Outfit Inspired by Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe

Thinly veiled excuse to wear a partial galaxy sailor fuku? Don’t mind if I do. With hair in the signature bob and headband, and sporting purple stars like there’s nothing but outer senshi love in my heart, this is a little wink and nod toward a Sailor Saturn casual.

No outers? No problem — we can wait. New season of Sailor Moon is our hype hype hype. is of stars and silence

Why Super Junior is different from other kpop groups.

We have a legit superman…..

They celebrate birthday by giving the birthday boy a burnt cake…

Their variety is gold……

They bully one another everyday….

They made an effort to communicate with ELF who are aliens….

They have MAGIC~~~~

They’re just different.


Sometimes we can forget that he’s actually one of the older members of exo tbh. It’s probably because he act like he’s 5 years old and his face looks like a puppy when he isn’t rocking the eyeliner and hitting high notes perfectly. He takes care of his members well though, and he’s definitely very funny and interesting to watch; whether it’s at airports or on shows. Let’s all hope he takes care of himself and celebrates this day well! Happy Birthday Byun Baekhyun! We love you~


you are such an amazing person, and i wish that you will come to understand that. in contrary to what you always say, you do deserve all that has been given to you, in fact, more. i want to express that us, starlights, would always admire your humility and determination. we watched you grow for the past 2 years, and we all hope to see more of your beautiful smiles in the future. above all, i hope that you will continue to be your sweet and humble self.

happy 24th birthday, jung taekwoon!


Outfit Inspired by Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meioh

It’s a wrap-up of the outer senshi fam jam as we pass to Sailor Pluto on the way out – signature hair bun, garnet orb, and keys of stewardship slung off the hip? It’s a lonely life between space and time, but let’s try to look a little space classic casual while we’re at it. is always going to cheer for pluto’s planetary status

It’s That Time Again: Q1 Earnings Preview

With Q1 earnings season set to kick off tomorrow, you’d have to be living under a rock not to know about the tepid expectations. The Estimize consensus is currently looking for S&P 500 profits to decline 1.5% year-over-year, this would be the lowest growth rate since 2009. Revenues are facing a similar fate, down 1% from the year-ago quarter.

Why are expectations so low?

For one thing, it seems weakness in the energy sector is finally catching up to us. Last quarter the sector saw profits decline 19%, but the benefit of lower gas prices to various other sectors such as consumer discretionary and industrials created a net positive effect for the index, with S&P 500 earnings growing 6.3% and those two sectors putting up double digit growth. This quarter, however, the state of energy earnings worsen considerably. The sector is expected to be down 59%, and while consumer discretionary and industrials are still winners for the quarter, growth in those two sectors just isn’t enough to offset energy weakness.

Sectors aside, the stronger dollar will no doubt have the largest negative impact on corporate earnings this season. The S&P 500 derives about 40% of sales from overseas, therefore relying heavily on global strength. Only 19 companies from the index have reported thus far and nearly all have mentioned currency headwinds. Some notable names include: Monsanto, FedEx, Oracle, Adobe, Micron, Costco, General Mills, and Autozone. These companies hail from a variety of sectors (materials, industrials, information technology, consumer staples, and consumer discretionary), proving that the impact will be broad based as almost all sectors will feel forex fluctuations to some degree, with the exception of telecommunications and utilities which are mostly domestically focused. With that being said, there are some well managed companies that have been able to hedge against the stronger dollar, and somewhat offset its negative affect. Of the aforementioned companies, AutoZone and Adobe Systems were still able to beat top and bottom-line estimates. This season, beware of companies using the stronger dollar as a cover up for missed earnings.

Sector Winners:

While Energy is expected to be the biggest loser in the first quarter, which sectors are showing strength?

Consumer discretionary will be one of the big winners again this quarter, with earnings growth expected to hit 15.4% and revenues of 7.0%. Despite some recent setbacks with nonfarm payrolls and retail sales, the economy still seems to be improving, and lower gas prices have resulted in elevated levels of consumer confidence. The best performing industries within the sector are anticipated to be automobiles (51.2%), household durables (22.3%) and specialty retail (19.4%). There are only three automobile companies in the S&P 500, Ford, General Motors and Harley Davidson, and while all are facing easy comparisons from the year-ago period, GM is really expected to take the cake with 276% profit growth. Within household durables, certain homebuilders such as Lennar are expected to take the lead, with home appliance maker Whirlpool at the top as well. Specialty retail also seems to be getting a boost from the improving housing market, with home improvement retailers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot anticipated to show profit growth of 30% and 22%, respectively.

