New people follow a pair of minuses.


『Huh ? Someone is following me ?』The boy turns slowly and look back into darkness. 『Who’s there ?』He asks without hesistation.

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It was near midnight as Sanya sat at the front desk, filling out necessary paperwork. It was the typical medical things: order forms for medicine, notes on his “patients”, all that noise. No one would’ve thought that a veterinarian would have this much trouble, but on late nights when no one comes in to either give their pet a check up or adopt an animal, it was all he had.

He felt his eyelids droop, and his head fell to the desk in his arms. Kopeyka, his chinchilla, was sleeping soundly next to him, until her ears perked up to…something or…someone.

Alone at the beach: Fresh open starter, nig so fresh like milk right from the cow but not really like be careful around that shit like naw

Soul rode his motorcycle up to the beach parking lot and got out. He had nothing with him and only had his swim trunks and a t-shirt. He walked down to where the tide met and sat down, laying back. The beach wasn’t too crowded but the day was heating. He would soon be crowded by people. 

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The first thing Mugen noticed about this woman was her long, blonde hair. Long hair was a turn-on for him. He greeted her with a respectful “Hello, ma’am!” He wondered how she’d react to the sight of a seven-foot-tall Toon…

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