Who knew from all that they’ve experienced in the past, they’d end up where they are now. With each otherThey’ve crossed each others paths before, but they’ve never really acknowledged each other. From the moment they worked on their very first project together at this same time last year, they weren’t sure where their relationship would lead them a year from now. *Sigh. I think it was destiny. No one can deny that, and no one can control that either. If being with each other makes them happy, let them be happy!!! All you haters who think it’s just promo-promo, publicity, and lies, look at their actions and their terms of endearment!! It’s real. You can’t lie about love! Why would it be publicity if there is nothing to promote? After all the heartbreak, they decided not to hide their next relationship from the public anymore. So that’s what they’re doing now. And if you don’t believe that they’re real, he even admitted that he was courting Sarah and that he’s not dating anyone else because she’s the one he likes. “Slowly but surely!” What kind of man would just say that for publicity? He’s being a gentleman to one of the most innocent, most loved, most precious female figures in the industry. So if that’s all just a lie, then everyone would be disappointed in him. That would ruin him. Why would he do that to his own career? That would be just stupid for him to do. He’s human, you know. They both are. And they are allowed to love like the rest of us.

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The actor also reacted on the reports that Sarah allegedly received hate mails from some members of the Kimerald (Kim Chiu-Gerald) fans club.

Ganun talaga eh, meron talagang mga fans na ganun ‘yung paraan ng suporta nila. Wala na tayong magagawa d’yan, dating-dati pa ‘yan. Kumbaga ‘di ko na alam ang pwede kong sabihin na hindi ko nasabi pa tungkol sa isyu na ‘yan. But ako, si Kim and si Sarah,medyo matagal-tagal na rin kami sa ginagawa namin at medyo sanay na po kami at alam po namin na ganun talaga.

However, he clarified that he and Sarah have not talked about this subject.

Gerald admitted that he feels bad about this issue not only because it involved Sarah, but because this issue is unpleasant to any celebrity.

“Kahit hindi po kay Sarah o sa ibang tao, siyempre lalo na kung sa pamilya mo. Ganun talaga. Hindi naman kasi normal na sinasabi mo ang masasamang salita sa isang tao ‘di ba? Masasaktan ka talaga.”

Although he tries to be more understanding with some of his fans, he was quick to add that he does not support this behavior.

“Naiintindihan ko na ‘yun ang paraan nila sa pagpapakita ng suporta nila, pero hindi ko naman sinasabi na ‘yun ang tamang paraan. Kung ganon klaseng paraan na gagawin mo sa pagsuporta sa amin, siguro po mabuti na huwag na lang. Kasi ayoko pong makakasakit ng ibang tao, huwag po tayong mandamay ng iba na nananahimik lang.” 

Get your shit together people. You need to step back and see the damage you are making by badmouthing people close to your idols. You need to realise that Kim and Gerald have separate lives. They are free to do whatever they please and they don’t need permission from FANS. As fans our job is to SUPPORT. If you choose to support by bringing those close to them down, then be the bitter one and do so. But if you are a true fan and you have the mentality to be respectful, then be respectful. Don’t belittle others. I’ve read the most vile things about Sarah, about Xian, about anybody that is linked to Kim and Gerald and it’s disgusting. Sometimes I feel ashamed that I was once part of those fan clubs. What I say may hurt but it’s the truth. Gerald is speaking now. And if you love him so much you will listen to him and stop talking about Sarah so negatively. No one deserves this kind of treatment. Not Sarah, not Xian, or anybody for that matter. You guys need to get through your heads that Kim and Gerald are mature enough to make their own decisions, and they are capable of running their own lives. Stop trying to run their lives by sticking them together all the time. They have the right to get to know others. They have the right to be happy. So give it to them. Let them be happy. And if you really love them, you will support them no matter who they choose or what they do. #DEUCE


0.30- Sasa’s reaction when she saw Gege!

0.35-0.38- speechless!

0.53- first time Sasa looked at Gege after he came down from the back.

1.10- Gege ano sinisilip mo?

1.41- tingin ulit kay Baby Girl!

