Sekizinci Edward Türkiye'ye geliyor Dolmabahçe Sarayın'da görüşme yapıyorlar. Görüşme boyunca sekizinci Edward Atatürk'ün gözlerine hiç bakamıyor. Atatürk gözlerini hiç ayırmıyor sekizinci Edward'dan. Ve iki tane şahit var bu olayda, ingiliz yaver ve türk yaver. Sekizinci Edward bir soru soruyor... "Nasıl kazandınız Kurtuluş Savaşını?" Yaverin tabancasını istiyor Atatürk, mermileri çıkarıyor ve dışardaki askeri çağırın diyor.. Çağırıyorlar, tabancayı veriyor, "Vur oğlum kendini" diyor. Asker tetiği dayıyor ve çekiyor.  Sekizinci Edward şaşkın. İşte böyle kazandık diyor Atatürk..
[NEWS] EXO - 150328 mydaily news article: “EXO’s 'Call Me Baby' scores an all kill on music charts...The king of music charts, EXO's era is coming”

"mydaily = Idol group EXO has swept all music charts.

On the 28th at 12:01am, the title track ‘CALL ME BABY’ of EXO’s new album ‘EXODUS’ was released through multiple music sites. As soon as the song was revealed, it reached first place on MelOn, Mnet, Olleh Music, Genie, NaverMusic, Monkey3 and other music charts, in real time - as of 1:00am.

Specifically, on Mnet, Genie, Olleh Music and NaverMusic, the Chinese version of ‘Call Me Baby’ was second on charts.

*EXO is receiving much attention, because in spite of not having release a music video or promoted in any way, and having just revealed the track, they have still managed to achieve an ‘all kill’ on music charts. With this record, EXO has once again proven their power as the ‘global trend’.

'Call Me Baby' is a song with an addictive hook, a strong melody and attention-grabbing lyrics. It is rounded off with a strong drum beat and brass and string.

EXO will release the rest of the tracks of the album ‘EXODuS’ on the 30th. Starting with Mnet’s Mcountdown on April 2nd, KBS TV ‘Music Bank’on April 3rd, MBC Show! Music Core on April 4th, and SBS Inkigayo on April 4th, they will initiate their further promotions through several music shows and are scheduled.”

Credit: translation,, Source: mydaily.

Exo reaction when you walk in on them changing

Sehun: I see what you did there! You wanted to see me naked and you didn’t know how. Cheeky!

Kai:I’m already half naked so what do you say?

Tao: Y/N:Cute boxers! is that spongebob?

*acting all cocky*

Kyungsoo: You don’t know how to knock what if I was naked? 

Chanyeol: Ummmm can you please turn around I don’t want you to see my pororo boxers. Damn it why did I tell you that?

Chen: Y/N:Nice buns you got there babe!

Get out of here or I will throw something at you.

Baekhyun:*bitchy mode activated* What do I have to do to get a little bit og privacy in this house?

Lay: Can you at least close the door, cause your mom is right behind you and she’s looking at me.

Suho:*gets all shy and embarrassed*

Kris: How come you make such a scene everytime I barge in on you changing but you can come in and out when you want while I change?

Luhan: Why are you laughing at? haven’t you seen a manly guy before with his shirt?

Y/N:I wouldn’t call you manly with that cute baby face and bed hair.You look like a baby deer

Xiumin:*gets all flirty all of a sudden* So do you like what you see?