We, the 5sos fam really need to calm down
The hate this girl is getting is outrageous! Her Twitter and Instagram is full of hate and some things people say are terrible. So what she kissed Luke on the cheek and he brought her a drink? Boys do that.
She told that she had fan girled and let’s be honest all off us would have and Let’s admit it all of us would have uploaded this pic if it was us, or well most of us.
That girl did nothing wrong. The people sending hate are doing everything wrong.
One day Luke will meet the one and God may know who it will be. And the least we can do is support him. We are family.


The Image Disappears

My phone lit up again with another incoming call from The Little Drummer Boy. I huffed and wiped away a stray tear with the sleeve of my shirt before placing the phone to my ear. “Hello?”
“Y/N, thank God you answered.” His words came out in a rushed, breathless tone and I was scared of what was to come next. “Y/N, listen carefully…”

Pairing: Y/N & Luke //  Word count: 7.1k  

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Imagine #24 : Scary hands (Ashton Irwin)

Requested : Yes

HIIIII!! first of all I love you and your blog and everything related to you e.e, can u do an imagine where you’re drunk (with ashton) no smut e.e maybe he takes care of you or something and he is in love with you and oh my I dont know I just loved the idea …

Rating : No smut

“And then she looked at me and she started screaming but it wasn’t a ‘oh my god I’m scared’ scream it was more a ‘oh baby let’s dance’ scream and so I started screaming, too and everyone was looking at us but we didn’t care and so we- OH MY SHIIT” I screamed as I tripped over something and almost fell face first onto the floor.

“Easy, easy, baby” Ashton said as he wrapped an arm around my waist and made me lean against him. “I’ll take you back to my place, okay?” he added as I struggled to walk in my heels.

“Noooooo! Why can’t we go… THERE!” I replied as I pointed my index finger toward what looked like a pub.

“Because you’re drunk enough already!” Ashton chuckled as he opened his car door and helped me get in the passenger side before seating behind the wheel.

“’M not!” I answered as I crossed my arms over my chest. “hey why aren’t you taking me home? Like my home?” I asked as I turned to him and squinted my eyes at him.

“Because if I drive you home and leave you there alone we’ll find you dead tomorrow; drowned in your own vomit” he calmly explained and I scrunched my nose up in disgust as the scene appeared in my head. 

My eyes widened as bile started to rise in my throat and I grabbed Ashton’s forearm in panic as he turned to look at me.

“I’m gonna throw up” I announced and he hurriedly pulled up and got out of the car before opening the passenger door and helping me out.

I took three steps on the fresh grass and bent down as everything came back up. All the alcohol I had been drinking that night burned my throat as it passed my lips and formed a nasty pool at my feet. A few tears appeared in my eyes as waves of nausea shook my whole body. I was vaguely aware of Ashton’s hand stroking my back as I stood up again and placed my hand on my forehead. I suddenly felt really tired.

“Feeling better now?” he asked and I could only nod, I didn’t even want to look at him; I wasn’t so drunk anymore and shame was started to flood my mind as I thought about all the things I had done and said that night. “Come on, we’ll be there in a few minutes” he said as he helped me get back in the car and started driving again.

“You really don’t have to do it… I’m a bit better now, I think I can handle being alone in my apartment” I said as I looked out the window and watched the city lights.

“No, you’ll sleep at my place and if you don’t snore, I’ll even make you breakfast in the morning” he said and I shook my head as a smile appeared on my face.

“You’d make a great boyfriend, you know? I don’t really get why you’re still single” I suddenly let out and he looked at me for a second before focusing on the road again.

“Yeah, me neither” he jokingly answered and I laughed as I turned to him and started studying his features.

“Maybe it’s your arms” I tried and he frowned as he took one hand away from the wheel and looked at his arms. “Or maybe your hands” I added and he started moving his fingers around.

“What is wrong with them?” he asked, confused and I started laughing at how seriously he was taking my comments.

“Well your arms are very hairy and your hands are so big it’s scary” I answered and he pretended to be outraged as he looked at me with a shocked face.

“Well maybe the reason why you’re single is because you’re rude and completely ungrateful” he retorted and we both burst out laughing. I looked at him as he laughed, he turned his head toward the window and wrinkles appeared at the corner of his eyes as he closed them tightly, his pearly with teeth were on display and it took everything in me not to lean in and place a kiss on his cheek.

