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Money aint stopping me boo. Maybe its your parents fault because they have a low paying job. Tell them to get their act together. #StopPoorPeople2015

I just thought I’d share this lovely thing with all of you

so that you all can marvel, as I marvel

that these people exist

they breathe our air 

they use our resources 

their shitty fashion decisions drive what we are told to wear and look like on a regular basis 

their shallow brains control what the media thinks we want to see 

and when this country goes up in flames

I’m eating you first. 

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I'm 14 and I kind of want to learn guitar because of Kurt, and just because I've always wanted to learn but never had the chance. but I'm afraid my parents will laugh in my face if I tell them that.. And most people start playing when they're really young, am I too old to learn now?

you won’t know til you ask.   no, 14 “isn’t too old”. after all, kurt recieved his first guitar for his 14th birthday~

but get a good teacher.

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you know they actually kicked out Zayn because he wouldn't clean up his drug and alcohol act lol

This isn’t funny and I don’t think you should send me any negative asks like this anymore please refrain from sending me stuff like this , this is not true at all

Make me choose: Tenka or Sousei

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This couldn’t be happening! His eyes were fine yesterday and now, all of a sudden, all he saw before him darkness. An endless see of darkness. Was this a punishment from Arceus himself? How was he supposed to do his work like this?! He couldn’t be a spy for Team Magma anymore like this. He couldn’t do anything at all for the team like this!

Despair settled in. Tears falling down from the eyes he couldn’t see through anymore.

When he heard his alternates voice, his ears perked up. He knew it was one of his alternates talking to him, but, he didn’t know who exactly.

"I… I can’t see anything…" His voice croaked, hands touching his surroundings.

This was a nightmare!

Ruby blinked in curiosity. He couldn’t see anything? Well, that was strange. Moving towards the Magma slowly, Ruby rested a hand on his shoulder and knelt down.

"You can’t see anything? At all?" Ruby waved a hand in front of his face to see if it’s get a response. If the Magma was crying then this was serious. 

"Maybe we should go to an eye doctor? Maybe they can tell us what’s wrong." Ruby suggested helping his alternate up. "I mean maybe it’s temporary?"