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Archer: *Is looking for someone, but sighs sitting on the edge of a pond staring down at a couple of gold fish with a fleshy frown on his white face*

Rama stirred within the reflection of the surface, his waves slowly batting against the shoreline as he leered from the depths of the pond. Why such a sad face? Why so melancholy and withdrawn, lost quite nearly… The koi that inhabited his pond whisked around in question, bobbing to the surface to stare with beady black eyes at the sad fellow. A disembodied voice.

"What is wrong, boy?"

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He whistles, he never though he'd live to see the day that he finally met his sister's enemy, technically it was none of Archer's Business but getting to know them from a simple conversation would do. "Zelretch Schweinorg, former ally of the Einzberns, Tohsakas and the Makiri, its a great honor to meet you."


"You seem… familiar boy. I can sense you’re a Servant, but there’s more about you. It’s similar to Altrouge’s damn wolf yet… different. Tell me, who exactly are you, and what is this energy about you?"

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*leans to the wall like a cocky url*

One word = Asshole. 




fine, since you wanted this I shall give a short summary about my miserable life knowing you. 

First of all, you were a jerk to me. 

An intimidating, manipulating jerk.

You manipulated my feelings, emotions, and not only once. But three times!!!

This column itself isn’t enough for me to express how much I was hurt at that time >:

Worst. Senpai. Ever.


Hmph but you, being the asshole you are, can be nice sometimes, I suppose. 

I especially hate the way you make me really angry and hurt, then make me feel all touched and all the next moment. 

But sometimes, even you can do nice things. 

You taught me more about guns. You were UTHER and pretended not to know who he was when I asked you about it, you were all the while the other senpai that I looked up to when I first started off as one-liners Maiya. 


I bet you were all mushy and happy inside when I told you all about how I admire XXX and how I stayed up to read his threads huh?!

Hmph but you also created really interesting arcs. Listened to me and helped me when I was depressed. Helped me solve my problems and kicked butt for me when necessary.

so yeah, maybe you’re not that much of an asshole after all. 

… why am I being tsundere all of a sudden?

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I'm too shy to say hi in person, but your Soul Eater cosplay is so beautiful! You must have put so many hours in it. I wish I was half as good a cosplayer as you (#)>_<(#)

Thank you! Eruka’s dress was actually made by my super awesome friend Alanaleilani. It only took her a few days worth of sessions - my sewing skills are still nowhere near big-dress worthy like hers are @.@ Astrid was the first outfit I did completely by myself, and it took like 2 months. Getting there though! XD

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I was looking for the uraboku manga. Only site mangahere only has up to ch. 41. Do you know any sites like that that have the rest of the manga that are published? English is first choice but I'll take it in any language. I'm more interested in the images. Also thanks for providing he ch summaries and links to that website. I have no idea how to find manga online. I just figuring it out how to read it. Is not the same as comics I'm finding out. Thanks.

Thanks to collaborative work, I’m proud to present all manga chapters. Of course the missing ones have summaries I typed up, but the newest chapters have been translated by our followers. The links can be found here: :3

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Why are you skeerd? Don't be. If you ever need US citizenship, I will marry the shit out of you. Problem solved.

US sucks too! I don’t want to live there either. I don’t want to live anywhere! The earth sucks! It’s infested. Fuck humanity!