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Here it is! After many a mishap and Murphy meddling we have finally released our first episode! We hope you enjoy it, and expect more from us in the future as we progress as mesmerizing mystery makers.


The Adventures of Sherlock Hooves Episode 2: The Stradivarius Scheme, is almost finished!

To thank our followers for their help and support we will be streaming our test-run of the epsidoe TONIGHT! 8PM Est, on Click the link or the picture get to the stream!

We will air the FULL and FINISHED version on Celestia Radio, Friday June 13th at 8PM EST.

We’ll be waiting! The game is ahoof!

Voice Casting update

Hello fellow super sleuths! Codemasterc here with a bit of an update on how casting is going thus far. We are almost done with filling positions for the mane cast but we still need a few more auditions for the hard working, stern, yet patient and understanding Captain LeStride as well as Sebastien Talon, A henchmen of a particular adversary of our detective who is an eagle eyed marksgriffion who makes sure his employers loose ends are all tied up. Though he does not speak often when he does it is with a Germanic accent. For more details and the rest of our roles that need to be filled be sure to check the Sherlock Hooves Cast List here:

And remember to send all your questions and auditions to


Remember when we said we had some side projects postponing our artist DragonsandDreamscapes from the comic? Well this is one of them. This  large collection of OCs is nearly all of the members of the Sherlock Hooves team. Of course not all of us are present or even have ponysonas to speak of, and we’ve even gained members since this pieces creation. We continue to grow as group both skillfully and as friends.

In order we have(With their OCs names in parenthesis, the ones we had on hoof anyway): Sherlock(Sherly), Codemasterc (Artie Fact), Dr. Tryhard(Dunder), Starry Flame(Starry Flame), Wollffeey (Aquifer), John(Overclock),  Jestre, Aquinas(Aquinas), Brittany, Fangirl(Artsy), Jengah, DragonsAndDreamscape (Art Book), Sonicsuns, Squeak Anon(Squeak the Writer Pony), Ordon Rift, City, and Shim (Rainchaser)

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Here it is! The Drapes. Our newest short. Thanks to Piab for hosting it on their channel. This short follows Sherlock and Trotson as they come across what first appears to be a suicide. However to Sherlock’s eyes the house and it’s accessories tell a different story.

Despite trials and tribulations we had a lot of fun making this and hope you all enjoy it as much as we did creating it. Thank you all. Now stop reading this and hurry to the video. A mystery is a hoof!



Hello, Everypony! The Division is looking for voices to appear as characters in our next episode of Sherlock Hooves. If you’re a fan of our program and want to join us, here’s your chance!

Go to this page here to see what and who we’re looking for, and the lines for your reading. Make sure to follow the guidelines detailed at the top. When you’ve recorded your auditions, please send them to


Emails announcing the casting will be sent out on February 5th, and be placed here, on our Tumblr. 

Good luck everyone! The game is on!

~The Fangirl


We are going to give you something for Christmas Eve (For some of you) and here’s a teaser for Ep.1 of Sherlock Hooves.


(He is so dreadfully bored sometimes, hopefully some interesting questions will help entertain poor Sherlock as he tries to get to the bottom of this. Anyway here it is! Page 4 of our Sherlock Hooves comic. Sorry it has taken so long to come out, our artist had a serious case of art block and I am sure many of us here on tumblr can relate. Now this is an ask comic so feel free to send Sherlock and John questions. If you are wanting to ask the ponies behind the blog about something else like something about our audio production be sure to address the question to us and not the characters. Makes it easier that way. You’ll be able to find this page and all previous pages of the comic here:

A link to this comic page will be added shortly to said archive.)

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It’s finally here after some trials and tribulations, our first short. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to releasing more material in the future. Now let’s watch as Trotson’s rainy day turns into a thunderous mess when Sherlock decides to do a little test.

(Gee, I wonder why Sherly said excuse me so quickly together…*Lying Applejack Face* Regardless apologies again to our readers, followers, listeners and other assorted fans for the long delays on…well pretty much everything. School has been a major hassle for mostly everyone on the team as well as plenty of other individual reasons.

    In terms of good news though we have finally gotten ALL of the audio for episode one and have already begun recording. Our goal is to release the episode sometime near the end of the month but that is no guarantee but we also plan on having a Nightmare Night short as well that is currently being written. So that’s a production update for those curious. We hope to release more for you all soon.

As always you can catch this page and all the other comic pages by clicking the comic archive link on the main page of the blog.)


(Here’s the next page of our Sherlock Hooves comic. Sorry for the lack of any other kinds of updates this week. Anyway this week and next week the art has and will be brought to you by Cortawsome. You can check out her deviantart here: She’s really looking forward to the upcoming pages. Just wait and see why. As always if you want to reread any of our comic pages you can do so in the comic archive here: )


Here it is, Part 2 of 2 of are little prom comic. Sorry for being a tad late. Also that typo. If you’re wondering what typo then ignore the second half of that last sentence. This second Part was drawn and re-scripted by our fantastic artist and writer Aquinas. Happy Prom!


P.S. If you didn’t catch part one you can get to it by our comic archive here:

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It’s finally here! Episode 2 of The Adventures of Sherlock Hooves. Ep.2 The Stradivarius Scheme.