2.10- Tensed Sasa!


2.32- Comforting Babe!

2.34- Hawak ng mahigpit!

3.44- leaned closer to Baby Girl!

5.29- Hampas!

5.32- Bulong! (ohmaygaaad! ano kaya yun?)

5.36- hampas ulit! Sabay hagalpak! mangiyakngiyak!

5.44- silip ulit si Gege

5.46- hawak sa tyan mala ‘i’m the luckiest guy in the world’

5.52- hinga malalim si Gege stares at Sasa!

5:57- With You… sabay tingin kay Gege!

6.02- Sasa hugged Gege

6.06- Gege returned the hug, leaned closer to Sarah, mas tinaas nya kamay nya sa likod ni Sasa, just as he was hugging her tighter, Sasa let go of the hug yung parang ‘hoyy may show tayo mamaya na yan!’ haha!!

And all throughout the video, both Sarah and Gerald have this undeniable smile na di mabura bura! Si Sarah yung bungisngis na kinikilig, Si Gerald yung mga ngiting labas yung shallow dimple with matching SIGH of saya containing himself to not show as much kilig.



Sasa&Gege: All of My Life

I was seriously teary eyed when I watched this video. Like, legit, touched and affected by what I was watching unfold before my eyes. Their story is so beautiful, you’d be envious about it too. They both came from very similar pasts. They were both involved in relationships that caused a lot of controversy in the entertainment industry. She was the conservative pop star with strict parents. And he was the action prince of prime time who was in a very popular love team.

Sarah had trouble opening her heart to another man because of the heart break she experienced in the past. But then Gerald came along and made her smile again. Both of them starred in two movies together, first one being their first real encounter together and the second movie being the one where their relationship blossomed. They keep saying that they are just friends, but their actions say much more than that.

They both even said in an interview that they weren’t going to hide their next relationship from the public. Because of their past, where they had to hide and lie about their significant others, they didn’t want to experience that again. That I am sure.

And now it looks as if things have gotten deeper in their relationship. Gerald is very vocal about his feelings about her. He even stated, “it’s obvious that i like her” and that “she knows i like her.” But Sarah seems to still be hesitant about accepting his love. She seems afraid to completely pursue what they truly have. But they are taking their time getting to know each other and that they are happy with where they are now. Even though their status is still “friends”, their hearts are already intertwined. The way he looks at her is so sincere and loving, and the way she smiles/giggles when he surprises is so cute.

It’s so rare to see two celebrities expose their blossoming relationship to the public. They know that there are going to be people out there that will not accept them, but because of this moment when he surprised her on her show, it was obvious that he didn’t care about what others thought about them. He’s willing to show the world that he was completely and totally smitten with this girl. She was the only person he saw at that moment. No one else existed. And the tears that appeared on her eyes when he was standing beside her as she sang said a lot. She got choked up and he comforted her to continue. Even though it hasn’t been verbally confirmed, their body language says it all.

Gerald Anderson is putting all of his effort to make her happy. He’s a real gentleman. He’s the definition of chivalry. He’s courting her the right way. He makes me want to find a man like him.

From Won't Last A Day Without You.


Lesson #1: Pay attention, para walang tensyon. Kung ikaw, lalaki ka, meron ka nang girlfriend, aba’y iwas-iwasan mo nang tumingin sa ibang magaganda at sexyng babae ng hindi ka natutukso!

Lesson #2: Makiramdam kay madam. Ang babae, kapag sinabi nyang okay lang sya, ibig sabihin nun hindi talaga sya okay!


Lesson #4: Be consistent.

LESSON #5: ROMANCE IS A SLOW DANCE. Dapat ang kiss, nagpapamiss kasi yung paghihintay, yun ang pamatay. It’s about that moment before the kiss. Dun ngayon pumapasok ang romance. And you want that moment to linger kaya dapat, eye contact. Make her feel beautiful, na parang sya lang yung nakikita mo. Pwede mo syang hawakan sa buhok, sa pisngi. Make her feel safe, needed, loved…