions to him.

Wilfred felt his heart pound a bit at her words as he is embraced by the young girl. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"I thought for sure you’d drifted to sleep," he smiled letting himself into her room so they could not disturb the rest of the castle. "Is everything alright?" he suddenly wondered, hoping that Claude hadn’t upset her too much.

Forget-Me-Not (you'll love the plot twist i have in mind)

((so i fucking wrote a shit ton of shit and then fucking firefox decided to crash cause its stupid as shit and i was almost done and i fucking hate everything. we’re doing the commoner plan by the way))
A loud rumble could be heard from the skies as lightning flashed through the apartment, momentarily making the place brighter. Deneca was sitting on her bedroom window-seat, peacefully watching the storm.
The third thunder was the loudest. Once the lightning followed, the lights went with them. Deneca jumped up and pulled her phone out of her pocket, using it as a guide to the kitchen.
She walked all the way to her little kitchen, being cautious not to step on anything or bump into a table. Opening the drawers, she flashed her phone light on the drawer. She shuffled around with her hands and didn’t find anything.
Sighing in frustration, she thought about what to do. Her neighbor might have some candles or a flashlight, but they recently moved out. Did anyone move in so quickly?
As Deneca stood there contemplating her choices, another flash of lightning pulled her out of her thoughts and she had made up her mind. She opened the door and walked right to the door opposite hers. Knocking timidly on it, she waited. Her eyes brightened when she heard quiet footsteps.
She backed up, preparing herself for the awkward introduction. As the neighbor opened the door, she knew she could never prepare herself for this.
Even in the darkness, he was breathtakingly handsome. His blue eyes stood out in the pitch black and he had this confident air around him.
“H-hi. I’m Deneca. I live right across from you,” she explained as she pointed to her door, never taking her eyes off the stranger. “S-so the lights are out, as you can see, and I don’t have any candles so I was wonder-”
She was cut off by the power coming back on. Averting her eyes back to the man, she suppressed a gasp. He was even more handsome with the lights shining down on him. He had brown hair, but it didn’t look like it was natural.The man looked strangely familiar, yet she couldn’t put her finger on it.
“S-sorry to bother you.” she apologized, turning back to her apartment.


~ About two hours previously ~

Wilfred grabbed as many things as he could find. He shoved everything that was near and dear to him in a suitcase. He was mumbling in an angry manner as he shut his suitcase and opened his bedroom window. He began to pull sheets from his bed and tying them into a long rope. Tying one end to his dresser, Wilfred climbs out of his bedroom window and out of Phillip Chateau.

He decides it’s best if he weren’t spotted by anyone. He threw on some shades and a hat as he entered a convenient store. He quickly bought some brown hair dye and left the store. Wilfred then quickly left for a taxi that took him to his destination.

A while later, Wilfred arrived at an apartment complex. He checked himself in and headed towards the elevator. Before the doors closed, he faintly heard an announcer on the radio talking about the prince of Philip’s disappearance.

Wilfred went up to his new home, and unlocked the door. He entered the small apartment and flipped the lights on. Looking around, he saw that furniture had already been set in place, which he had arranged for months ago. He had been planning this for a while now. And finally everything was in place. Satisfied, Wilfred headed to the bathroom to dye his hair.

After settling down, and drinking a cup of tea Wilfred read peacefully in his new domain. Suddenly the lights flickered and powered down. Sighing, Wilfred rummaged in a spare box he had left in his living room for some candles. Once he found one, he heard a knock from the door. He approached it cautiously, worried he would be found out. He saw a small figure thru the peephole, and gladly opened the door.

A young girl introduced herself as his neighbor. She was about to ask for something when the lights brightened up the hallway. His eyes widened a bit as she looked back up at him; he was sure she recognized him but the look in her eyes passed. A sigh of relief, Wilfred noticed she was turning back to leave.

He wasn’t sure of what to say. But since she lived right across from him, maybe he’ll get to know her better. Wilfred began to return to his room.

hananotsuki said:

Setsuka was surprised of how close they were. Her heart was beating against her chest and her cheeks turned bright red. "Wilfred-sama...?" She said.


"Forgive me, I was being much too forward." Wilfred took a step back and bowed before taking her hand and kissing it. "I suppose we should retire. It is quite late,"

darksupersonic14 said:

Kirby smiled at him. "I come from a kingdom a fair distance away. My father married into the royal family, making him a duke, and by the royal family's request, I have come here to meet the Prince of Phillip. It is an honour sire" Kirby explained, nodded her head to him again in respect.

Wilfred was a bit puzzled at this meeting, but nonetheless he would never disrespect a lady. Bowing slightly, he nodded again. “Thank you, Miss Kirby. Forgive me, but wouldn’t a letter have been sent ahead of your arrival?” he seemed quizzical as to why Claude wouldn’t have mentioned something like this to him.

The Gardener

Rainy blushed slightly as she felt his hand on her back and along with his words. She followed him to the dinning hall and all eyes seems to fall on them as they were the last group of people to arrive. 

The princes were in their tuxedo, looking posh. Their dates were in the most stunning dresses she had ever seen. They were clearly of nobel birth and she, was more common than a normal commoner. She sat down next to Prince Wilfred as a chair was pulled for her. She looked across the table and saw 3 princes seems to be glaring at her. Was it the dress? Did they know who she was? She shrunk back in the chair, hoping a hole would come out and she could crawl in.

An old man with white hair and in purple robe walked into the room and everyone stood up, bowing at him. She followed suit and was knocking over almost everything on table. “S-sorry…” She muttered as eyes were staring at her. 

She sat down again and the man started talking. As the food was placed in front of her, she looked over at her cutlery. Are there that many fork and spoon in the world? Different shape and sizes. Long, short, big, small. How in the world is she suppose to know? She looked around the table, trying to figure out what she was suppose to use. 

(it’s okay mun. Take your time dear. ^.^)

(omg idek why you could stiil be following me but thank you because you are amazing and i am a terrible mun)

Wilfred’s eyes sliced coldly into the eyes of his fellow Princes when they glared at his gardener. Their murmurs were silenced immediately as everyone took their seats. Amongst all the talking, the prince noticed her confused glances at the cutlery.

Trying to help, Wilfred coughed to get his date’s attention subtly. He took the spoon at the out most edge of the row and began eating his appetizer of creamed soup. Delicately and gracefully, he took a spoonful of the mustard-looking brew, steaming and full of flavor. Not even a slurp was hear as he tasted his meal.

Looking back at his date, he looked at the old man and finally spoke. “Nobel Michael, this soup is elegant. Please give my compliments to your chief.”

Looking back at his butler, Wilfred saw Claude look away suddenly. He then shifted his eyes back at Rainy.