formerlyaskeqi said:

what the- I never noticed you guys here before. great, that means that not only do we have to compete with Black Maresa, but we also have to compete with you! actually... would you be interested in working together on some joint-projects?

"How can you miss the giant research facility buried under most of the Everfree? Also, if by working together you mean you won’t fight back when we buy you out? Then yes."

formerlyaskeqi said:

Patter Storms into the office. "Cave Johnson! I heard from an anonymous source that one of my employees was seen entering this facility. I want to know where she is right now so I can drag her flank out of here so I can give her a proper punishment for breaking company rules!"

The extremely busy CEO looks up from his work.

"What on earth are you yammering on about? None of your employees are here as far as I know. I certainly would have been notified had they checked in with the receptionist."