Scootaling Filler #8: Perfectly Proportioned

(Guest starring ask-king-sombra and celestia-stuff)

Mod: Now, for the real response to that ask… Changelings only get one set of fangs to last a lifetime. Changelings must grow into their fangs, not the other way around, plus Scoots and the other CMC-lings are only fillies. They’ve got some growing left to do.

Hiatus is not over just yet, but things are getting closer. Call this one a little bit of derusting if nothing else.

EDIT: Changed the URL for celestia-stuff after their old account got hacked.


Thank you everypony who join my game :D… More updates will come so stay tuned!

Ponies in this picture:

pinkie-the-minecrafter (meh :3)






P.S: Moar ponies will come in the next milestone!

Rusty Nail's Recipes

It’s been a while, Dear Drinkers! I’ve missed you all, and continue to work ever harder to come up with seasonal comestibles, while inundated by the annual onslaught of Pumpkin Spice Everything. I was, Dear Drinkers, moved, however, by the events of the last couple days. Some rather heinous stuff went down, to someone who really deserved none of the hassle or trouble. The public outpouring of support and honest, actual love that has been provided to today’s Honoree has been inspiring, though, as has the aplomb with which our Honoree has handled the… Pain In The Neck of the last several days. And if anyone knows something about pains in the neck, it’s today’s honoree.

Ladies and Gentlemen…


It’s Ask Celestia Stuff!

This glorious princess has stuck her neck out time and again, and the grace and dignity with which they handled having their account stolen, and rebuilding, has been the epitome of Majestic Grace.

An Ask Celestia Stuff


  • 2oz. Bourbon
  • 6oz. Chilled Ginger Ale
  • Chilled Collins Glass
  • Ice
  • Thin Strip of lime-peel 1.5x the length of the glass.
  • Thin Strip of lemon-peel 1.5x the length of the glass
  • Thin Strip of Grapefruit-peel 1.5x the length of the glass

Special Equipment:

A Vegetable Peeler, or a knife to peel the fruit.

Making an Ask Celestia Stuff:

  1. Put strips of fruit peel into glass, with bottom of peel just touching the bottom of the glass, and the other end draped up over the lip of the glass.
  2. Put ice in the Collins glass.
  3. Pour Bourbon over Ice.
  4. Pour Ginger Ale over Bourbon
  5. Drink!

You’ve just made an Ask Celestia Stuff!

This is a classic, classic drink, that I’ve modified by adding two other colors of citrus-fruit peel as garnish, to evoke the image of Celly’s Mane. The drink used to produce this special honor? Well… What better cocktail for Ask Celestia Stuff… Than a Horse’s Neck?~

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, my friends!

Switchy Pone (ask Celestia Stuff) Has gone through some tough times recently with an asshole hacker taking his old profile. He has since gotten a new one, but he lost all of his old posts. 

Me and Switchy were good friends back in the day. Back when we were both first starting our profiles. Course, he found himself some good ideas and went on to become one of the most populer mlp artists on Tumblr, and now has an amazing art style. 

I look up to him a lot, as he did what I wanted to do, but just did not have the time or energy to do it. 

Switchy, my man, you will always be my friend. So, lets go search for The Booty together shall we?


Just remember none of this could be possible without each and everyone of you. And I want to thank you all so very much.


I love you all so much. Thank you for helping me reach this milestone!

Hello Tumblrpon let’s do some fact checking!

A lot of you are caught up on this sitch but at least around 4’000 aren’t and I want to see us all kumbaya about it real quick

Yesterday a rather despicable person going around as ‘bothefox’ decided to up his/her attempts to gain undeserved attention by hacking Ask-Celestia-Stuff’s blog, wiping it clean, and filling it with his/her own posts. The point being to have a fresh blog that had 6’000 followers already on it.

Except the followers are real, and the followers are us.

Several people noticed they were following ‘bothefox’ instead of ‘ask-celestia-stuff’ and being found out, he/she switched it to

They are now pretending to be someone else and posting ask-blog style. Their pseudonym ‘stoner twilight’ is pretending to be someone that had been ‘gifted’ the blog (whether by a brother/ friend/ or a random stranger).

He/she faked being upset and wanting to return the blog, pretended they did not understand direct and helpful instructions, then ignored all advice, proceeded to continue posting art answers, and this blog is still on your dash

Switchy, owner of celestia-stuff, has been really cool about the whole thing and has simply started over. The next step is to continue what was started.

What to do

Follow the new blog and unfollow or any variation of ‘bothefox’

DO NOT TEASE OR THREATEN BO/STONER TWILIGHT. IGNORE THEM. This person is simply wanting attention through any means possible. Right now the only benefit they have from the crime is the followers they stole. Do not give them added benefits like attention of any kind. Do not attempt to be their friend. Do not pay attention to them at all. It is over.

You are free to report, although I am hesitant to suggest this as it would likely involve deleting the blog. Bo is unlikely to return it, however

How to protect yourself

Do normal things like protect your password and ip, don’t go to strange sites or streams of people you don’t know, etc. Quite frankly Bo is a bad hacker, he’s already threatened to take down another blog and…didn’t. Just do as you’re doing.

If you want more information

Message those involved privately. Don’t show Bo you’re interested in any way.

If you want justice

Do not seek it for yourself. As soon as Bo’s been found out, they’ll move on to something else. Feeding the fire will make it worse. Literally the only thing Bo has is the followers, and we can take that away.

Remember, this user has a strong and personality affected belief that fame and attention are achievable in fake ways. When they found out the truth, it’s going to sting, and it’s going to sting hard.