Just had to go to a 21st birthday party, bit of a boring one until the band tried to get everyone to do some Irish dancing and this little boy kept in trying to join in and was just really cute. Reminded me of the Stiles from askonionfam, which really made my night.


“I tell him many stories about the righteous man, the boy with demon blood and their angel, but this story, by far is his favorite.”

This is the story of a very good man.

Once upon a time there was a man who grew to be good. A good husband, a good father, a good friend. But one day, someone asked him a favor, “Let me use you for the greater good.”

Now the man, not having done anything remarkable in his life, had agreed since he understands it would be helpful too.

But that someone got taken away and left the man alone. “I can’t stay here, I must go home” the man said. And did so. But as he went home, horrible people came and threatened to hurt his family.

When this happened, the man’s friend–the one that called him away–promised that he could keep his family safe if, and only if, he doesn’t come back.

Hurt, broken, and torn, the man looked to his wife, looked at the face of his daughter, and agreed.

To this day, the wife and child still live. And to this day, they remember the sacrifice made by a good man for his family.

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