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Ciao. Parlando di tumblr sj, vorrei sapere quale è la tua opinione su chi dice "you are perfect, be your self" a persone in evidente sovrappeso. Ora, non dico che dobbiamo essere tutti magri. Qualche rotolino o rotondità in più non sono certo da stigmatizzare, ma l'obesità porta problemi di salute. Anche gravi. Eppure la sj sembra ignorarli.

Ehilà ;)

Dunque, facendola breve: so degli incoscienti, e parla una che sono dieci anni che cerca di raggiungere l’utopico pesoforma, ma vabbe so dettagli xD mo io sono perfettamente d’accordo che non devi prendere in giro la gente o farla sentire una schifezza se è in sovrappeso perché ho fatto fin troppa esperienza della cosa e non aiuta l’autostima, ma una cosa è avere cinque chili di sovrappeso e una cosa è che ne hai cinquanta. E se ne hai cinquanta o che so io prima o poi ti farà male, perché come dici tu poi ti crea una marea di problemi di salute che ti voglio e non dovresti incoraggiare le cosa manco per niente. Che poi un caso è gente che per problemi ormonali o quello che è fa fatica a scendere ma intanto fa esercizio/va in palestra/quello che vuoi e quindi tiene i valori più o meno sotto controllo, un altro è sta cazzata del ‘sei bellissima pure se pesi centoventi chili e hai il colesterolo a 150’. Se incoraggi questo tipo di mentalità sei incosciente, specie se poi ti metti a insultare la gente magra che magari ha problemi opposti. Tldr sta gente non si dimostra meno cretina su questo argomento che su tutti gli altri su cui sparano cazzate ogni tre per due. -_-

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(1/2) Oh my squash! So when I was at school today, I heard some of my friends talking about a book, and the girl was like, "thanks for letting me borrow this!" and handed it to my friend, and I caught a glimpse of the cover and thought it looked familiar. So I looked at the book and it was one of your books! :) It made me smile. They really liked it and they were really excited to read your next books and stuff. I thought it was cool because in my head i was like,

2/2) “I know her! Well I don’t know her know her, but she has a tumblr and it’s awesome and she likes Korra and Makorra, and she likes my OTP (Makorra) and she likes Korra!!! I’m screaming!!” So ya. I was really excited. :) They really liked your book. :)

Awww thank you!! That’s so sweet and awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing with me. :) And I’m glad you all enjoyed it! 

(For those who don’t know, I wrote a book! And the next one comes out in a little over a month!) 

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"I got a girl mad at my trainer by frying her bike. Again."

       That’s a habit he should fix. If he’s not shocking the bikes he’s shocking one of their travel companions. It’s like a sign. Whoever he shocks will become a companion or who ever has a bike he destroys will become one.

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I definitely disagree with most of that Greek post but I do feel like Zeus was a rapist. I mean, he impregnates people by being a beam of light they most certainly don't realize is a greek god? He disguised himself as other people in order to sleep with them? And, while not rape-y but still terrible, just left all his ex-lovers and children to Hera's mercy? He was the worst.

Nah I agree that it’s about the one thing that post didn’t get completely wrong but it’s… kinda redundant to point it out? I mean, it’s entirely true that he was the worst (along with Hera tbh because she was as bad as him when dishing vengeance on all the poor women who got the misfortune of bedding her husband without knowing) but like anyone who reads any Greek mythology would come to that conclusion right off the bat, put in the middle of that post it looks like op wants to point out that we need to update our perception on Greek gods so they point out as a friendly reminder that he was a rapist like there is actually someone who isn’t aware of the fact and thinks he’s the most badass. Which makes little sense since literally no one in modern times would go praise his deeds to the heavens, so idg why he even had to be in it at all? It’s a correct technical assumption but it’s wholly unnecessary especially in a post that applies modern concepts all over Greek gods. Gosh I hope I am making sense, I’m rereading it and it sounds kinda convoluted.. /o\

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How is Mako a well-developed character?

I’m better with the story-telling than the meta so I’ll just let screenshots speak for me. 

I’m too cool to talk to anyone becomes

Wait let me tell you all these corny lines I wrote down to use when I get to arrest people.

I’ll do anything to protect my little brother

My little baby is all grown up and important I’m so proud of you in this moment (But I’m gonna let you have it later when I think you’re making a bad decision) 

My life is a mess just leave me alone to SLEEP UNDER MY DESK



I try to please everyone, but I only end up hurting them. But I’m learning from my mistakes and took time to figure out my life and what I wanted and needed. 

