19/9/2014 (IAG) walking off the stage - Happy JJ (‘∀’●)

can ppl please stop fetishizing east asians? i am not only talking about those gross dudes that see a super submissive real-life anime girl in every east asian woman, but i also adress the kpop fans that want to have a korean boyfriend or at least date an east asian guy because “if i cant date oppa i want to have a boyfriend of the same race who is going to be just like oppa because he is asian so they will look alike anyway and all koreans are polite and nice and lovely men oppa saranghae!!!!!!!”
fetishization is also a form of racism
“but i actually prefer koreans…”
preferring a race is racist
“but koreans are so polite and…”
generalizing a race is racist
“but koreans are just really handsome!”
fetishizing a race is racist
you are being racist

and i didnt even mention the fact that it is so common to say “i like asians” please dont reduce asia to korea and japan and please dont generalize ‘asians’ to people from these countries… are you forgetting or just blatantly ignoring thailand, india, the phillipines, the entire middle east(!!), vietnam, indonesia, singapore and so many more asian countries with their own interesting culture and history just because they dont match your idealized view of south korea and because the people living in these countries dont look like your precious “oppa”?