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It was a busy day at Hyrule’s market place, Amber had just finished her grocery shopping and was on her way to return back home.As she squeezed her way through the crow of people she accidentally bumped into a young hylian boy, known as Link the hero of time.She dropped the bag of groceries she was carrying with her letting some fresh fruit rolll around the floor and knocked the young boy down ,hitting the ground.”I’m so sorry.”she quickly apologised ands knelt down to help him get up and also pick up the bag and fruit.But once she saw his face her eyes widened and a smile grew on her face, it was link her son.She had tried many times in tthe past to find him,now that she was brought back to life, and reunite with her child but with no luck until now.”Let me help you.”she added.


The Princess chuckled as she tilted her head down to face the young Hero - she still needed to get used to her new nickname, “Hello, Link.”

She blinked upon his question.


"You know," she started, as she ripped her eyes away from the ceiling above her, "I don’t really know."

She looked down towards the male again, smile returning to her face, “Why don’t you decide, for us? I’m sure you’ve got an idea.”

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The young hero looks excited to see Wind around of all places and yawns a bit "Hey Wind!" As the boy has a happy look on his face


Well, the other boy certainly looked familiar. In fact, Link would go so far as to say that they were almost identical in appearance, but…outside of that, he wasn’t quite sure if he recognized his companion.

“Y-yeah?” He frowned, trying to figure out where he knew the other from. “What is it?”

Fleeting Gazes [ Coronation Starter ] || (asknarcolepticlink)


Zelda lifted her head, eyes sweeping across the large, seated crowd before her. Her senses were telling her that someone was staring at her, and said staring was completely different to the occasional glances that the townspeople were throwing at her.

This staring had lasted for a few minutes now, and she was determined to find out who the perpetrator was. The ceremony was finally starting, and although her crowning would come at a later time, she firstly needed to serve her attendees with a brief speech and some food.

Now, if she could just find…ah!

Their gazes clashed for a second, and she immediately knew, from the way he had quickly averted his gaze, that this was the person she was looking for. She almost couldn’t recognise him for a second, there!

In fact, she was amazed as to how she spotted him at all - he was someone of a shorter stature, and although that wouldn’t have made a difference if he was standing amongst the sea of people, he was seated behind multiple heads and bodies and he was barely noticeable.

Smiling, she patiently waited for him to lift his head up again, and as he did so, she waved in a subtle manner; in such a way that only he would be able to see it.

'Hello,' she mouthed silently.



"Thank you, Link," she managed to pull a small smile onto her face as she sighed, one hand rubbing at her temple whilst the other was holding the bottle. "You have impeccable timing! I just needed something to help me with this small headache…"

She popped the cork off of the bottle, slowly sipping the milk as she tried not to tilt her head back too much. The creamy texture slid down her throat easily, and the taste of the warm milk lingered on her tongue as she continued drinking.

The milk rejuvenated her, physically and mentally. The ache eating away at her head was slowly dawdling away, and her stiff muscles and shoulders started loosening up. She ‘ah’ed in satisfaction as she finished off the milk, smile on her face.

"Thank you, Link!"


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"Hello," the Princess smiled, "It’s nice to finally make our friendship ‘official’, Twilight. Oh, and, I do hope you won’t mind me thinking of you as a younger brother I never had, Link."

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