Chiara: You’ve eaten too, right? You worry too much sometimes, I think.

Toni: I worry the perfect amount. I just want to make sure mi tomate is happy and healthy! Te amo~!

Chiara: Geez, ti amo troppo <3 Listen, it’s like two in the fucking morning here and I have classes next week. I’m going to try and get some sleep… You’ll contact me tomorrow, right?

Toni: Si of course! Goodnight! <3 

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Give us a kiss, boys!

*Octavius and Jedediah look at the question together. Jedediah becomes embarrassed quickly and Octavius blushes*

Octavius: Another kiss…?

Jedediah: Why does everyone want us to kiss?!

Octavius: *blushes more* I…do not know.

Jedediah: *sighs* I ain’t sure what we should do…

*They stand around in silence for a minute, until Octavius taps Jedediah on the shoulder. He looks over at Octavius, who then taps one of his red cheeks once*

Octavius: Go ahead, this can be a substitute for a kiss.

Jedediah: Oh ah, okay boy.

*Jedediah’s face tints pink as he leans over and kisses Octavius’s already red-stained cheek*


Rye “I apologize, if I seem annoyed, I am going through a strange and tough time.  I will say it is refreshing to get a different question besides “Can you breath fire?” Us Dimar Dragons have completely different abilities and no they are not magic, at least I don’t think so.”

Artwork done by anirichie-art

Featured Character and Characters that are in this comic…

Rye Dimar Dragon (Belongs to myself)

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