The health care sector is on a tear again this quarter, expecting profit growth of 12.3% and revenues of 8.1%. High estimates are mainly driven by the biotech industry, which is looking for profit growth of 33.4%, in most part due to Gilead Sciences and Biogen. Gilead Sciences has been wildly successful over the last few quarters due to sales of its Hepatitis C drug, Slovaldi, and recently introduced Harvoni. They have penned exclusive deals with CVS Caremark, Anthem Inc. and UnitedHealth Group to carry their drugs as the primary option to patients. However, the company’s growth is starting to slow down as competitors such as Abbvie come to market. On the other hand, Biogen’s stock is up about 25% this year on news that an early-stage study of its Alzheimer drug showed that it slowed the mental decline of a small number of patients that had early indications and mild cases of the disorder.

Like consumer discretionary, the industrials sector has also seen profit growth tied to lower oil prices. The sector is anticipated to post bottom-line growth of 9.0% but revenues of only 2.4%. It should come as no surprise that the two industries expecting the highest growth this quarter are once again airlines and air freight and logistics, with earnings growth estimates of 186.6% and 34.2%, respectively. Airlines, which should pass fuel surcharge savings onto customers, have instead increased flight fares and padded the bottom-line. Airlines are expected to boost profits by at least another 11% in 2015 according the International Air Transport Association, so expect this industry to remain hot. For logistics companies like FedEx and UPS, it should have been a no-brainer that they reap the the rewards of lower fuel costs, but losing higher fuel surcharges and battling the strong dollar has limited potential profits.


At this point only 19 S&P 500 companies have reported for the quarter, 61% have beat the Estimize EPS consensus, 28% have missed and 11% have matched. On the revenue front, 39% of companies have beat the Estimize consensus and 61% have missed. By comparison, a much larger 84% of companies have beat the Wall Street EPS consensus, 5% have missed and 11% have met, while 44% have beat the revenue consensus and 56% missed.

This week a total of five S&P 500 companies are scheduled to report, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Family Dollar, Alcoa, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Constellation Brands. Next week the season gets into full swing with 34 companies set to release Q1 results. 

5 Trade Ideas for Monday: Blackstone, Cognex, NVE, Och-Ziff & Whirlpool

5 Trade ideas excerpted from the detailed analysis and plan for premium subscribers.

Blackstone Group, Ticker: $BX

Blackstone Group, $BX, has been rising since the October low. It gave a chance for an entry in late January as it broke consolidation and may be giving another chance now. The RSI is in the bullish zone while the MACD is about to cross up.

Cognex, Ticker: $CGNX

Cognex, $CGNX, went through a ‘W’ like consolidation before moving higher. Now it is consolidating and perhaps peeking over resistance. The RSI is bullish and rising with the MACD leveling after a pullback.

NVE, Ticker: $NVEC

NVE, $NVEC, went through a a downward consolidating channel, that ended when it touched the 200 day SMA. Since that touch it has risen and is consolidating at the late December high. The RSI is rising and bullish and the MACD is also rising, supporting more upside.

Och-Ziff Capital Management, Ticker: $OZM

Och-Ziff Capital Management, $OZM, completed a Measured Move higher in early February and has been consolidating since then. Heading into the week the move higher off of the Hammer at the 50 day SMA has support for more upside from a rising RSI and a MACD about to cross up.

Whirlpool, Ticker: $WHR

Whirlpool, $WHR, had a great run higher from the low in October to a high in February. Now it has pulled back and is consolidating over the 100 day SMA. Last week saw it move over consolidation and it is currently holding there. The RSI is stalling at the mid line but the MACD is crossed and rising as the Bollinger Bands® squeeze.  The accumulation has not dropped during the sell off.

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After reviewing over 1,000 charts, I have found some good setups for the week. These were selected and should be viewed in the context of the broad Market Macro picture reviewed Thursday which, heading into the first week of April the Equity markets are mixed with the IWM strong but the SPY and QQQ weaker and maybe ready for some short term downside.

Elsewhere look for Gold to bounce around 1200 as it consolidates while Crude Oil churns back in its consolidation channel. The US Dollar Index should generally move sideways but with an upward bias while US Treasuries are biased lower short term in their consolidation. The Shanghai Composite looks very strong and Emerging Markets are getting jealous, and trying to join it to the upside.

Volatility looks to remain subdued keeping the bias higher for the equity index ETF’s SPY, IWM and QQQ. Their charts point to consolidation or even a downside bias for the SPY and QQQ, while the IWM seem the place to be, holding up well at the all-time highs. Use this information as you prepare for the coming week and trad'em well.

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5 Companies the crowd is betting on to beat Wall Street

Which companies are the crowd betting on to top Wall Street’s earnings expectations this quarter? Christine Short joined CNBC on Friday to answer that question based on estimates from the Estimize community.

Proud to be part of the Wolf Pack (and stuff)

As  soon as I joined Wolverhampton Honour Rollers I knew I’d found a great bunch of girls with whom to learn and in the future compete in, so I am incredible proud to be part of a team who not only made the front page of todays Wolverhampton Express and Star, but got a full double page spread feature in the Saturday Magazine.

A brilliant article that showcases Roller Derby very well providing WHR…

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