My list of Asian les movies and TVdramas

1. Yes or NO (Thailand)

2.Yes or NO 2 (Thailand)

3.SHE- their love story (Thailand)

4.Pair of Love (Taiwan)

5. Painter of the wind ( Korean gender-bender drama )

6. Two Weddings and a funeral (Korean)l

7. In My End is My Beginning (Korean)

8. Butterfly 2004 (Hong Kong)

9.Drifting Flowers (Taiwan)

10.Love Diagnosis (Japan)

11. Last Friends (Japan)

12.Love My Life (Japan)

13. Spider Lilies (Taiwan)

14. The Journey 2004 (India )

15. The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters

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anonymous asked:

I'm sure you don't watch Asian drama/movies but by any chance do you know where can I watch them?

You’re right, I only watched one kdrama (in which I cried and laugh like there was no tomorrow)! But I asked a friend that watches more than me and she said she uses: dramafever & myasiantv

anyone here has any other site?

The Rice Bomber

The Docu-drama is a dangerous genre for me to cover.  It is well documented I am not a fan of musicals (with the occasional exception), but they don’t tend to make me angry.  Bio-pics are always fraught with danger for me, but the Docu-drama is one style of film-making that has the potential to make my blood boil.  All films that attempt to tell a true story have to balance fact against…

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So this is the randomest thing ever

But I figured if anyone could help me find this movie, it’s tumblr. It was something my mother and I randomly found back in the day at Hollywood video when it still existed and I was obsessed with it (the movie, not Hollywood video). 

It’s asian. I know that for sure. Possibly South Korean? Basically what I can remember is there is this like hobo assassin dude who befriends this young girl, and I’m pretty sure it was dystopian world with aliens involved? I think that the girl was some really famous young asian actress from around 2009 ish? 

The main scene I can remember is he was like trying to make her pasta, and he was all trying to teach her about the difference between al dente.

So I know it sounds weird and random as hell, but does anyone know wtf I’m remembering or am I hallucinating?

japanese movies

i had made a list of korean movies earlier and i thought i’d make one for japanese movies as well


All about Lily Chou-Chou - personal favourite, it is somehow so removed that i really can’t describe it, but it’s definitely worth watching
Aoi Haru - so harsh and…dirty? idk, pretty good if you like the subject matter
Apartment 1303 - i’ve given up on horror movies
The Great Passage - i was really interested in the subject of how dictionaries are (or rather, were) made, and i love Matsuda Ryuhei anyway, it was a lovely movie, but rather long and don’t expect too much action
Confessions - Oh my god. this was brilliantly spectacular and very unusual, it will definitely become one of my favourite foreign movies
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A - i don’t remember too much of this, but i know it was pretty weird and VERY symbolic. it somehow reminded me of Franz Kafka’s The Trial (? not sure why)
Doushitemo Furetakunai - *whispers* yaoi… but REALLY sweet, i’m a fan of the mangaka of the original work it is based on and the movie is superbly executed


Norwegian Wood - i really want to see this one but i’m thinking about getting the book first
Battle Royale - i’m definitely reading the book first
Ichi the Killer
A Stranger of Mine
Crows Zero
Linda Linda Linda
An Assassin
The Liar and His Lover

oops i realized I have A LOT of movies on my to-watch list and i don’t know what half of them are about, so i’ll list the rest later

“장화, 홍련”, “A Tale of two sisters”, “Dos Hermanas” (2003)

Este es el titulo de la pelicula que le he dado el mayor puntaje en todo el tiempo que mire a conciencia hasta ahora mis 911 peliculas y debo admitir que esta es una obra maestra traida desde el Sur Corea por el  director 김지운 donde logra con todo el equipo de la produccion atrapar al expectador a cada segundo de la pelicula. Perfecta en todos los sentidos.

El Cast principalmente integrada unicamente por 4 personajes principales de los cuales 2 son una adolescentes  muy jovenes nos hace pensar que sus actuaciones podrian llegar a tener algun fallo pero la verdad es todo lo contrario ellas, ambas dos, son las estrellas de este film.

La musica o soundtrack que es tan dificil de definir a la ahora de hacer una pelicula, las peliculas asiaticas se destacan por no utilizar mcho esta tecnica y este no es el caso, se coloca en momentos precisos, sonidos tetricos qu encuadran con el ambiento y lo que respecta de la historia.

