last night the thought of kuro!neki visiting :re couldn’t let me go. some au ideas in the tags.

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Just a something I've wanted to know, how did you get your job at nick or wherever you're at, and how does one go about applying for a job in the cartoon biz? What do cartoon and animation companies really look for in an applicant? Does having degrees in art really help, or is it just having the knowledge of different art programs?

Getting into the animation industry is different for everybody!  It’s hard to give advice for that kind of thing because everyone you ask that has a job in animation will have a different story on how they got their start.  The only consistent thing will be that they worked hard to get there!  Follow a bunch of studios on twitter or wherever to keep track of which ones are hiring or offering internships!  And don’t get discouraged if your first job isn’t at Disney, there’s a ton of work out there in preschool shows and mobile games.  My first job certainly wasn’t as cool as TMNT haha, I was just lucky that my studio got to work on it later on. *v*

DEGREES DON’T MATTER FOR ANIMATION!  What matters is the work that you do; employers don’t care what school you went to and for how long.  Or if you even went to school!  Just do good work and be nice and you will go far.

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Isn't it like 5AM in the uk

bad bitches don’t NEED sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, I need to know what the "miserable twat" days were all about between Zayn and Harry! You've piqued my curiosity! Thanks!

It happened during a 2010 twitcam

LOL Reasons I actually love this:

  • We can see how much Harry has evolved from his emo baby of the bunch days.
  • We can see even back in the day Zayn Malik was not the one.
  • We can see why Liam “The Show Must Go On” Payne is Daddy Direction.
  • Louis’ dramatic “Oh my Gowwhd” is just so Louis. It gives me life. 
  • Even when bickering, their chemistry as a group is a beautiful thing.
  • They set a good example for this “miserable twat for no reason” fandom. The worked it out. They love each other. It’s not that superficial I-love-you-only-when-you-please-me love. It’s that I-love-you-even-when-you-get-on-my-fucking-nerves love.

That’s good stuff.

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You sound so awesome and cool and i want to be your friend but im scared because i am not worthy of you..... help???

Anyone will tell you that I’m a complete horrible nerd who is not scary. I messaged more than one person crying before at three am because things like quote “Dogs will never know about whales.” “Squirrels must have such a hard time during hurricanes.” “I don’t have any coats on my coat hangers and I’m a fraud” 

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It's Chrom's birthday today woo! Party in the barracks ๐ŸŽ‰ could you draw the shepards celebrating, and maybe Chrom getting a bit emotional?


i just chose some shepherds to celebrate chroma’s bday with him, but off EVERYONE would b partying in the barracks!!!!

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Okay, i fully agree that the way we "care" for what we eat is awful and needs to change but i object to the idea that humans SHOULD be vegan or vegetarian bcos i in no way for any reason should be removed from the food chain. Thoughts??

it’s not a question of SHOULD we be herbivores, but that we actually are MEANT to be (still are, now more than ever bc the meat we eat today ain’t the ones our ancestors did and even then it was an issue)

i made a really good string actually on twitter awhile ago on like how we are legit supposed to be plant based due to uor biology (my prof is super conservative and i wrote an essay on this and she was like….touche….i am #proud)

(focus on the tweet where i said how we just dont have the mechanical/physical strength and skill set to be on the food chain…we arent even technically on the food chain homie!! i wanna see you go out there and capture a deer and kill and handle and consume it properly without the utilization of gadgets bc technology dont exist when you trynna look at the animal kingdom/foodchain smh take that egotistical mess to google)

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mr rad what in the heck is one monagatari or whatever the name is?? im seeing it everywhere

ore monogatari, its a cute anime about big cute guy and small cute girl who fall in cute love and do cute things while cute best friend watches over the cuteness and makes sure they stay cute and avoid as many drama cliches as possible