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I’ve been following for a while now, and I’ve been dying to write a little ficlet for it. WE’LL CALL IT AN AU IF IT DOESN’T WORK INTO THE CANON OF THIS LOVELY ‘VERSE.

Dean was allergic to cats. It wasn’t bad. He didn’t need an epipen or anything. He just sneezed sometimes, and his eyes got itchy if he touched a cat and forgot to wash his hands. 

This was how he rationalized what he was doing right now, under the protection of a heathy does of Benadryl. 

Dean and Sam didn’t know exactly when Cas and Gabe’s birthdays were. A lot of folks didn’t are about that stuff when it came to their angels. So…they made them birthdays, and Cas’s was coming up. Already they’d gotten him some solid presents (bumblebee footie pajamas with a hood that had antennae on it were a highlight), but Dean just – damn, he wanted to do something special for the little guy.

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hammerdean asked:

for the send me a character thing: Castiel!

;A; ty Mary ily wife 

Sexuality Headcanon: Panromantic Demisexual 
Gender Headcanon: Genderfluid 
A ship I have with said character: Destiel 
A BROTP I have with said character: Charlie/Cas (those dumb beans will kill me one day)
A NOTP I have with said character: Crowstiel (???? why ????)
A random headcanon: Cas loves lil babby animals. He often hides little ducklings and kittens in his pockets when its raining 
General Opinion over said character: 

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wah lovely angels, thank you!

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
Neither. Furuya probably wouldn’t even sext. He’d just stare at one he receives and go "but what does he mean by ‘send me a pic’??????“ while he sends over a picture of a polar bear mug he got at half price last Sunday. After a while Haruichi wouldn’t even try anymore.

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
Furuya. He really likes The Lion King and always cries when Simba is separated from Mustafa. Haruichi just smiles and holds his hand gently.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Furuya. It was by accident!, he swears but Haruichi knows it was because he was half asleep when reheating and gets mad at him anyway, though none of the lecture ever gets into Furuya’s head because he was too busy thinking about how Haruichi looked like a cute chipmunk when angered.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
Haruichi. Furuya is not the type to play along and just responds with “Why do I need to guess when I know it’s you?”

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Furuya. He always feels instantly warmer whenever in contact with Haruichi ♥

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
Haruichi. Masterchef is surprisingly addictive………. Furuya doesn’t care and just wants the TV back so he can switch it back to the National Geographic Channel.

Who laughs more during sex?
Haruichi, because Furuya is Too Polite when he Does The Thing, and he laughs to make it a little bit less serious (that, and seriously desperate furuya is cute)

Haruichi, though sometimes he tries to be the big spoon, but they always end up rolling over the other way, straight back to square one.

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bowies-and-babies-deactivated20 asked:

Imma do if because you did it for me. If we were dating I'd def make lots of cute desserts because that's all I can make and I'd probably snuggle with you a lot tbh I'm really cuddly and we'd def watch old movies a lot and I'd probably attempt to cook good food I mean I'm not uber great at cooking but whatever and def have dance parties in the kitchen really early or dance in the rain and play on playgrounds


Like heLL YESSS DESSERTS the best meal of any day and snuggling is A-OK no complaints here and dUDE I have SO MANY old movies to show you that sounds so groovy and also you probably cook like 10x better than me hAHA (no, really) and I caN’T EVEN WITH THE REST I’M MELTING this sounds so fun I love iiiiit~

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Yay!! Thanks for asking angel!✨

Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans by Mac Demarco
Blue Monday by New Order
(Ballad of) The Hip Dead Goddess (play this when I die btw) by Ultimate Spinach
Beer Song by Mustard Plug
Blown a Wish by My Bloody Valentine

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baby angel i'm so sorry if this seems rude but how do you pronounce your name? it suits you so well but i'm not quite sure how to say it x sorry xxx

aw no it’s not rude at all my sweet pumpkin!!! but truthfully i don’t know how to explain it?? letters are pronounced differently in finnish than english but i guess it’s something like peete?? haha it’s very unusual name in here as well so don’t worry!!! xx

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Brendon Urie

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

i’m brendon urie af gdamn i’m so whipped for that boy

Yo who wants to play HOW HOT IS THAT BAND MEMBER

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We Asked God for a Baby Instead He Gave Us an Angel Loss of a Child Sympathy Jewelry

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