GG: Well even before we found out we were related (in a roundabout way right???) John was always one of my best friends (:
GG: I mean sometimes he can be a little annoying with all the pranking and stuff but he means well and it’s all in fun.
GG: John is definitely the person I rely on the most to cheer me up when I’m feeling down

GG: He always has a way of making me smile and laugh even when I’m just totally not in the mood for it
GG: He’s a good guy like that <3

GG: No but that would be really fun if we could!!!!!! :D
GG: Oh gosh just thinking about it makes me soooo happy!!!!!
GG: After all Jake is the younger version of Grandpa right???
GG: So I can just imagine he would have similar tastes!!!!

GG: Oh wow and what if he likes the Flintlock Pistols too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GG: Oh oh or maybe he’s more of a classic hunting rifle kind of guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GG: I could go on for days about guns!!!!!! :D :D :D

hi dave!!:B –wait… woahhh, really?

awn, thats so sweet! <3 thanks, you’re not so bad looking yourself, lol! maybeeee i’ll send a kiss to you -

frommm bec!!:D that was actually pretty sweet of you to be honest, dave, you deserve some doggy kisses!:)

((I kinda miss my old ask blog before shutting it down. thanks for the cute ask stridersapplejuice!)