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(Ladybajingo) also holy shit did that say dragonfly sex is rough?????????????????????

Dragonfly sex is a rough and tumble affair. If you’ve ever seen a pair of mating dragonflies in the throes of passion, you know that their sexual coupling requires the flexibility and acrobatic skill of a Cirque de Soleil performer.

That was just the first sentence off that webpage oh my

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I’m always here to help!

Alright, the OVA has released as of Wednesday, around mid-day (if it isn’t Wednesday still where you live.) So far only a RAW version is available for torrent and direct download.


Torrent (I believe there are other places, unable to find more.)

No subs have been released since the posting of this ask, so about 9:45 pm Wednesday on Eastern Standard Time. And yes, expect more spoilers seeing that some people neglect to tag them and gifs, photosets, and screenshots will be posted through most of the night and on to tomorrow. 

If you want to avoid spoilers, blacklist ‘klk spoilers’, ‘ova spoilers’, ‘spoilers’, etc. to help, but like I noted earlier some people are not tagging.

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(Ladybajingoarts) what was that ask?? It hurt so bad I think I felt my heart forcibly explode out of my chest. You're evil. I love it.

Story time…

It was a slow evening at work and I brought the Strange Magic soundtrack with me and popped it into the CD player. The music caught my co-worker’s attention. She barely has any free time now with both school and a job, so she asked me to tell her the plot of the film.

After I finished telling her about Strange Magic the first words out of her mouth were, “what if the Bog King died in the end?” What followed were my wailing sounds of denial, but the seed had been planted. 

Thus, The Solitary Queen was born…

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(ladybajingoarts) Is it okay if i draw your description of a the happy ending in the tags of my au picture? The way you wrote it was actually really similar to what i was thinking but i liked your dialog better :3

*claps hands over face, tries to speak, and mumbles incoherently for a few moments before finally coming back to normalcy* 

Yes, yes yes yes. Yup, I am totally okay with that, no problem at all and I am not freaking out because oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see this and you’re gonna use my dialog and ahhh - 

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((i have to agree rae. i’m afriad mashima’s just gonna brush aside gajeel being sexy awesome, and he’ll give us like ½ of a panel of levy rooting for him.))

Sobbing, don’t get me started on the lack of Levy cheering. ;___; I am still waiting for some Levy cheering + ultra sensitive dragon hearing. COME ON MASHIMA. TOSS US A SMALL BONE?