“What a wonderful couple we would make” I said and I wanted to take the words back as soon as they passed my lips.

He stopped laughing and bit his bottom lip before turning his head to me for a second. I tried to smile as innocently as possible and I parted my lips as I saw him look down and blush. 

“I have to agree with that” he said under his breath as he parked in front of his house.


5SOS Text: you have a child with one member of the band and date another (Ashton part 2)


Target Supervisor Ashton Smut

Author: Grace aka calpitations                                                                       Pairing: Ashton and Y/N                                                                                       Word Count:  1014                                                                                           A/N: First smut, yay!

Request here please 

You glanced around, checking for supervisors before pulling out your phone, checking the time. It was one A.M, hours after closing, and you were walking around, folding things neatly and organizing, when you came across the sleepwear and lingerie section of the store. You really needed some new stuff, all of your sets were old and you were almost bored of them, and some were even falling apart. You were thinking about that when you realized you hadn’t seen anyone around for at least an hour, there were probably only two or three people in the store, and from the looks of things, they were most likely on the second floor, so you quickly grabbed a few sets, heading to the changing rooms to try them on. 

You walked in the small room, shutting the door but not locking it, figuring that there was no one around to barge in anyways. The first two sets were cute but not worth spending your money on, but when you tried on the third, a  red set with black lace, you couldn’t help but admire yourself in the mirror, leaning over to lol at your cleavage, and turning around, looking at your ass, muttering “damn, either these panties are magic or those squats have been doing their job.” Suddenly, you felt cold air rush around you as the door swung open, and you whipped your head around to find one of your managers, Ashton, who you had always had a bit of a crush on, looking straight at you. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asks, looking you up and down, dragging his tongue slowly across his lips.

“I was- I was just-” you say, trying to get your words together when all you could think of is how sexy he looked standing there; infuriated. 

“You were just teasing me,” he says, walking in and slamming the door closed and locking it behind him, his fingers attacking your clit, rubbing it through your panties. “Just like you always do,” he continues “you think I don’t see you, princess? You’re such a cocktease,” he says, bringing his left hand down on your ass hard, causing you to jump. “Am I right, princess? You’ve been teasing me this whole time, ever since you started here. Answer me." 

You bite your lip, moaning "I’ve had a thing for you since day 1, if that’s what you mean,” you reply, nervously. 

His fingers trace along the waistband of your panties, moving toward the middle “this is pretty,” he says, slipping them under, his fingers running over your slit, before he hooks them around the bottom of your panties “unfortunately, they have to go” he says, tugging his arm back quickly and ripping them off. 

He wastes no time, immediately pushing two of his long fingers in, curling them up to stroke your g-spot, his hot breath on your neck as he sucks viscously on the sensitive flesh, surely leaving his mark “do you like this, princess?” He’d growl, “do you like being fucked by my fingers?” As he speaks you can feel his thumb moving up before it starts rubbing at your clit in harsh circles, his fingers pumping in and out of you, “are you going to cum for me, princess?” He asks, and you can only nod your head, your face contorting in pleasure. 

And with that, his fingers leave you, him sucking on them, licking them clean, as you whine, “I was just about to cum, Ash." 

"I know,” he replies “but tonight you’re not cumming anywhere other than around my cock” He undoes his pants and pulls both them and his boxers down in one swoop, his extremely hard dick hitting his toned stomach. His hands trail slowly down your body before locking on your hips. “Jump, baby,” he whispers, and you do just as he says, wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands firmly grasp your ass while he lines himself up, bringing his lips to suck on your neck, finding your sweet spot and mumbling into your skin, “you’ve wanted this for a long time, haven’t you, princess?" 

A whine rises from the back of your throat, "please, ash” you say and he looks up at you, saying, “since you asked so nicely,” while he pushes his full length inside you, pushing you up against the wall as your head rolls back against it, letting out the loudest moan thus far as he starts to thrust, his hips starting out slow but picking up pace by the second, moving deeper each time. 

