(All righty, friends! At long last we have the first half of the Halloween raffle winners! The second half will be coming shortly, depending on what responses I get! Due to the lengthy hesitation in posting this, the last five winners of the raffle, originally having only the option of a watercolor piece, now have the option of a water-color OR flat color, like these! If not, I will automatically be doing my water-colors.

Thanks again for being so patient! Here’s a list of people these lovely characters belong to, from top to bottom!

Kayla Tracymod

Magical Muffins Vintage


By the way! See that last pair there? Those both belong to Crowquill’s mod, who is in some pretty dire trouble! If you could go over, take a peek, maybe donate, or at least send some words of encouragement their way, that’d be terrific!

Thanks again to everyone for being so patient; I’m deeply flattered I have not yet been justifiably assaulted with proddings or pokings about these raffle prizes!

Keep an eye out for the next five winners!)


Kayla, I can’t believe you’d do something so nice for me like this. Talk about acts of love and kindness… Thank you! Seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Between this and all of the well wishing and donations I just might beat this thing.

I will find a way to pay you all back for your kindness…

But to all of you!

You heard it here! Kayla will run a super special rate for a fabulous cause. Myself that is. Some of you are possibly aware of this now but soon I’ll be moving but it looks like I’m short by $400 of my goal on moving expenses. You see a big part of these moving expenses is my security deposit which includes an unfortunately heavy pet deposit that I just can’t avoid… If I can’t afford this I may have to choose giving up my kitty which … well in all honesty it is not good for her. It would mean she’ll go to a shelter where she is likely to be euthanized because the shelters around me won’t take in former pets and keep them for long.

I hope it isn’t asking for too much, even a small donation can mean a whole lot.

And Kayla offers the first five people who contact her for one of these super commissions a FULLY SHADED picture of your OC pony or any pony you may like for only $13!

Sounds like an amazing bargain to me!

Be quick, as slots are limited!

And if you wish to donate go to my tumblr page and click on my donate button. Thank you and stay fabulous everyone!

Good Evening! I just thought I’d stop by and wish you a Happy Hearts Warming Eve! Here’s a box of chocolate covered pretzels I made for you. Have a nice evening!

(Oh Gosh, look at this cute thing! ;U; Awww, this picture is adorable, thanks so much Kayla! What a sweetheart! <3 Thank you thank you! I’m certain Tech would love this!)


(Mod: I was going to color the ink, I may update it later with the coloured ink but here it is! Ok so across the picture top left to bottom right: XirnochSea Breeze, Apple Bolt, Sunshine DoveAnthro PonyScarlet RoseMTBecky, Me, David, Vexin, SketchpadRozga PonyMimieHuevoTumble TrotterStar Stalker, Pony Cheshire CatChoco Moo, Merri WeatherMiss-MixiLightkingIckle MuseScyllaLord SheogorathKyrin PrisimPalette, TruffleLittle Rice Paddy,Inkie Heart, and Zeraphine Crystal.)


Your Back!!! *hug*

(Mod: So when Kayla heard what was going on with Tumble Trotter she stayed away from visiting him because she didn’t want to remember him like that. But once he was released with Unhinged and Kayla heard she flew as fast as possible to find him and see one of her best buddies again. And yes I made Kayla to small in the second panel but oh well.)

(Mod: TaDa!!! It Is Done!!! I said I was going to make a surprise for The Cozy Cave staff and here it is, a banner with everyone on it! All 14 of us! Enjoy! Every one in order is Me, Star Shine, Holly, EclipseKloppy, Huevo, Demented/Shy, Blade, JayCloud Chaser, Luna, Rainbow Dash, Midnight, Vector, Fire MixerLight KingSpark! Updated to show our 3 new employees!)