Outfit Inspired by Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe

Thinly veiled excuse to wear a partial galaxy sailor fuku? Don’t mind if I do. With hair in the signature bob and headband, and sporting purple stars like there’s nothing but outer senshi love in my heart, this is a little wink and nod toward a Sailor Saturn casual.

No outers? No problem — we can wait. New season of Sailor Moon is our hype hype hype.

—- is of stars and silence

Why Super Junior is different from other kpop groups.

We have a legit superman…..

They celebrate birthday by giving the birthday boy a burnt cake…

Their variety is gold……

They bully one another everyday….

They made an effort to communicate with ELF who are aliens….

They have MAGIC~~~~

They’re just different.


Sometimes we can forget that he’s actually one of the older members of exo tbh. It’s probably because he act like he’s 5 years old and his face looks like a puppy when he isn’t rocking the eyeliner and hitting high notes perfectly. He takes care of his members well though, and he’s definitely very funny and interesting to watch; whether it’s at airports or on shows. Let’s all hope he takes care of himself and celebrates this day well! Happy Birthday Byun Baekhyun! We love you~


you are such an amazing person, and i wish that you will come to understand that. in contrary to what you always say, you do deserve all that has been given to you, in fact, more. i want to express that us, starlights, would always admire your humility and determination. we watched you grow for the past 2 years, and we all hope to see more of your beautiful smiles in the future. above all, i hope that you will continue to be your sweet and humble self.

happy 24th birthday, jung taekwoon!


Outfit Inspired by Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meioh

It’s a wrap-up of the outer senshi fam jam as we pass to Sailor Pluto on the way out — signature hair bun, garnet orb, and keys of stewardship slung off the hip? It’s a lonely life between space and time, but let’s try to look a little space classic casual while we’re at it. is always going to cheer for pluto’s planetary status