Well it’s technically almost 2600 now BUT STILL!!! Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything. And Just for you all I’m going to to do a little contest!!!

Duh Rules:

  • Reblog or like to enter yourself in the contest.
  • Multiple reblogs do not get you better chances.
  • Final prize is biased on the number of notes on this post (more notes=more prizes).
  • You do not need to follow me to be entered.
  • Winners are chosen at random (please no complaining if you don’t win)
  • Winners may gift their win to a friend if they so desire (if you do you get special consideration for being a good cookie) so feel free to reblog/like for a friend if you think they deserve it.


  • Grand Prize: this person receives a full painting (1 person may win)
  • 2nd place winners receives a full picture (line art and full color and shading).
  • 3rd place winners will receive a clean sketch 

The number of winners for second and third place are biased on number of entries in the contest.


In addition random individuals will be selected for a bonus prize, an appearance in a future story post!!!

Again I want to stress that entering for friends will earn you special consideration. 

Finally I just really want to thank everyone who has supported me and my blog over the past year (which has been a bit rough on me). Your kind words and friendship has meant the world to me. 

Thank you and good luck to every one!!!

Hola si no tienes nada que hacer, y si tienes que hacer tarea,mejor hazme alguna pregunta,ya que es mas interesante y divertido :D.ASKEAME PRIMERA PARTE 1. ¿Cual es tu nombre? 2.¿Eres mayor de 18? 3.¿Estudias,trabajas o eres nini? 4.¿Te gusta lo que estudias? 5.¿Deseas hacer de tu vida tus sueños? 6.¿Estas enamorada/o? 7.¿Te averguenzas de tu orientación sexual? 8.¿Eres les,bi, gay? 9.¿ Sabes quien te ama en este momento? 10.¿Tienes polola/lo? 11.¿Te gustaria ser mi besfriend? 12.¿Te gustaria ser mi novi? 13.¿Te besaron ayer? 14.¿Actualmente tienes celos? 15.¿Te han sido infiel? 16.¿Te a gustado la amiga/o de tu novia/o? 18.Menciona 10 cosas que NO te de flojera hacer. 19.Menciona 10 errores de los que te arrepientes. 20.¿Eres feliz? 21.¿Te amas? 22.¿Que necesitas tener ahora en tu vida? 23.¿Sufres de bulling? 24.¿Te gusta el alcohol? 25.¿Que drogas consumes 26.¿Sufres depresión?,¿porque? 27.Menciona 3 comidas favoritas. 28. ¿Que tipo de juegos te gustan? 29.¿Haces deporte?,¿Cual? 30. Describete con 3 palabras? 31.¿De donde eres? 32.¿Cual es tu comida favorita? 33.¿Que prefieres comenzar tu el beso o que la otra persona inicie? 34.¿Que piensas acerca de la sociedad? 35. PREGUNTAS SEXIS

((guys I have no idea how we got here. Started off with pencil and paper and now… not even sure. It’s been a long strange year and I’m glad you all decided to come along for the ride. Here’s to another year of weird and silly stuff. also, OMG THIS TOOK FOR EVER TO FINISH I AM SORRY I’M SO SLOW. And I’m sad I didn’t have more time or space to fit all of you wonderful people in here, and trust me I wanted to. Love you all))