Uglypony: “I have the best of friends a mare could ever ask for… all 1,000+ of you…”

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU GUYS!! this is an amazing honor to have all of you amazing people follow me! i-i-i’m getting choked up… i love you guys so much i can’t even handle it. <3

I included my great friends i’ve met along the way. 

ayasha-the-ponydemehooves,ask-rosey-pieask-ice-and-turneraskduskandcd,ask-ribbonheartaskroastytoast,askinquiry, and askollieapple. Thank you guys so much for being my friends <3 I would die for you. Thank you. You are everything to me. 

oh! and bonus my first 100 follower pic to see how much i have improved: here



These are the winners from my 100 followers contest! I’m sorry this took me so long guys, I’ve just been really busy! (soon I’ll have to be holding a 200 contest ^^; )

Anyway, these are the winners-

They’re all super awesome ponies (and goat!) and I had a lot of fun drawing them” I wish I could have captured the cuteness more but I have the artistic skills of a fox on crack so this is the best I could do!

Hope you guys like it! ^u^

Edit: forgot Ollie Apple’s cutie mark! It’s there now :)

uglypony: you all… did this… for me?

everypony: we sure did! we felt like you needed to know that you are not alone, everypony has there insecurities, and we would love you no matter how you look!

uglypony: this means so much to me! thank you for everything! thank you all!

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thank you 100+ followers! so happy i got to my first milestone! thank you all! 

Tha’… Tha’ sure is a lot ‘o ko-ala-tee, don’tcha think Meg?

oh yea….