Okay so I am actually glad this was asked.

I’ll  briefly explain this. Lilith and I were very good friends for a while but she changed very negatively and we began to fight and drift and with me moving across the USA she started to not take askfrerard seriously when I asked for us to work it out (the replys that is). Long story short her and I are no longer buds and I wanted to take the blog but she ended up keeping it because I couldn’t take her off admin and I unfortunately opted out. I didn’t want to and it broke my heart. I loved that blog very much, it was real fun and I was so grateful to receive it from the previous owners. I was willing to start it up again on a new channel with my girl. As you can see we’d take it very seriously lol…  (;I never meant for my falling out with my friend to interfere with this. Please by all means if you guys want this blog functional tell me and I’ll grab my girl and work something out. 


The askfrerard blog makes me so so uncomfortable. ME. Like…I ship Frerard but not in the weird “screw lynz and jamia for breaking them up” way. But that’s just too much. Plus, they don’t even try to talk like Frank or Gerard and it’s weird and creepy amd I never trash other blogs but this one needs to stop.

Hey guys!

I am aware of the delays on answering questions and I am super sorry! We will be updating as soon as possible but right now I am currently out of a home and couch surfing between friends. I am also working my ass off to get money to get a place in another state because Miami Beach has chewed me up and spit me out for the last time and so have the people. We don’t need new admins, I just need some time and patience please!

Much fuckin’ love,

Paige/Gee <33