Now don’t tell me there’s a “Ask Human Baby Discord” or I will have to mess up some universes - Or at least revoke their access to my domain!

((Featuring Baby Discord, Kid Discord and Little Eris as the adorable-but-annoying child Discords! I hope it’s fine for you!))


The rumours certainly are true! And I think Screwball and I snatched the best roles in this whole ordeal, too.

For what is more powerful … than a HIGHSCHOOL PRINCIPAL!


Well, Screwball still has a LOT to learn. I mean, she didn’t even color my right plait! UNBELIEVABLE, I say. And that black eye on there, seriously? My drawing is DEFINITELY superior.

((I haven’t colored traditionally in a long time, that was so much fun! Screwball’s drawing was done by me, Discord’s by my boyfriend - Special thanks to him and his nonexistant art skills :U))


Now, while Screwball puts her new hands to good use and sweeps up all the asks she spilled, I’ll get back to your questions. You had to do WAY too long without my wisdom!