Miss Dragonair here. I’m getting pretty damn tired of seeing all the hate for my favorite blogs, especially my fellow pokemon. I know that I don’t update as often, that I’m newer here and therefore not as close to the others as some. But I feel a strong connection with all of you and when I see you receiving hatred you don’t deserve, it really ruffles my feathers. The fact that one of my favorite blogs *Ask-Cuno and friends* deleted themselves because of hateful, loser anons, sincerely bothers me. You anons seriously have nothing better to do? I can only imagine you all just sitting in your rooms going “How can I take my hate and anger out on someone? Oh that person looks happy! Let me upset them as much as I am!” Get a life. I can only giggle at you anons honestly. It’s quite pathetic.

So please, fellow pokemon, and any of my other followers, if you ever need someone to talk to, or just want to vent, Miss Dragonair is here for you.