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askepios13 asked:

Oscob, with all this Floral Shoppe 2 business and the visual aesthetic being nothing more than eye candy, does vaporwave still have a chance to be something more and taken seriously as an art form, or is it all about to hit its ceiling n just burst the bubble?

I don’t buy into the argument that it is a “purely aesthetic” music genre. But I will say that the aesthetic and the music do go hand in hand. I think it’s actually kind of interesting (and sometimes maddening) that there is a genre that the album art is almost as important as the music on the actual album. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Let’s be honest, I think most people “discover” vaporwave through the art that is packaged with it. Seeing the bust of helios over a pink and black checkerboard over and over again on /mu/ is basically the reason I found vaporwave in the first place. So yes, the album covers (and the net art scene as a whole) are pretty important. I think they bring people into the scene that wouldn’t have discovered it by chance in the first place.

Yet this does bring up an entire new set of problems, just how the actual music in the scene can get stale, and stagnant, so can the art accompanying it. Yes you can slow down a 80s disco song AGAIN and yes you can use a roman bust and some hirigana with a vhs filter AGAIN, but that isn’t going to move the scene forward. It’s just gonna be the same stale shit over and over again that is gonna bore the die hard fans and make the new fans disinterested.

I can’t say if the scene is about “hit the ceiling and burst the bubble” but I will say that those who are interested and passionate about vaporwave needs to make sure the newer artists on the scene are getting the exposure they deserve. And if you think you can do something new, something that will add to the vaporwave experience, fuck, go pirate bay some audio software and rip some youtube video mp3s. Make something, explore, ask questions, dive deeper. 

I’ll end this little rant with what I think was the best part of the “Floral Shoppe 2 explanation” from Dreamcatalogue:

“What is innovative now is vaporwave. Because of its presentation, the music becomes more than just a song and instead something larger than that – having a cinematic effect, if you will. I know this is a concept that Hong Kong Express shares as it is something we have discussed, and is the reason why Dream Catalogue presents their albums and music videos (except Floral Shoppe 2, heh) with such vivid imagery behind them. This is ultimately the next innovation in music, and people who say “vaporwave is dead” are completely off base, I tihk. I say instead that music is dead, and may vaporwave continue to live.”

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend good vaporwave blogs? ........... Windows 95

Check ‘em:




capersnvapors (defunct)










Honourable mentions (aka blogs you will like if you like vaporvvave but are not vaporvvave per se):























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Excellent answer ^_^ Follow up Q, do u think vaporwave could ever turn out like seapunk? (God rest it's soul...)

I saw this text post once that I think is very applicable here, I don’t remember the source but it went something like this:

Vaporwave is riding a fine line between cool underground music scene and lol internet meme so please becareful

I feel like vaporwave has had a much stronger staying power than seapunk did, or maybe it was just too much too fast. We really haven’t had an equivalent to the when Rhianna killed seapunk

but be weary, it’s gonna happen

askepios13 asked:

Do u feel still the same way about vaporwave as u did when u first got into it, or has it lost some it's luster or attractiveness?

that’s a touchy one

On one hand, I feel as if I have gained an even bigger appreciation for it, now that it’s been a year I really feel like I have grasped what it exactly means and represents to me

on the other hand, all the 15 year olds slapping fiji water and roman busts on their selfies is making me a little weary of the future of it. But them bandwagon jumping on the aesthetics doesn’t really affect how the music touches me.

So I guess no, if anything I like it even more now.

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Yo Os, in regards to this whole police shooting thing n supposedly real life purge that's gonna happen, do you think that most people are viewing this n the wrong light and are just perpetuating negativity, fear and fear culture?

idk dude I blog vaporwave

askepios13 asked:

I noticed something very interesting on an answer u gave in ask where they asked u to explain what vaporwave is. I noticed that u kinda associated understanding, enjoying and getting into VW with age (specifically early 20's). So my question to u is, do u think that that age really does play a part in vaporwave fans/artists/enthusiasts?


I mean, I’m not saying it’s impossible to have true understanding and appreciation for vaporwave if you aren’t old enough to actually remember the things influencing the genre…

but I’m alot more inclined to believe you are on the “SADBOYZZZZ FIJI WATER LISTEN TO THIS SHIT HIGH” side of the fanbase if you were born in the 2000’s

but hey, I know there are younger people out there who really do get it and I’m not dissing you, I know you’re out there.

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Hey Oscbob, whats your favorite scary, spooky movie

The Blair Witch Project

some close seconds are The Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original one), [REC], Kairo (Pulse), Ju-On, Ju-On 2, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, SALO: 120 Days of Sodam, Funny Games, Irreversible, Suicide Club, Dark Water (the original Japanese one)

askepios13 gif game is 10/10, follow him

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Firstly, I just wanna say thank you for speaking like an adult and not seriously n continuously using the words "bruh", "bae" n "shawty". Second, we kno what vaporwave is n means to is at our present n current time, but what do u think it meant to the artists/designers from the 80's/90's that we pull this stuff from? What made neon lights n roman busts n whatnot so cool to them? Cuz even back then, I got a weird vibe from it all, ya know?

I appreciate the sentiment but I have to call myself out and point out I said “bruh” like two asks ago

That is a great question. It would be really neat to know what the dude who designed the original jazz solo cup thinks of our little culture. But art trends tends to move in cycles so I wouldn’t be surprised if the aesthetics of the 90s that prevailed was somewhat pulled from earlier sources.

and honestly, 90s music and art ment absolutely nothing to me then, it’s all there on the edge of my memories, but I never consciously acknowledged them. I was too busy playing Sonic 2 and riding my big wheel around the neighborhood

you always supply me with great, thought provoking questions, thanks fam