Medusa: It must be awfully nice to be so normal…

Arachne: Really? Seems pretty boring to me!

((Kind of a random post but I wanted to get to it. Regular Pony’s probably the first OC from tumblr that I really liked at all (before I ever even went to tumblr and spent my time lurking ponibooru), so yea kinda squeeing like a fan girl and all that (okay not really but still kinda awesome /)^3^(\)))

B…but my teeth are fine! And you kind of have the bedside-manner of Sweeney Todd.

(Aaaaaa! Why do awesome people keep following me when I suck so very much? The least anyone can do is send a bunch of Dentistry posters to So do your very least. Err, most. You know what I mean. I made a few and then had to force myself to stop. They’re so darn fun to make.)