Brand new you.

How can you forget someone that you love?

I will call this as 1,2,3 BRAND NEW YOU.

1. We must first accept the fact that they will never-EVER go back to us and you must deal with it. Different environment without him, phone in silent, no messages from him every single minute, walking alone while keep on helping yourself how to get easily move on. JUST DOESN’T LOVE YOU. THE FEELINGS ARE GONE OKAY?

2. After the “Acceptance” stage. Next is you must undergo to the step where all you need to think is to be happy, do whatever you want, as long as it will not hurt you physically and of course mentally. In this stage, you don’t need to think of how you can move on with him or even thinking of him is strictly prohibited. Because the fact that you think of him or even thinking how you get easily move on making you realize that your phase of moving on seems WORTHLESS.

3. After keeping yourself busy on your own happiness, people around you will see the changes. From being broken to a person they saw before you get broken. Next phase is, “Being strong”. After what you’ve done, you must realize that you gotta be stronger than before, the brand new you packed with lesson you’ve learned from your experience.