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Ah, that is… I know a lot of people got upset with me for that, and quite understandably, but I don’t think many of them really knew what I was trying to do, so I suppose an explanation is in order.

You see, Monobear had already stated that the only way to get off the island was to take part in his game of mutual killing. Thus, the only way to make progress towards the preservation of these imperceptibly beautifully talented people was to kickstart such a game. It sounds harsh, but the only way for anyone to continue to live was for someone to die.

But everyone was reluctant to make that first move, and understandably. After all, it’s a terrible feeling to think “I have to kill someone in order to live”, or even worse, to think “I must become a murderer”. It’s a scary thought! And no one was willing to step forward, you see, so I knew something had to be done.

I couldn’t risk being the murderer myself. With my luck, it would only lead to someone else being accused and, as per Monobear’s rules, everyone else dying as a result. And even so, someone as lowly and unworthy as myself would have no place extinguishing such a bright, shining, talented hope in the first place. So someone else had to be the murderer. And, as circumstances would have it, Hanamura-kun was already on the edge of becoming that person. He just needed… a nudge, that’s all. A nudge in the right direction.

So I told him to kill me. We set it up perfectly - he would be the murderer and I would be the victim. After all, I have no right living alongside these talented people, and certainly no right to remain alive in their place! I’d be the perfect victim - it’s no more than I deserve, really! I gave Hanamura-kun all the incentive he needed - I think if he knew I was planning his side of the story too, he wouldn’t have gone along with it, so I made sure he thought he was doing what he planned to do, so I let him think I was planning to kill someone and then he’d be justified in killing me, and I worked out the details, like overloading the breakers and making sure I’d be in the right position for him to kill me.

But of course, any plan made by someone as foolish as me was sure to go awry, and with my luck the way it was, of course I wouldn’t succeed. I hadn’t counted on Togami-kun being so dedicated with his vow to protect everyone, and I certainly didn’t plan on him dying in my place. I suppose I should be… thankful? That he died in my stead? But truly, to lose someone with such great talent as him while someone as worthless as me continues to remain alive… It’s almost despair-inducing.

I can only hope that the game of mutual killing finally beginning for real would be enough to spark the greatest hope possible from my classmates! After all, only in the darkest of despair can the shining light of hope become as bright as a beacon! I can count on them, that shining talent of Hope’s Peak Academy, to overcome this despair and become the greatest hope imaginable! Ahaha!

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Komaeda, it's Hinata. I have no idea if you know this, but you are not trash. You are not at all worthless, you are none of those things. Stop blaming everything on yourself because you think you deserve it. You don't. None of us like you, but in no way do we think you should die, that you're worthless. Hell, I don't even have a talent. Just...just never say you are worthless again, okay? because you're not. You never were.

I think my favourite meme is Trollface. I mean, after all, it’s considered by many to be the ‘original’ meme face, with roots going as far back as 2009, and is the most widespread throughout the internet, don’t you agree? Plus, it’s some of the most masterful artwork I’ve ever seen, and that’s coming from someone who has the privilege of being surrounded by talented people!

Of course, memes existed far before Trollface and rage comics were going strong before its creation, and I’m sure eventually even Trollface will be forgotten by the internet…

But I believe in Trollface! I believe it can persevere! Do not lose hope, Trollface!

Hmm… I can’t say it’s something I’ve had any experience with, so I’m not sure if asking me is the best idea, but… I think it sounds kind of silly.

Being considered someone’s close friend shouldn’t be worse than being considered their romantic partner! Both of them are admirable achievements! You shouldn’t feel put down if someone considers you their friend, you should be happy that you’ve made a friend who you can be that close to, even if they don’t have the same feelings for you as you do for them!

And if you say that they’re horrible for putting you in the friendzone instead of dating you, maybe you should think about why they didn’t date you. If you only saw them as an object of affection instead of a person and a friend, then you have no right to complain when they say no!

Ooh! Well if it isn’t my good friend, Komaeda! Tell me, how have you been since I last saw you? I would assume not good! You did chop off your arm and replaced it with Junko’s if memory serves me well…!!

Oh, you mean this? Oh yes, I did. I regret not having the use of my left hand anymore, but regardless, I feel as though I’ve gotten one step closer to reaching that ultimate despair I so crave nowadays… Of course, I’d be enjoying it more if I wasn’t in a coma, but hey, I figure I’ll get lucky and wake back up. And when I do…… We should go rollerskating or something, man. >__>

I tried to make some pancakes...

Because the first one ended up too thick and probably is still a little bit raw inside, I put all my hope in the next one.

Which ended up also being too thick. And when I tried to turn it around…


Uh… And it ended up something like this:

Nee, Hinata-kun, I made some pancakes for you <3 They probably will still taste okay if you pour some syrup or jam on them… I think…

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Komaeda do you ever think you got Despair and Hope mixed up with each other, since it appears you love despair


How can one get those two mixed up? It’s like… Putting salt in your tea…I love despair? No I don’t.

I hate despair more than anything but the ultimate hope is born from the ultimate despair. I might be using despair but don’t love it.