Your moans get louder and louder, mixing with his almost animalistic grunts, and you wrap your arms around his neck, securely enough that you can support yourself a bit, just enough for him to bring one of his hands down to rub figure eights on your clit, and in between moans he says “I’m close princess, but you’ve got to cum first,” pressing down harder and moving faster on your clit. 

“I’m gonna-” you suddenly say as your orgasm hits and you scream out his name, the sound echoing through the whole store. You continue to ride out your high, a moaning mess, and he lifts you off of him, you dropping to your knees. 

You immediately start sucking on his tip hard, pumping the rest of his cock with your hands, until you feel his hand on the back of your head, pushing you down on him. You take him fully into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. He lets out a loud groan, throwing his head back as he cums on your tongue. 

“Fuck, princess you suck my cock so good,” he says as you swallow, licking your lips, and standing up. 

“That was fun,” you say, breathless as he smirks, putting his clothes back on. 

“We’ll have more fun,” he says, opening the door to leave the room. “See you next week, Y/N. Oh, and I’ll pay for those” he says, scooping up the ripped panties off the ground, “maybe I’ll keep them as a souvenir.”


Ashton Irwin: You’re getting ready for bed when you get a text from your boyfriend, who is currently away on tour. When you realize how late it is where he is, you ask why he’s awake. He answers by complaining how late your guys’ friends (aka his band mates) won’t be quiet.

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“Welcome Home”

Pairing: Ashton Irwin x Reader
Warnings: Smut, overstimulation, dirty talk, swear words.
Length: I’d say it’s average length, it took a while to write so.
Requested: sort of, the request was for a dirty Ashton one, and that’s what this is. So, to whomever requested this I hope it fits what you had in mind :)

You had picked Ashton up at the airport at 5 am this morning, he had been overseas for the past six months on tour, and now had just made it home a week before your 20th birthday. Last year, a broken down bus and a canceled flight had resulted in him missing your birthday, it was a disappointment but you knew that this was Ashton’s dream and you didn’t want to get in the way of that, so you never said anything.
This year, he had promised he’d make it up to you, even though you promised he didn’t have to. The fact that he was even home at all was more than enough for you.
When you got home, the sun hadn’t even risen yet and you were both tired, Ashton dropped his bags by the door and dragged you to bed - he was sleeping before his head hit the pillow.
You woke up a few hours later with your head laying on Ash’s chest and his arm around your shoulder. The two of you were in your pjs, cuddling, watching movies, and spending some well needed alone-time together.
Ashton was tracing your underwear line across your hip. They were a Christmas present from him last year, They were simple, black silk. You figured you had really no one to impress today so you went for some more comfortable undergarments.
He trailed his hand down your back, into your panties, and squeezed your ass, causing you to squeal a bit. “You’re so sexy” he whispered into your ear, biting at the skin a bit.
You turned and kissed him softly but Ash quickly deepened the kiss. He laid you on your back and crawled onto of you, pressing kisses down your jawline and began sucking on your neck. You let your knees go slack, making room for Ashton. His body fit between your legs like he was made for you.
 He tangled his hands in your hair as you kissed and you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him as close as possible. You stuck your hand down the back of the collar of his t-shirt, your fingertips tickling his skin.
Ashton sat back and removed his shirt, giving you plenty of skin to explore. His lips were back on yours in a heartbeat. You bucked your hips, creating friction. Ashton gasped and ground his hips down to meet yours. You got a slow rhythm going.
 Ashton slowed his movements and pecked your lips one final time before kissing a trail down the side of your neck, down your collarbones and down your chest. He mouthed at your nipple through the thin t-shirt you had slept in. Once upon a time it had belonged to Ash, but you wore it more than he did these days.
Ashton pushed your shirt up, revealing your stomach. He kissed your bellybutton, his fingers tickling your sides, making you giggle.
He smirked at you before he pulled your panties down and off. You swiftly pulled the shirt over your head and discarded it over the side of the bed.
 Ashton left open mouthed kisses up your shin, leaving a trail of lovebites all the way up and over your knee. He parted your legs more and took his place between them.

”I’ve missed you so much,” He said lovingly.
”And I’ve missed this,” He said and kissed your folds. He lapped at your wetness, savoring the taste of you on his tongue.

”Ash” You whined.

