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Korrasami is the most imaginative ship EVUR made. I mean really? MASAMI is a more realistic ship than Korrasami. keep dreaming and keep writing fanfics, cuz you know what KORRASAMI WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE. you are just wasting your damn time. I WILL LAUGH MY ASS OFF AND SPAM THE KORRASAMI HATERS WHEN MAKORRA IS ENDGAME.


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My girlfriend's depression is making her distant. She says she doesn't want to talk about her feelings. The times we do talk we argue. I crave communication and she's sending me down a spiral of madness. I just don't feel wanted. What do I do?

It’s not just that your girlfriend doesn’t want to talk about her feelings, you have to understand that much of the time she probably doesn’t feel much of anything or she feels things too strongly to be able to articulate it. I understand how much it hurts to see someone you love suffer in an intangible way; you want to be able to do some thing or say something to make it better, or perhaps you want to force her to do something or say something to make it better but there is nothing for anyone to do or say.

Of course your feelings matter just as much as hers, just as your emotional well-being matters just as much as hers, that being said I urge you not to put any blame on her for how frustrated this is making you. There’s nothing she can do and if she feels that her depression is becoming a burden it will make things exponentially worse.

You need to talk to other people that you trust about your feelings. You need to listen to people who’ve gone through depression so you can better understand your girlfriend. You need to listen to people who’ve gone through loving depressed people so you can learn from their mistakes and victories.

My best suggestion on how to communicate with your girlfriend is to start talking about nothing at all. Talk about inane things to fill the silence or to drown out the noise. Talk whenever she doesn’t ask for quiet. You’ll be surprised at the random occurrences of genuine feeling she might have once you’ve created a safe environment of insignificant chatter.

Also, keep this number around: 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) It’s the national suicide prevention hotline.

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Is it possible to overdose on aspirin? How much is too much?

It is possible to overdose on Aspirin. Dosage amounts vary based on what you are treating, and your age and  body weight. You should read the label to find the correct amount that you should take, and should not exceed that amount without consulting with your doctor.

If you suspect that you may have overdosed on Aspirin please contact the poison control center, or dial 911.

If you are considering purposefully overdosing please call the suicide helpline for your region. We all care and want you safe!

~Nelly the Narwhal

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hoping its because of a noncompete with modest that made paul leave

It wouldn’t be. Paul was not exclusively a modest employee. He is part of an independent security company. That company contracts out work to various clients. It would be like hiring a lawyer and demanding they have no other clients, it’s absurd and very most likely not what the case here was. 

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Crossover idea: Merry and Pippin meeting George and Fred Weasley.

That would probably cause so much trouble, you wouldn’t even need a villain for that story 

Guren no Yumiya - Cover by me
  • Guren no Yumiya - Cover by me

~ So yeah, this is me singing snk’s opening. It is not the original since it’s a piano version and I’m singing in english because my japanese wasn’t good enough for me to show you but sorry I know it is not a super good quality recording too :/

((PS from Mun: Please, remember that english is not my first language so it is possible that my pronounciation isn’t very good.))

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But he was tour manager too right? It has connections of Modest and could imply a noncomepte doesn't it?

No. All Star Security specializes in tour management. It’s right on the home page of the website. He was hired by modest, as an All Star Security representative, to manage 1D’s tours and provide security for the boys. There would not be an noncompete clause because he was never an exclusive modest employee. He is part of an independent company that contracts it’s work out to various clients.

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How did all of them meet each other??

they all went to school together and grew up together in sheffield!!! cookie and alex were also next door neighbors


bonded 4 lyfe