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yall need to realize that not everyone lives in USA, which has a very problematic pet culture. where I live (Europe) no one EVER abandons pets on roads or gives their animals to shelters if there's A WAY TO AVOID IT. Americans just give pets to shelters when they get tired of them, they literally don't even care to look for someone to directly take the pet. this is probably why Americans have an especially hard time understanding why breeders still exist. there's 2 dogs at my local shelter atm.

omg i don’t know where this came from but i really wanna see protective lucy and when i say protective i mean something like

natsu any happy are down, defeated, almost fatally wounded and can’t even get back up and then the >random enemy< starts kicking happy and laughs at him and natsu just lies there shaking but he can’t movee he just can’t move so he has to watch his friend get kicked and beaten again and again but THEN

someone steps between happy and >random enemy< and yes it’s lucy and you can’t even see her face but her fists are shaking and then happy just croaks her name and natsu just stares at her and she lifts her head and her face



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So apparently 5sos changed their fan mail do you know what it is and if they reply?

I’ve heard this is the new fan mail address, but nothing is confirmed! They used to have an Australian PO on their website, but it was taken down months ago. I’ve never heard of them writing back to fan mail, though, so I wouldn’t send it out with expectations, just hopes! <3

5 seconds of summer
c/o capitol records
1750 vine street
los angeles, ca 90028

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Sorry I'm a pain but did she actually put a location when she's been in la for a week and that location magically turned to be louis' house in england? do i understand that correctly because it makes no sense to me but at the same time it's not so weird for them. but i still don't really get it?

I think they’re trying to make it look like she’s back, and since he’s still in LA and she’s ‘at his house’ it means they live together. Or something. IDEK it’s such a fail, the address on instagram is not even Louis’ house, it’s a few houses over. But why turn on location map for your almost two million followers when you’re in your ‘boyfriends” house (or his neighbours lmao) when he’s a world renown popstar?

Like…? They put a decoy so they can leave the airport without FIFTEEN FANS noticing it and then turn on location for your lovenest.

Logic? What is that? Do you eat it?

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I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but I think Ry could benefit from a little prudence with their responses. Don't forget what you're trying to do here; you want to get as many people to act responsibly as possible. Passive aggressiveness, sarcasm and getting in a defensive stance won't do well in swaying others, specially in touchy subjects like these. I know people can be aggravating, but maybe try to exercise a little more patience and explain rather than criticize as often as possible?

 Sorry for answering so many asks before this, but I want to take advantage of this anon to explain something. Tone policing issues aside, I try. I try to be patient and understanding, at least until it’s made clear that the person or people we’re speaking with aren’t actually interested in learning, but I am a raging borderline.

That is how I feel all the time… and over nothing. It sucks, it sucks and I fucking hate it and I know what’s wrong with me but I’m still totally helpless to control it. I know there’s no reason for me to be angry but I can’t stop, even as I’m writing this my face is flushed. 

So I try, I really do, but please be patient with me because as hard as I try and as good of a show as I might put on sometimes I am unstable. Here’s some reading on Borderline Anger. I didn’t want to say this because I get shit on more than enough as a mod of this blog but I wanted our followers to know, I don’t want to hurt anyone without meaning to, and maybe knowing this can help other people in similar situations.


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I know you say "teacup" is not a thing and it's bad but what about "toy" dogs. I have a toy poodle so I was just wondering what were your thoughts

Toy is an actual breed size.


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I like SS shippers. They still believe that Sasuke´s statement he wants to revive his clan is to put alot of Uchiha babies into this world. Maybe they should read the manga again. Chapter 485 is the answer to this shitty argument :))

here we go ♥

but remember: we are the one who can’t read the manga right!!! and that we are just delusional and salty!!! 
pathetic :/

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So I've been watching your animation videos for about two years, and I have to say they're probably some of the funniest ones I've seen on youtube. Thanks for the laughs man

WOOOAH That’s a long time!! That means a lot to me!!! Thank you for your loyalty and I hope I don’t disappoint you eventually!! I LOVE YOU, ANON FRIEND!!

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(more on "teacup" dogs) they are also often the result of premature births, where the breeders intentionally breed the bitch again after the first catch, in the hopes of her getting caught again. the resulting litter will have both full term, and premie pups. this, along with too young and too small mothers, accounts for many of the health problems "teacups" have.

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Might be a dumb question, but why is Purple Hawke... Purple...?

If you’re asking what I think you are, it’s because the sarcastic asshole dialogue option has a purple icon in DA2.

If you are posing some sort of existential question in regards to why Ineia is a sarcastic asshole, I can answer only this; she did not choose this path. It was carved for her into the stars themselves.