I do not get paid nearly enough for the stress my job puts me through...

A few notes from the life of a travel agent:

- Airlines are the bane of my existence and schedule changes were actually invented by the devil.

- You cannot catch a train from Sydney to Bangkok.

- Despite your conviction that I am some sort of super-hero - planning a 20-day itinerary for you is going to take more than 24 hours, not least of all because it’s very likely I have 3 other itineraries I’m putting together at the same time as yours. Sorry.

- There is no rail service that operates between Australia and Thailand.

- If you want help with your holiday that I’ve put together for you, please be willing to wait for me - don’t just automatically assume that because my colleagues work in the same profession this means that they can also help you. Asking for their help will only result in you having to explain every aspect of your holiday to them, and then the next time you speak to me, explain everything you got them to do for you as well. It would save everyone so much time and unnecessary confusion if you just waited half an hour to talk directly to me.

- I cannot book you a rail ticket from Sydney to Bangkok. There is an ocean in the way.

- I make holidays happen. I have my own travel experience and the experience of 350+ clients at my back. I have extensive training in world-wide destinations, transportation and systems knowledge. Come to me with ideas, thoughts and dreams and I am more than happy to make them a reality - this is what I’m here for.

- No sir, you cannot drive from Sydney to Bangkok.