 Ashton got comfortable and continued his soft attack at your core. This was one of your boyfriend’s favorite things, making you come undone under his lips. Ashton could easily spend the rest of his life between your legs and be perfectly happy. 
He circled your clit with his thumb, making gentle figure eights. Your back arched clean off the mattress.
You were too out of breath to form words, you resorted to needy little whimpers instead. You tugged on his thick hair, eliciting deep moans from Ashton. You tightened your legs around his shoulders, totally engulfed in the way he was making you feel.
 The things Ashton could do to you – and he was well aware of it. He loved dirty talk more than anything though and had turned phone sex into an art form. It was a shame he couldn’t talk and go down on you at the same time.

You gasped as your orgasm hit you.
You trembled in the afterwaves and released your grip on your boyfriend’s hair. You thought he was gonna crawl up your body and kiss you – but he never did.
 He kept licking and nipped your inner thigh.
”Ash, what are you…?”

Ashton just looked up at you with twinkling eyes. ”Just one more, kitten. I know you can,” He said confidently.

Ashton had made you cum more than once before but never this close together. Your hands found his hair again as he caressed your oversensitive skin. He concentrated his lips and tongue on your clit, using his fingers to tease your opening. He thrust his fingers into you, curling them upwards until he found your spot. Ashton knew your body like the back of his hand and he loved to show you that.

”Ashton… Ash, I can’t. It’s too much,” You cried.

”Almost there,” He said, his lips never leaving your body.

You were gasping for air and shaking like a leaf. You curled your toes into the sheets as your second orgasm washed over you. You moaned loudly, throwing you head back. Your fingers tingled and you almost blacked out for a second.
 Ashton gently removed your hands from his hair. He laughed as he ruffled it. He laid his head on your stomach, waiting for you to come back around.
 Your ran your hands through your hair and giggled. You looked down at the man on your belly whom you had missed so much whilst he was gone.
 Ashton finally crawled up your body and captured your lips.
”Told you you could do it,” He smiled against your lips.

You pushed him back a bit.

”What?” He asked, confused.

”You’re not hard?” You asked.

Ashton chuckled and sat back, revealing the wet spot on the front of his pajamas. ”I came with you. Well, the second time I did,” He grinned.

You pulled him down by the neck, reconnecting your lips. ”I love you.”

”I love you too. And I’m so happy I made it in time for your birthday.”

”That’s what this was about?”
 Ash blushed and gave you his famous pout. ”Wanna go again?”

You laugh slightly “Ash… I can’t handle it” 

“Mmm” he smiled and lowered himself back down between your legs, “let’s see how much you can handle” 
He pressed a kiss to your clit before attaching his mouth the bundle of nerves once more, sucking hard.

“Ashton” you screamed, tangling your fingers in his hair again. “Ashton, Ashton baby, stop please its to much” you pleaded pushing your hips around trying to find a way to wiggle away from his tongue.

His hands grabbed your hips forcefully and held you down, continuing his ruthless attack on your core.

“Take it” he growled against your heat. You screamed and pulled at his hair making him groan, the vibrations sending you over the edge for the third time.

He didn’t stop though, he continued sucking and licking your centre right through your orgasm, bringing you one after the other.
You screamed in pleasure which only encouraged him.
 Ashton pulled your hands away from his hair and held your small fisted hands in his, kissing your heat repeatedly. He looked up at your helpless state and chuckled
“baby girl you’re doing so good for me, lets go for one more” he said pressing a kiss to your thigh.

“No no.” You said out of breath and tired, you couldn’t take anymore. Ashton had been pushing it on two orgasms, but now he wanted to go for your fourth.

Just as you thought he was done, his mouth met your centre again, he was ruthless and rough, still holding your little fists in his big hands.

 “ASHTON” you screamed, your back arched and you knew you wouldn’t last long.

“Hm?” He said, looking up at you, his mouth never leaving your core.

“I’m not gonna last”

“Mmm” he moaned against you, you screamed in pleasure and your body was shaking. Begging for a rest from the intense feeling. “You’re such a good girl” he praised.

He added a finger pumping it in you slowly. You came, feeling the heat wash over you, your eyes saw nothing but white, and he added another, and then another.
You managed to push him away from you, looking down with pleading eyes
“it’s too much, it’s too much” you sighed.