Los escenarios son muy reducidos simplemente ocurre en una casa de dos plaanta con varias habitaciones, un muelle en un lago  y la habitacion de un hospital eso es todo pero la casa fue hecha para este film y los espacios fueron usados cuidadosamente.

La historia narr la llegada de dos hermana con su padre a la casa de su madrastra, la cual no las acepta del todo y ambas chicas poseen una enfermedad por lo que se cuidan entre ellas. La madrastra comienza a enfurecerse por sucesos y se dedica a hacerle la vida imposible a la menos de ellas, siendo su hermana mayor la unica que podia cuidarla ya que su padre no le hacia caso de lo que le decia. Pero que pasa si la hermana menor nunca llego a la casa? si la verdad es que la madrastra nunca estuvo presente en la casa en ese tiempo? y que ocurrio realmente con su hermana menor, su verdadera madre y su madrastra?

Toda una historia psicologia que termina atrapandote y cuando ves que quedan 3 minutos para que termine y dice: ” Pero como van a resolver esto, aquello y lo otro?”

La verdad es que NO HAY CABOS SUELTOS, desde un principio todo esta claro pero nuestro cerebro tiende a ignorarlo, a mi solo me solo raro el guion ya que entiendo un poco de coreano pero resulto ser que tenia una razon.

A very happy birthday to Ha Jung-woo!

Born on this day in 1979. Talented actor, director and artist (first LA art exhibition opened last week).

Recently confirmed to star in Park Chan-wook’s FINGERSMITH, scene-stealing star of THE CHASER, THE BERLIN FILE, NAMELESS GANGSTER, KUNDO: AGE OF THE RAMPANT and, of course, THE FOX FAMILY:

What’s your favourite Ha Jung-woo movie?

  Got nothing to watch tonight? Why not try your luck with one of the many thousands of asian movies hidden in the depths of youtube. I’ll be the first to say I was sceptical as to what I’d find, but tonight I was pleasantly surprised after typing in my search ’ japanese movies eng sub’ into the search bar.   

  I was graciously greeted by over 120,000 hits! But after sifting through various results, a great number being 18+ movies or movies from a different country all together I finally stumbled upon the beauty Real or Real: Kanzennaru Shuchō Ryū no Hi as it is known in japan. It stars the talented Takeru Satho as well as the beautiful Haruka Ayase, If you’re a fan I highly recommend you check out this film as they’re such a good pairing. This film is based off of a book called ‘a perfect day for plesiosaur’ and genre wise it is typically labeled as science fiction. But it is so very much more than that. It’s a psychological movie with some visual horror at points and not forgetting understatedly romantic. It was both beautiful visually as well as mentally stimulating and it’s not a movie that will be easily forgotten soon.



  From the outset we learn of a cute couple who have just moved in together, the female is a mangaka artist and the male is a worker at a sports center. We see very little interaction between the two but enough so that we know that they are together and are childhood sweethearts, time then shifts to one year later where the male (Koichi) is alone and in a rush to leave his noticeably dark and lonely apartment. We then find out that his beloved Atsumi is in the hospital in a coma due to jumping into water in an attempt to commit suicide. Our poor Koichi is beside himself as he’s known his girlfriend practically all of his life and he had no clue as to what turmoil she was going through, nor does he know the reasons behind the suicide attempt. We then learn that he’s at the hospital to visit Atsumi via a virtual reality machine that connects their subconscious minds together so that they can communicate. At this point I was baffled not only by the concept of that actually happening within the real world setting but also by the complexity of the machine prop itself.  

  As we enter Atsumi’s mind for the first time we learn that she is somewhat of an obsessive artists, due to the stress that she has to deal with due to her manga publishing but also it seems that she has lost who she is because she is constantly doing art. Despite Koichi telling her that she is not in the real world and her seeing her pen defy the laws of gravity before her very eyes she seems somewhat indifferent to the fact. Koichi however is not.. especially after the horrifying appearance of one of Atsumi’s comic book characters who just so happens to be a mangled corpse.  I’ll leave the full description as to the events of the movie there, so I’m not giving to much away and that I’ve peeked your interest enough that you’ll want to check it out.  

What I will leave you with is this, this film has an air of mysterious surrealism about it, just when you feel like you know the gist of the story and how it ends it surprises you with an interesting twist. There are also moments of visual horror that come and go and can be somewhat hysterical at times due to the reactions that come about because of them. If you’re a fan of western films like lovely bones and inception I highly recommend you give this a try.. 

This is the conclusion of my movie review, I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to hearing your opinions!