asitgoesunsaid-deactivated20131 said:

Hey! So for your discussion about certain men not wanting to be with a woman after they've been with a black man previously. Well from personal experience I've been told "You're so much better than that." I could go on a dialogue of that but no thanks. But maybe people are still in the old ways of black men or black women being beneath them because of history?

America likes to pretend its progressive but it is very much still stuck in the old ways. Look no further than the gay marriage thing, that shit shouldn’t have even been an issue and they took it to the courts. We are great liars in this country. ” Oh yeah we can be whatever you want and do whatever you want…so as long as it falls under the umbrella of acceptability as outlined by our religious and social beliefs”.  But I am curious to this dialogue you speak of, from what I can gather people saying ” You’re so much better than that” is a clear indication that you “lowered” yourself to the same level of of a black person; essentially you are tainting yourself with a lower form of life

asitgoesunsaid-deactivated20131 said:

Indeed. Its rather long but I assure you at the end the person who said that apologized. Whether they meant it or not *shrugs* and yes that's what they believed, that I lowered myself.

Yeah a lot of people are under this idea that being black means you are of lower intelligence and are only desired due to the fetishization of the race.