He rose from in between your legs and kissed you gently,
“okay kitten. You’ve had enough” he said kissing your forehead.

He looked down at you and chuckled.
“That feel good?” He asked teasingly, he knew the answer.

You nodded, unable to speak and he laughed.
“Mm fuck, its good to be back”

(A/N): So okay, Elle sucks because she doesn’t post a lot. But I have lots of school work to do lately and it’s hard to find time to write. Anyways, I’m sorry this took so long and I know its not very good but hopefully it makes up for the fact that I didn’t write for a while. Also, requests are still open so if you want you can drop a little request in my inbox, or just say hi… all messages are nice really. Okay, Big love. Elle, out.

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Sleepy Baby, Clingy Baby

“could u do one where the kids are toddlers and really sleepy and clingy to their dads?”

A/N: Sorry I didn’t make them all toddlers, but I tried to make them all relatively young! Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @lukealmightty !


“Hey there little one!” Luke cooed, picking up his daughter from the floor. You and Luke were trying to get Kayla used to the idea of being away for the day, so you guys had enrolled her in a daycare center in the city, and to put it nicely, Kayla was not taking it well.

“Daddy!” Kayla sobbed, her arms wrapping around Luke’s neck as she cried. Luke frowned and cuddled her close, feeling the tiniest bit guilty that she’d cried the whole four hours you guys had left her in the classroom. But Luke just gave the teacher an apologetic smile and left with Kayla, the girl slowly beginning to calm as they made their way from the building to the car.

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Waking up with him (Blurbs)

You slowly opened your eyes as a curly dirty-blonde mess was laying on your chest, one hand under the only thing you were wearing on the top - a nude elastic singlet. Ashton’s huge hand was holding firmly your left breast as he was sleeping. You smiled, he looked like a baby like that, sleeping on you after a stressful week. You swatched your hand through his wild hair. After a while of stroking his soft hair, he woke up, he lifted up - without removing his hand on your breast, on the contrary he squeezed it a little with a sleepy smile on his face.
“Good morning baby.” He kissed your cheek, you put your hand on his bare chest. “Good morning Ash.” You said back smiling as his rested his head in your neck, he didn’t even think about remove the hand on your boob.
“I’m going to prepare breakfast, don’t try to move.” He ordered joking after a few minutes. “I would never consider it.” You clearified.

You tried to slip away or at least move from Calum’s grip around you, but everytime you tried his muscles seemed to stiffen and to hold you even closer and harder. You had to go to school, and the fact that Calum was still sleeping and keeping you close to him didn’t help you to get up. You sighed and decided that the best thing to do was waking him up asking him to set you free. “Calum,” you murmured trying to move your hand to touch his body and wake him up. “Calum.” You repeated again. “Mhmm…” He sputtered sleeply. “Please, let me go. I have to go to school now.” You said trying to untie his hands around you. “No, stay with me in bed all day.” He protested holding your closer, your back pressed harder against his chest. “Cal, I really want to, but I can’t, if I don’t go at school today, I can’t come to visit you when you’ll be on tour.” You used it against him. “Ouch, I hate you.” He said letting you go, you got up immediately. “Thanks baby, I love you.” You kissed his warm cheek and then you started to get ready for school.

You looked with adoring eyes at Luke sleeping. His messy hair after the romantic and sensual night you spent enjoying each other. You carassed his face, a little layer of beard on his face, something that you loved because that made him sexy but sometimes even more cute.
The only thing that ruined that moment, was the fact that you had to wake him up because of an appointment with a realtor. “Luke,” you kissed his cheek and his jaw. “Luke babe, wake up.” You whispered and kept kissing him. He slowly opened his beautiful blue eyes, a small smile forming on his face as he realizes that you’re by his side, still in his arms. “Good morning.” He whispers as he rest his head in the crock of your neck, he left small kisses on your collar bones. “Good morning, babe.” You let run your hand through his blonde hair, you couldn’t resist. “We have to wake up, don’t you remember our appointment?” You remembered him.
“But we’re so good here,” he protested like a baby, hugging you close, your chest against his, “please, please postpone the appointment so we can cuddle.” You sighed, he knows you’re wrapped around his finger. “Fine.” You reached your phone to call the realtor.

