My list of Asian les movies and TVdramas

1. Yes or NO (Thailand)

2.Yes or NO 2 (Thailand)

3.SHE- their love story (Thailand)

4.Pair of Love (Taiwan)

5. Painter of the wind ( Korean gender-bender drama )

6. Two Weddings and a funeral (Korean)l

7. In My End is My Beginning (Korean)

8. Butterfly 2004 (Hong Kong)

9.Drifting Flowers (Taiwan)

10.Love Diagnosis (Japan)

11. Last Friends (Japan)

12.Love My Life (Japan)

13. Spider Lilies (Taiwan)

14. The Journey 2004 (India )

15. The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters

Happy 60th Birthday Johnnie To!

Director of Terracotta release, SPARROW and one of the most creative and exciting directors working in Hong Kong today.  

But he’s not slowing down …

As well as multiple producing projects, he’s back in the director’s chair for heist movie, THREE starring Louis Koo and co-directing an eight-part anthology about the history of Hong Kong, alongside Tsui Hark, John Woo and Anne Hui.

What’s your favourite Johnnie To film?

anonymous asked:

I'm sure you don't watch Asian drama/movies but by any chance do you know where can I watch them?

You’re right, I only watched one kdrama (in which I cried and laugh like there was no tomorrow)! But I asked a friend that watches more than me and she said she uses: dramafever & myasiantv

anyone here has any other site?

Sketch: Far East Film Festival

I got home yesterday after 4 intense days at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. It was an awesome experience and I got to see some terrific movies from all over Asia. So I thought about giving a brief description of some movies I saw and enjoyed. Hopefully you can find it interesting :)

My top 3 movies reccomendation are:

La La La at Rock Bottom -Japan, Yamashita Nobuhiro, memory youth drama-

Ode to My Father -South Korea, JK Youn, post-war generational epic-

Kabukicho Love Hotel -Japan, Hiroki Ryuichi, sayonara sex romance-

They have nothing in common with one another but they are three unique movies in their own way. I’m not the type of person who cries during a film but Ode to My Father almost made me tear up; it tells the story of DokSoo and his striking life, I found it is deeply moving. La La La at Rock Bottom is set in Osaka and is about this guy who is an awesome singer, but he has a dark past, plus he has got amnesia so the situation it’s pretty fucked up. Kabukicho Love Hotel tells the story of different people that all in some way end up in this Love Hotel managed by Toru, whose dreams is to work in a luxurious hotel. I personally adore Japanese movies but I’m aware that if you don’t watch them often they probably are weird; they are just a different from what most people are used to, whereas I think Korean movies are probably more ‘commercial-type’. This is just my opinion, I hope you understand what I mean.

If you are looking for some historical/action movies I recommend Dragon Blade, Daniel Lee with Jakie Chan –which was a world premiere so I guess it will be out in some time- and also Brotherhood of Blades, Lu Yang.

If you are looking for some fun, light hearted comedy I recommend The Gifted, Chris Martinez and Cafè. Waiting. Love., Chiang Jin-Lin.

I also wanted to mention two movies which deal with social and problematic issues, such as mistreatment, abuse and prostitution: Sara, Herman Yau and How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), Josh Kim. They hooked me up from the first minute.

Special mention to two films that might be considered vulgar because of the sexual thematic they are about: Rubbers, Han Yew Kwang and Make Room, Morikawa Kei. Personally speaking I found them both really funny and the second one, which is set in the backstage of a porno film, offers a totally new and different perspective I have never seen before.

So this is it. If you don’t know what to watch and you are into Asian movies these are some of the newest! Grab some popcorn and get started! ;)

Han Gong-ju

Well the previous post didn’t seem to get any response, so I have decided just to review the three movies in turn.  We will start with a film that I have been putting off as I pretty much knew what it was about, and it is rather distressing stuff.  But, it’s an award winning film, and therefore I feel obligated to see if it is worth all the praise.  Now at the centre of this one is something that…

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japanese movies

i had made a list of korean movies earlier and i thought i’d make one for japanese movies as well


All about Lily Chou-Chou - personal favourite, it is somehow so removed that i really can’t describe it, but it’s definitely worth watching
Aoi Haru - so harsh and…dirty? idk, pretty good if you like the subject matter
Apartment 1303 - i’ve given up on horror movies
The Great Passage - i was really interested in the subject of how dictionaries are (or rather, were) made, and i love Matsuda Ryuhei anyway, it was a lovely movie, but rather long and don’t expect too much action
Confessions - Oh my god. this was brilliantly spectacular and very unusual, it will definitely become one of my favourite foreign movies
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A - i don’t remember too much of this, but i know it was pretty weird and VERY symbolic. it somehow reminded me of Franz Kafka’s The Trial (? not sure why)
Doushitemo Furetakunai - *whispers* yaoi… but REALLY sweet, i’m a fan of the mangaka of the original work it is based on and the movie is superbly executed


Norwegian Wood - i really want to see this one but i’m thinking about getting the book first
Battle Royale - i’m definitely reading the book first
Ichi the Killer
A Stranger of Mine
Crows Zero
Linda Linda Linda
An Assassin
The Liar and His Lover

oops i realized I have A LOT of movies on my to-watch list and i don’t know what half of them are about, so i’ll list the rest later

So this is the randomest thing ever

But I figured if anyone could help me find this movie, it’s tumblr. It was something my mother and I randomly found back in the day at Hollywood video when it still existed and I was obsessed with it (the movie, not Hollywood video). 

It’s asian. I know that for sure. Possibly South Korean? Basically what I can remember is there is this like hobo assassin dude who befriends this young girl, and I’m pretty sure it was dystopian world with aliens involved? I think that the girl was some really famous young asian actress from around 2009 ish? 

The main scene I can remember is he was like trying to make her pasta, and he was all trying to teach her about the difference between al dente.

So I know it sounds weird and random as hell, but does anyone know wtf I’m remembering or am I hallucinating?