you know… you shouldn’t underestimate me. i mean, it’s not like i got to be shizu-chan’s rival by just pretending to fight him.
         {orihara izaya and knives, as requested by shouichimayoshi}


there was some pouting from Gabe re:not being allowed to sleep in Sam’s room, but Sammy had to get up bright and early for work so Dean had to do.

Sam is kinda surprised (to put it mildly) when the next morning Dean exits the bedroom with a sleep-mussed formerly-‘please don’t touch me’ fledgeling tucked comfortably in the crook of his arm, Gabriel having beaten the both of them to the kitchen. Cas isn’t magically ‘better’ of course, but he starts opening up tiny bit by tiny bit.

Last weeks days have been kinda rough, and I really needed fluff to cheer me up (‘cause yeah, I can draw fluff when I want ;p).

And when it comes to fluff, the baby angels!verse (ask-the-baby-angels, by scribblyscratch) is one of those blogs and stories that never fails to make me smile and feel better when I need it. I never found the courage to send asks myself (I am absolute trash when it comes to mail and messaging), but last night I re-read it entirely and I was like “damn, I love this so much, I need to do something about it”… and twenty minutes after I was scribbling this in my sketchbook.

Go read the baby angels!verse, guys. Cute fluff with heartwrenching backstory, very very interesting world building, awesome art and happiness all along. ♥

(Art mostly inspired by this post, ‘cause the bee-lamp is just the cutest thing ever !! Kinda imagined Cas having a worse nightmare than usual and breaking it while trying to reach it or something… but gladly Super Dean is here to fix it !)

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Did the angels dress up for halloween? How about Sam and Dean?

Anonymous said to ask-the-baby-angels:

Don’t know if you already answered this but what does the group do for Halloween? Sorry to bother, have a wonderful Halloween!

They sure did! Cas insisted on being a bee, (much to Dean’s endless surprise, I’m sure) and proceeded to refuse to say anything else but ‘buzzz, buzz’ for the entire evening. (‘C’mon buddy, don’t you want to say trick or treat with us?’, Dean coaxed while playfully tugging on a sheer-covered wingtip. Cas leveled him with a stern, almost disappointed look and Dean had to smother a grin. ‘…bees don’t talk, Dean,’ the tiny angel explained, very slowly, while frowning in an absolutely hilariously put-upon way. Dean had no choice but to turn his head away and mask his bark of laughter with a bout of violent coughs.)

Gabe wanted to be something fierce and it just happened that he was obsessing over HTTYD. Sam got roped into dressing as Hiccup, something Dean laughed himself silly about. Dean chose to go as his mancrush Constantine~

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"What’s wrong?" (1-13 Number Generator: Christmas Edition)

11. My muse witnessed someone vandalizing their decorations

“I saw them come out the window.” He explains sadly, trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice. “I didn’t see their faces though. But they had big coats and hats. They didn’t look too old. Younger than us, maybe. They knocked him down – the snowman you built for me – and they ripped down all the lights along the tables there.” His mood is fluctuating in a strange way between a fierce rage and a childish heartbrokenness, but he keeps ending up in a kind of in-between place where everything his says and feels just seems hollow. He looks down at his hands in the hospital bed. “I yelled at them to stop but they didn’t hear.”  


'Problems' is a big word, but they do switch the babies around! For example, Cas loves studying and is very passionate about wanting to understand ALL THE THINGS. Sam totally loves to indulge him, even going so far as to try and teach Cas some lawyery-stuff (and Cas laps it up, he's like a feathery knowledge-sponge). 

Gabriel is super interested in what Dean does in the kitchen and tries to imitate him (with varying degrees of success) He gets awesome at making sweets (and taste-testing them, naturally).
((this one was to be illustrated as well, but ofc i ran out of time so tbc~))

When Cas and Gabe are upset they do gravitate towards Dean and Sam respectively.