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Before they were married and even before they dated. Arthur would leave anonymous love letters for Alfred in places he would only find them by accident. When Al confronted Arthur with them, he would deny knowing they existed and told him to toss them.


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Alright guys I'm just gonna go on a little rant you can just skip on by this if you want.

I came across a post where the SuperWhoLock fandom were called 12 year olds for saying stuff like “I will cut you!” For saying that the fandom sucks. This is my reply to not only that post, but to ALL fandoms;

Guys… I’m a SuperWho myself, like seriously, grow a pair. You really are acting like 12 year olds. We’ve already covered this like a million times, JFC. If someone insults SuperWhoLock, we shouldn’t be threatening them like that. If they don’t like a show, fair enough, I’m sure you have a show or 2 you hate yourself. If they hate the FANDOM however, did you ever stop to think that it’s because THE FANDOM IS THE PROBLEM? Like seriously, I’ve been in enough fandoms to know what a good fandom is and a bad fandom. And frankly, right now I’m embarrassed to be in the SuperWhoLock fandom if people are just gonna act like 12 year olds every time they get insulted.

"We could kill you and hide the evidence!" STOP. Stop right there. That is called a DEATH THREAT, especially when paired with "most of us are like 20 and could like hunt you down and do it!" Seriously. STOP IT. When I first joined Tumblr, I thought only a few people were like that and that the majority of us were accepting and not hateful. Although, since I’ve seen many fandoms react to things like "This fandom is stupid", I’ve come to realise that this isn’t necessarily the case. And I’m not just talking about SuperWhoLock.

Virtually every fandom I’m in or have ever been in acts like this at some point. What gets me though is when you act like this THEN WONDER WHY MORE PEOPLE WONT JOIN THE FANDOM. Oh yes, I wonder why people won’t join when the fandom has a reputation of DEATH THREATS AND OVERALL MEANNESS. I have avoided WATCHING SHOWS that look good just because I don’t want to run into the fandoms before. I am literally SCARED of some fandoms acting like rabid 12 year olds because someone doesn’t like their show or OTP or whatever.

Now, I do admit not everyone is like that. There are chilled out fans who just don’t care what is said about their shows BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE SHOW ANYWAY AND DONT CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY. Please, take a leaf from their book. “Your fandom sucks!” Just say “Okay / whatever”, and MOVE THE HELL ON. “Your show / game / movie / book / whatever the hell else can have a fandom sucks!” Reply with “okay yeah, that’s your personal opinion”. Then MOVE THE HELL ON. “Your show has faults!” Respond with “yeah, nothing’s perfect”, and then just MOVE THE HELL ON.

It is really not that hard, people. I’m not saying that people trying to provoke you into giving that kind of response is good or that they are in the right. Not at all. They are just as bad. But please, just try and CALM THE HELL DOWN and MOVE THE HELL ON. Do NOT give them the response they are looking for. They will only try and fuel the fire more because they think it’s funny. It’s not. But respond calmly every time, and eventually THEY WILL GET BORED BECAUSE THEY REALISE YOU JUST DONT CARE.

I realised all this pretty early on. But I still see Tumblrs, more often than I’d like to admit, that still act like 12 year olds after being on here for 4+ years. Please guys, let’s just put an end to this. I am SICK of saying this same crap over and over again.


Hey, guys~! :D 

So, I haven’t been on in a LONG TIME (in cosplay, at least), and it’s because my schedule has gotten pretty busy as of late (I’m in my final year and have lots of coursework and stuff… :P). 

I don’t really have the time to cosplay today, but I just wanted you all to know I should be able to answer cosplay questions as of next Monday, EVERY MONDAY~! 



Well, it is MUN-day, soooo…. Here ya go~ :)

Peace and love to every single one of my absolutely beautiful followers~ ^////^ 



Making myself look like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen (because my mother kept on saying I look like her with a French plait and I had time to kill)

I started with my normal foundation routine, then I tried to make my skin look “Frozen-over” like Elsa’s after her transformation (because she is visibly paler afterwards) by applying some shimmery white eyeshadow over my face. You can tell more in the third picture where I wiped half of it off for comparison. I also tried contouring for the first time (turns out you can’t tell anyway… ^_^” ). I tried out some eye makeup techniques I saw on YouTube to make my eyes look bigger and rounder. Admittedly, my hair is very thin whilst Elsa’s is very thick, so it doesn’t have as much volume as Elsa’s…

But what do you guys think? Did I do a good job…? It’s the first time I’ve tried a makeup transformation, so I wanna get some feed back on what’s good and bad.


So I tried out liquid eyeliner for the first time today that my IRL best friend Katrina (Englandcosplayaskblog) gave me. I guess I’m pretty happy with the results, since I’ve never even tried using it before now~ ^^ Admittedly, I could do with a little more practice, and I’d like to try out different shapes and stuff, but I’m still damn proud~ :)


My Bearded Dragon, Houdini, has the BEST approach to life ever; the “I don’t give a crap” approach.

He hides behind his cupboard beneath his tank when he wants to be alone. He moves like a ninja, silently and swiftly, so if you look away for more than 30 seconds, he disappears, LITERALLY pulling a Houdini.

He’ll climb onto items stacked on top of each other, just to see if he can. He climbed the curtains once, and got half way up before he saw how high he was and got stuck.

He likes to walk or lay on the hearth to cool down (we never turn on the fire so it’s just cool marble) - when his way was blocked, he tried to crawl through my little brother’s BIRTHDAY CARD then decided to stay there… for half an hour.

He falls asleep in the most random of places, like behind the sofa cushions. He likes to try and sleep under the sofa, but he’s getting a little too big now so he can’t stand up when he crawls under there - he breast strokes to the back.

He is amused by the littlest things, like when he saw his reflection for the first time in my compact mirror.

He climbed the Christmas tree and fell asleep in it this year because he wanted to be closer to the sparkly lights and decorations. He loves shiny things like rings or glitter nail polish, and will chase them if you pull them along the ground - he mistook my black glitter nails the first time for a cricket and tried to eat my finger.

He doesn’t play with his food - he lets his food play with him. We put a few bugs in and when he’d had enough, he just watched them and let them climb on him so they could sunbathe too. Ferocious Beast indeed.

Houdini doesn’t care about your social expectations.

So I got home from college today and this was waiting for me in the mail. From what I can tell, the head of 6th form college sent this out to every student who’s leaving to go to university this year PERSONALLY. She didn’t have to do it, but she did anyway. I always knew she cared about her students… but not this much. I was so touched when I read the letter. I finally felt like someone cares. I felt inspired. It gave me that little bit of hope I so desperately needed.

You go, Mrs Robbins. You go.