Basically, I have flaws and I try to work on them but I’m only human. I have wants and goals and even though life tends to step on me a lot, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. Please don’t hate me I try so hard I just want to be happy. 

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Your majesty, you do know about grace and elegance from mastering sophistication from a young age by reading and practice nobility and aristocracy.

Grace and sophistication
in this family…

I am simply the person I expect myself to be.
No formal training.
Just my own personal standards.
That is all.

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oh my god, the last video, I cried so much and'm already missing captain swan, thank you for sharing your talent with the worldbut anyway I would like to know what you think of the episode, I saw many csers complaining ...I loved every minute

Aww my pleasure! So happy you enjoyed!

Unfortunately I agree with those “CSers complaining.” I mean, honestly. I was disappointed. I wasn’t one of those people expecting an “I love you” or TLK or anything, but as with any major plot of a season, you have a reasonable expectation for it to be addressed and resolved in some way and I don’t feel like we got that at all. It’s extremely disappointing that we just got a 20-something second long scene of Emma returning his heart and a reunion kiss with no conversation whatsoever. It’s even more disappointing that we didn’t get any kind of emotional reaction from Emma when she saw Rumple with Killian’s heart in his hand, about to crush it and no reaction to him, quite frankly, about to die. 

Not just as a CS shipper, but simply from a writing perspective. It’s been a key point this season that Emma is slowly breaking down her walls and letting him in, but also very significantly that she’s terrified to lose him (refer to scene in 4x03). On the other hand, the plot of Rumple taking Killian’s heart was also rather significant, being carried over for a few episodes and yet after such a build up, the resolution was extremely anti climatic (although I did appreciate Belle finally standing up to Rumple). Maybe I could’ve understood CS not having a conversation if at least we’d have gotten any emotional reaction from Emma, but we literally got nothing. Which honestly, after her tearful and clearly very emotional goodbye to Killian, seems OOC that we wouldn’t get an emotional reaction to him almost dying (again, especially since it’s been stressed how important it is for her not to lose him). 

So from that stand point, I definitely agree that it was a poorly written episode that didn’t do justice to the story lines it had previously built up: it was very anti-climatic. (I also wasn’t a fan of how they did the Frozen characters goodbyes, and am a little bitter about that). Overall I think they did a real disservice to the Captain Swan relationship and I believe their relationship deserves to be treated better than just hot kiss scenes here and there - I’m here for the angst, I’m here for the emotional side of their relationship too!

Obviously I enjoyed what we got - I mean jesus that make out session was hot. And it was beautiful to see Emma holding Killian’s face in her hand. But again, I feel like the scene with Killian grabbing Emma’s arm also needed some kind of follow up, but we really got nothing. 

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Not to mention people in the comments arguing about Putin not being at the ceremony. I remember someone being "Russia has sacrificed so much for the liberation of Auschwitz and yet Putin wasn't invited, while Angela Merkel, the leader of the country responsible for it, will be. This is absurd." I mean, are some people in my country seriously this dumb? (ok, I'm done)

(sorry I had to go out I’m back catching up)

.. ah yeah because Putin isn’t the leader of a country whose government is pretty much his dictatorship and there’s not issues concerning Ukraine right now so they totally should have invited him oh god *facepalms forever* and the Germans haven’t taken their past history seriously and they totally shouldn’t go there because they totally don’t want to show that they are aware of the amount of horrible they pulled in WWII.

Aha, sure. *cries forever*

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book 4 ending as a time skip of like a year or so and we see korra being commemorated for rebuilding the earth kingdom for the new spirit portal etc in a ceremony and they show varrick and zhu li w/ their kid show something with bolin and opal show mako and what he's accomplished and everyone else but mainly keep the focus on korra and what she's done so she could be the main character of her own show

Yes I approve. 

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By the way, what is the worst roman vernacular insult in existence?


Now that I got everyone’s attention ;)

Okay, said insult is ‘mannaggia all’anima delli mortacci tua.’

Explanation: mannaggia = insult that can be intended in more than one way but in this case it could be roughly put as fuck, anima = soul, tua = yours, mortacci = dead relatives, though it’s a very derogative way to say it - like, usually your dead relatives would be i tuoi morti. therefore an approximate translation is fuck your dead relatives’ soul. There are also variations on it, like you can tell someone to go fuck themselves first and then their dead relatives. Anyway it’s like, you really shouldn’t tell that to someone unless they really did something unforgivable to you, it’s seen as the ultimate offensive thing so like if you’re a foreigner and you wanna joke with an Italian and you’re throwing insults around in good fun you really wanna avoid this one.

END LESSONS TIME, it was a pleasure :)