((Hello followers who haven’t jumped ship yet! I’m so so sorry I have neglected this blog so terribly, I’ve been in a major funk for… a while now. I’m really sorry.

So this is not by me, as is likely obvious. This is by the illustrious Cornbread, the mod of transdimensionalbeing. I cannot express how cool he is. Because he is cooler than that. We’re working on a non-pony project together that hopefully someday I can talk about in public without revealing secret secrets :) Don’t worry, I’m not drawing for it, I’m just the writer.

Agh, I miss Corn and Sugar and Honey…

I ALMOST FORGOT she’s not falling to her death, she is going to be ok, honest. This was for that story with Nestor the deer-moth prince, idk if I will finish it ever :/))


((The last of the mini-contest prizes! I know I said they’d be hand drawn but I got lazy and just did them digital (sorry :() Anyway, one Pinkie hugging an albino octopus (which is hard to tell in line art, sorry :S), one cool colt and his Munchlax, and one proposal! Now I can go back to regular updates!))

((Not only is today my birthday, but it’s also http://askcornandcraze.tumblr.com/ mods birthday!! As they are one of my favourite blogs I felt the need to draw them up a little something~

Miss/Mr Mod of cornandcraze, you have always been super nice to me, and I appreciate that. I hope your day is awesome, even though I’ve seen that it’s going to be a busy one for you. I wish you all the best in the coming year, Happy Birthday! ))