xxmisty asked:

There is a naked Kankri on your doorstep, a naked Terezi in your bath and a naked John in your oven.

“xxmisty asked you:

Or I might have been taking pain meds for too long. It’s hard to tell”

I think we can tell.

anonymous asked:

The ultimate riddle what is the best ship in homestuck, rosemary or rosemary?

And there you have it, the ultimate question. How will we ever choose. It’s as if fate has lead us straight to this decision. Who could resist these classy ladies?

alakazamisandry said: what kind of puppy? follow up q, will there be pics of puppy?

He’s some kinda chihuahua, dachshund mix thing? (magical mutt breed) No one is entirely sure - and I’ve yet to see him in person besides pics! Will probably have a better idea once he is here. He’s coming from a rescue group who takes overflow from kill shelters in socal so he’s got a bit of a trip :o

But there will def be pictures of said pup! :D