You could see the morning light even through your closed eyes, a soft tickling on your back and the beautiful sensation of being skin against skin with Michael. You slowly opened your eyes, Michael was laying on his back, your body laying on his, both of you completely naked. The only thing that covered your body, was the sheet on your butt, but nothing more. Michael was already awake, he had an arm under his head and the index finger of the other one was drawing a line on your back. “Good morning beautiful.” He smiled as you watched him with sleepy eyes. “Good morning, since when are you awake?” You ask as he didn’t stop touching your skin, now he was running his hand on your arm. “Long enough to watch my beautiful girlfriend sleep and realize how lucky I am.” He said. “I love you.” You kissed him smiling.

One of Your French Girls (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

 My bag weighed at least a ton as I pulled myself up the steps of my dorm complex. Digging through my bag to look for my key, I passed one of my neighbors who was heading out. “Hi Y/N,” he smiled at me. I gave him a quick nod and a small smile before his curly head disappeared around the corner. From what I knew he was an art student, majoring in music or photography. I’m not sure which, but he always had a notebook with him that was full of writing and drawings. I am sure, though, that he and some of his friends are in a band and he plays the drums. They would always come ‘round the dorm he shared with their lead singer, Luke. I had met Luke at a coffee shop during the first week of school when he payed for my coffee after he had spilled his all over me. Their bass player, Calum, was in one of the fraternities on campus and Luke would always invite me to go. I was surprised that I had never seen Luke’s roommate at one of those parties. His name was Ashton, and from what I’d heard he was quite the nature lover but a real hit with the ladies because of his charm. I really didn’t care about the rumors I’d heard, I just really wanted to meet him and read that journal. 

 Stopping in front of my door I reached for the lock, but a small sticky note caught my eye. It was a standard, pale yellow sticky note. Written on it, in slightly messy handwriting, was a message. 

Y/N, you left your door open when you left for class this morning so I did your laundry for you.

And that was it. No signature. No indication of who this stranger was. Alright then. I opened my door to find my laundry basket filled with freshly washed and folded clothes, sitting on my bed. Everything was there and there were no drugs in any of the pockets. I figured it was just Luke being a good neighbor, but then I remembered he had class before me on Tuesdays. And I knew it wasn’t my roommate because she was almost never here, and when she was she would never think to do my laundry. At this point I was far too exhausted to figure out who had done my laundry because at the end of the day I had clean underwear and that’s all that mattered. 


 Another sticky note. This time it was pink. Clearly my secret messenger had run out of yellow ones and had to find a new stack. Every day when I returned my dorm room there seemed to be a new note on my door. Not always something important, but sometimes. 

Y/N, you look pretty today.
Y/N, you dropped some change on your way out. (this was accompanied with an envelope containing three dollar bills)
Y/N, the washing machine in the basement is broken, you’ll have to use the one on the fifth floor.
Y/N, you received a package today while you were out. Luke has it, whenever you get back.
Y/N, did you get a haircut? I like it.
Y/N, I heard about your scholarship, congrats.
Y/N, I was wondering if I could use you as my muse for art class?

The last one confused me because I had absolutely no clue who was leaving me messages. I decided to start leaving my own sticky notes when I went to leave. I found a light blue note to write on:

Stranger, I would love to be your muse. 

I found a response when I got back after my lecture:

Y/N, great. I’ll meet you tomorrow afternoon at 2 in the art studio. Room 20. 

As I was unlocking my door I heard the door across the hall open. Ashton emerged, carrying his journal, along with several other textbooks. I looked up startled, “Oh hi Ashton.” He gave me a smiled, closing his own door. “Hi,” he nodded towards the sticky note in my hand, “another love note?” He smirked at me. “I wish,” I laughed, “No, it’s just, well I’m not really sure. All I know is I’m about to meet him-her-them, tomorrow at the art studio. Praying they aren’t a serial killer.” “I doubt it,” he laughed quietly, turning back down the hallway. As he left a piece of paper fell from his notebook and dropped to the ground. It was a small blue sticky note. Reaching down to pick it up, I turned it over to find my handwriting. So that’s who’s been leaving me messages. Or love notes, as he had put it.

