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Now of course, just because he said not to, Fushimi would have to crack any joke that came to mind. His wit just worked that way. The moment they pulled apart, Fushimi was on top of things. “You kiss like a virgin.” [—; I had to]

 ”Shut the fuck up, didn’t I just tell you not to say anything like that!?” Yeah, he was yelling but his words didn’t have much venom to them. It was hard to be pissed off at the guy you just kissed, after all. Though he did take the time to smack the other in the chest. “You’re the one who asked for the damn kiss, don’t complain when you get it.” 


THE WRISTWATCH YATA WEARS IS FROM FUSHIMI???  Why the hell do you still keep it he betrayed you didn’t he why @#$%%^&——————-

And Fushimi calls Yata “Misaki” all the time but Yata doesn’t get mad at him? It’s cute OMFG!!!

They plan to capture <jungle> oh—— I guess they’ll fail this mission and be saved by Homra later O________O”

By the way the novel will be released in April 01 >____<

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Misaki, what are you feeling about Saru right now as he cuddles next to you?

Misaki slowly gets angry at all of this shit. What the hell had happened to him anyway? Why was he in this situation let alone at the apartment of that fucking traitor? “Ahhh.. damn you kuso Saru!! I’m so gonna kill you after this!! Just wait for it!!!” …. “Oi… stop putting your finger in my fucki-

You asked for it!” with that the little redhead bit him in his finger making awfully strange noises which rather sounded animalistic than human.

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“Totsuka-sans…” Saruhiko stares at the screen – unblinking. The message glared right back at him mercilessly mocking him with reality. Homra never held a place for him in the first place, but that didn’t keep him from forming some king of bond with them. Totsuka had been special. Even to Saruhiko. The blond’s heart had been big enough for an antisocial idiot like him.

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