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Gabi, would you look at that! (youtu. be/ NHTZYPbVQAg) These are clips of Ellen Degeneres before she was out. Skip to 1:18. "Ellen, where are you?" "I was in a closet!". OH MY GOD it strongly reminds me of Niall's "Aaaggggghhhh!!!" IG picture of Louis ahahaha I can't believe this joke is so real

YUP! amazing innit?

Woman: Ellen, Ellen, where are you?

Ellen: I was in the closet!

Ellen: I’ve spent a lot of time in there.

Then she had another one not so long ago:

Ellen“I haven’t had that much trouble coming out since 1997.”


For good measure, this is very symbolic.

See Mary Lambert

This is from the “Secrets” music video and she comes out of a closet when she sings: I can’t think straight, I’m so gay. COINCIDENCES!

She even used the Jamaican flag in her lyric music video for “Secrets”.

Who will tell her that rainbows are not LGBT symbols?

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Excuse me, Vendetta, or Mahogany, would either of you please tell me the story behind the Manis units, if you can.

“The Manis units are robot units scattered all around the globe, their residence being airports. The bigger the airport the more Manis units there are. They are helping AND security bots. Their defense mechanism comes on when you mess up a rule. While they can’t kill you, they can hurt you with their bullets and get you to a police officer.”

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so does anyone have any evidence of these so called 'death threats' Whedon received because all I've seen so far is legitimate criticisms

well, Joss Whedon literally came out and said he WASN’T driven off twitter by threats and harassment, so no.

like most famous people on twitter, Whedon did receive some tweets of the “i hate you” and “kill yourself” variety, but there was no evidence they were the reason he quit twitter. some people just decided to conflate this with criticism of Age of Ultron and blame “angry feminists/SJWs” for driving him away, and this rumor kind of snowballed.

i think it’s worth pointing out that jaden smith quit twitter at the same time as whedon, but you didn’t see people like patton oswalt leaping to his defence – even though jaden also received these kinds of hate messages as a result of being a popular figure on social media.

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Hey, if some of the Alpha trolls were god tier (Meenah and Aranea for example and possibly Meulin and Kurloz since they did not give a direct answer), then how did they die? I mean, yes, Meenah killed everyone with a bomb, but it did not follow the rules of dying while godtier, so it has been bothering me. (This blog is amazing and sorry if my English is bad.)

Meenah timed the bomb to go off right before the scratch finished so that the God tier players wouldn’t have the time to come back to life.

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If Franziska works at Ministry of Magic, then Gumshoe will work with her there as well? Or he is like Hugrid, cares about hippogriff Polly and teaches Care of Magical Creatures? (i'm not that good at english, but I'd like people to understand what am I asking about...) Раз уж Франц в Министерстве, то Гамшу с ней там же работает? Или же он как Хагрид, ведёт иногда уроки и ухаживает за гиппогрифом Полликлювихой? Ох чёрт. Полликлювиха.

ХАГРИД ХАГРИД. Полликлювиха звучит :’D

вообще, я много об этом думаю и / imagine

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u can get an autosave script for sai so that you don't have to worry about it crashing and losing everything: jassycoco deviantart com/art/Paint-Tool-SAI-Autosave-Script-Link-429006107 !!


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english, kiss, money, noughty, quality, teacher and picture :3

English: How many languages can you speak?

Just English, and a little little bit of French.

Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

I don’t have any romantic/sexual crushes, but I do have friend crushes! I’d say Kristen Stewart, Lynn Gunn, Hayley Williams, and Lights.

Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?

Move Cass up to Canada, buy a cute little house on a small farm, buy a few expensive crystals, and probably save the rest and use it for needed things.

Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?

That I do? Not really anything that I know of other than procrastinate schoolwork.

Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.

My wonderful girlfriend -wulfwire, my lovely friend - sunfl0wer-spirit, and my kiwi friend - lemons-for-tea

Teacher: What do you aspire to be?


Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.

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It seems like they'll go on and on with this party boy Louis, but now they are in LA, why not starting to show Louis clubbing with his band mates? It'd be way more meaningful! We'd have close band members and a very light but important h/l seeding.

Notice how this is your opinion of how things should be done, but the people actually planning and executing the strategy might not necessarily agree with you. If I know anything, it’s to not get too attached to my own ideas of how things should go.

Somebody could argue that while priming the public, they have been deliberately holding back on current candids of Harry and Louis together, so as to preserve their market value/shock value after a coming out. Would make a bigger splash.