 The skies opened up that night, letting the rain pour down all through the night and through the morning. There was no way I was going to trek all the way across campus in that weather, without wearing a full body rain suit. Rain boots would have to suffice. I put on my knee high, black Hunter rain boots over my black skinny jeans and a thick pastel pink sweater. I grabbed my raincoat before I left and started the long, wet walk to the art studio.

 It smelled like drying paint and lead. The entire art building. Most of the lights were off and there was nobody in the halls as I wandered around, in search of room 20. “Yup, this is how I’m going to die. Someone is gonna jump around that corner and just kill me,” I mumbled to myself. A door ahead of my closed and I stopped, moving towards the wall. Luke emerged, holding a guitar case. “Y/N?” “What are you doing here?” I asked, walking towards him. “Practicing. What are you doing here?” He asked me suspiciously. “Oh shut up, you know why I’m here,” I laughed. “How do you know? He wanted it to be a surprise,” Luke sounded defeated. “So it is Ashton?” I smirked in victory. “Yeah, how’d you find out?” Luke asked, slinging his guitar case strap over his shoulder. “He dropped one of his notes in the hallway,” I shrugged, “So, where is room 20?” Luke smiled, “Down the hall to the left.” He directed me down the dark hallway, “Have fun!” I waved back at him as I ran towards the door. 

 “Ash?” I called out into the large, seemingly empty room. There were a couple easels scattered around the room and it was almost completely pitch black. “How’d you know?” His voice echoed off the walls. “You don’t hide evidence very well,” I laughed. Ashton came out from behind one of the boards, wiping charcoal off his fingers. “Dammit, this was supposed to be a big reveal,” he pouted. “Hey, I’m still surprised. And slightly worried you’re about to kill me,” I confessed. “I’m not here to kill you. I’m here to pass my class,” Ashton giggled, reaching past me to turn on the light. “And maybe, if I’m lucky, get you to go to dinner with me after,” he gave me a smile, turning back towards his materials. “Come on,” he waved me over to the stool in front of his easel. I kicked off my boots and dropped my wet rain coat onto the floor, taking a seat on the stool. “I wouldn’t object ya know,” I smiled at him. “Hm?” Ashton looked up confused. “About going to dinner with you,” I bit my bottom lip nervously. “Really?” His eyes lit up and he fought back a smile. “You can smile, Ash. I’m just as excited as you are,” I giggled. Ashton let his head fall back as he let out a laugh. Sitting back upright he looked at me, holding his gaze on my face. “You are so beautiful,” he spoke softly, in contrast to his loud laugh. Ashton stood up from his stool and moved towards me. The only sound was his shoes against the ground and our breathing. He flicked a piece of hair out of my face and cupped my cheek. My eyes flickered down to his lips, right in front of me, and then back up to his eyes. Taking that as the go ahead, Ashton leaned forward and pressed his lips on mine. My arm went around the back of his neck, my fingers pressing into his shoulder. His free hand slid around my waist, gripping my hip. I had never been so lost in a kiss before, the way I was with Ashton. I still pulled away first, wiping my mouth and looking away shyly, “This is part of your assignment, Ash.” He laughed quietly, stepping back. “But,” I paused giving him a smirk, “if it was, you’d get an A+.” He smiled, shaking his head, “I knew I’d like you.” I laughed, “I knew I’d like you as well.” “Well then this is a good start,” Ashton nodded. “And, even better, you’re not the serial killer I thought you were going to be,” I teased, getting comfortable on the stool. “That’s good to hear,” Ashton giggled, picking up his pencil. “Okay,” I smirked, “Now paint me like one of your French girls.”

He Sees You For The First Time (LUKE)

Pairing: Luke Hemmings

Request: Yup!

A/N: This is gonna be from his POV like MICHAEL’S


“No, no, Luke. I’m pretty sure you’ll like her! I’ve met her before, and she’s fit,” Ashton said, urging me to go with him to meet two girls. “I’m friends with her friend.”

“What’s her name again?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“(Y/N). And her friend is (Y/F/N). And they’re waiting for us, so lets go,” he said, standing up from his seat and walking over to the door. He opened it and walked inside the small building. It was a quaint little coffee shop, but the windows were blocked with large writing signalling their grand opening. Reluctantly, I followed Ashton inside, and saw him greeting two beautiful girls.

