Jack: “I’m innocent, I swear—Bunnymund persuaded me”
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Art trade with snowshoe-rabbit​ 

Hope you’ll be safe, Bunny. No one escape the wrath of Tooth Fairy :>

All the more reason to pick someone more qualified!
Macro-Bunnymund and Koopus...

(( also to Unclekoopus I have to say your response was beautiful and you have an amazing literary style that I love <3 ))
The great bunny continued its snoring, flicking its ears softly every now and again as it snored. Suddenly it sucked in a great breath around Koopus, causing his kimono to flutter as though a great fan were sucking him in. Before he could be sucked in however, a bush was uprooted and flew into the bunny’s gaping maw. Suddenly Bunny sat up coughing violently, the air shaking the trees with gale-force winds and possibly even knocking Koopus off his feet were he unlucky enough to be directly before the air blasts. Finally Bunny hacked up the bush, the now pathetic looking shrub covered in the bunny’s thick saliva as he sat up, crossing his legs before him with his big paws right before Koopus, cutting him out of Bunny’s direct line of sight. “ohhh my bloody ‘ead mate….” Bunny groaned as he leaned his head down, rubbing it softly.

Anyone there...?

"I’m kinda bored just sitting here," Jack said. He hopped atop of his staff, staring down at the tumblr users. "Come on, talk to me!"

"As much as I love my fairies, it’d be nice to hear some actual words for once," Tooth pointed out, laughing as Baby Tooth chattered indigently.

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Hey guys I just want so say,

Suicide can spread like a virus everyone. One can lead to more, you get the picture.

Now I don’t really know what’s been happening lately and I’ve been too shy to ask, but I want all of my followers and anyone who reads this to know that if you’re feeling down, I’m always here to talk and I willalwaysunderstand andneverjudge you.

So talk to me, or anyone really, there are plenty of wonderful people here who are willing to help. just thought I’d say that~