AA: im s0 very excited t0 invite y0u all t0 the c0rpse party!

AA: apparently its an earth traditi0n and im d0ing my best t0 make every0ne feel cuturally c0mf0rtable with the recent passings 0f 0ur g00d friends! 

AA: r0unding up the c0rpses as we speak! 

AA: all my w0nderful f0ll0wers are invited! please spread the w0rd! 

AA: hey everyone! i just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for the wonderful questions you asked me!

AA: i really hope i’ve been able to give some good answers! if you have any feedback for me, please let me know! 0u0

AA: i’m really excited to answer the rest of—

AA: whoa… what was that? i thought i heard something…


AG: Araaaaaaaadiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa!

AG: I heard you were doing this stupid 8log thing and getting a lot of attention…

AG: How could I possi8ly resist coming along and giving you a couple quality posts????????

AG: It’s not like I’d make one of these stupid things myself. 

AG: So come on and 8sk me something interesting alre8dy!!!!!!!! :::;)