I walked over to them, waving awkwardly before introducing myself. “Hi, uh, I’m Luke.”

The girl on the right smiled, and, oh god, she was breathtaking. “I’m (Y/N),” she said, holding out her hand, which I took lightly in my own. We both sat down, and I couldn’t keep my eyes of of her. The way she smiled and looked down as she laughed, and the way her eyes sparkled as she spoke. Ashton’s elbow nudged into my side and I glared at him, before realizing (Y/N) had asked me a question.

“Uh, what?” I asked, a blush creeping its way onto my face as I reached behind me to scratch my neck.

She looked down and giggled, and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. “I asked how it’s been to be back on tour?”

“Oh, um, I guess it’s been alright. I mean, I love seeing fans, that’s always great, but I do miss my family,” I answered honestly, feeling a bit less awkward.

The conversation carried on for probably twenty more minutes, before (Y/F/N) needed to leave and Ashton offered to take her. He had no subtly whatsoever as he wiggled his eyebrows at me, following (Y/F/N) out the door. I laughed softly at him, before turning my focus back towards (Y/N). The reality of the two of us being alone hit me and I stared at my empty mug awkwardly. God, why couldn’t I just say something? I thought, mentally punching myself for my horribly uncomfortable ways with women.

Thankfully, she broke the silence, and I think we must’ve stayed there for another hour, because by the time we were getting ready to leave, it was already dark outside. I walked her to her car, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek softly, before asking, “So, if I were to ask you on a proper date, what would you say?”

“Well, I mean, it would be a tough decision, but I’d probably say yes. If you were to ask,” she said, smiling widely. “I’ll give you my number, and next time you’re free, give me a call.”

“How does tomorrow work for you?” I asked eagerly, not even ashamed by how forward I was being.

“Tomorrow’s great, Luke,” she said, grinning, before she waved goodbye and got in her car. I stood there for a few minutes even after her car wasn’t insight, just thinking about how lucky I was to be going on a date with the most beautiful girl I ever met.

I began walking towards my car, throwing my fist in the air, pretty much exactly like Judd Nelson did in the breakfast club.




Sub!Michael (smut)

Author: Jemma Requested: No Requests are open!

Michael had always been dominant. It wasn’t a surprise really, judging from his loud, overbearing character. But lately he had been needy, somewhat submissive. You didn’t mind necessarily, it was just different.

That’s how you ended up here, Michael red and flushed beneath you, squirming slightly.

“(y/n)-” he groaned, running a hand through his hair. “Please, do something.”

You stood there, smirking down at him, all sweaty and needy. Slowly, you ran your hands up his milky white thighs, lightly, ghosting your hands over the outline of his dick through his boxers, making his hips buck up. Eventually you gave up the teasing, pulling his boxer shorts down his legs and onto the floor. You grabbed his length in your hand, pumping him lightly, making him whimper under you, moving his hips around to try and get some sort of friction. You licked the underside of his cock, trailing the vein that was now prominently sticking out, all the way up to the tip, sucking on his tip, earning a groan from the boy, his fingers now entangled in your hair, trying to push you down further, in which you pulled away from him fully.

“Kitten please- oh god, please” Michael whimpered helplessly.

“Be good, baby. Or else, okay?” You asked Softly, his head nodding right away.

Satisfied, you returned your attention to his dick, which was red, needing attention. You took him Fully into your mouth until he hit the back of your throat. He moaned loudly, head digging into the pillow underneath him. You bobbed your head on him, Michaels hips easing off the bed you meet your actions. His soft whimpers had turned Into long breathy moans and you knew he was close, his grip had made your hair into a makeshift ponytail, in which he pulled harshly on.

You then suddenly pulled off of him, staring down at him.

“Kitten! Fuck! Fuck no- please. Please let me finish- fuck I need to.” Michael begged, hips twitching.

Satisfied with his begging, you placed your mouth around him again, running your tongue across his tip, his hips raising and him pushing your head down until he was down your throat. He came with a high pitched whimper, his hips stilling as he released his load down your throat.

“Fuck, kitten. You shouldn’t have teased like that, now you’re going to get it.”