This is Sabrine, I commissioned a adopt from *pastelletta (And added a few things) she is such a cutie~ So fun to draw goo girls again. nsfw ? idk putting it there because she is half naked just incase for tumblr savior.

Name: Sabrine
Age: ??
Personality: Naive and Sweet
-Ill do more later but i have to go shopping so will update late tonight or tomorrow morning-

Monster High fan character, She was made for the 30 day challenge but i’m a few days ahead, i figured why not xD I’m going to do one of those MH Bio Templates for the challenge but for now imma write her bio here.

Name: Puurillia
Child of Werecats
Age: 16

Killer Style- Mix n’ “Match”
Freaky Flaw- When I feel inspired I cant stop myself from expressing my feelings with clothes, sometimes not even my own… trying to show others what I thinks looks fangtastic on them.
Favorite Color- Red
Favorite Food- Fish Stir Fry
Biggest Pet Peeve- Monsters who try to stop others from being themselves. 
Favorite Activity- Sketching!
Favorite School Subject- Home Ick
Least Favorite Subject- Math

Sooo much Info, anyway off to take a nap~ xD

I have not drawn Lola in a long time, about a year ago, I have been thinking it over for days decideing what i wanted to do but I decided to keep most things the same but changer her up. Lola was my first adventure time Oc i am kinda out of the adventure time fandom but I missed her so she is not really a adventure time oc anymore she is just my oc.

Lola’s Old Design-

Lola (c) =Ashourii

-mini rant warning-

Anyone who is upset with the EAH special that is going to premiere on nick on the 15th, being just the webisodes and legacy day put into one need to stop and think. I found out about Monster High before its T.V release which was? The first few webisodes put together with a little bit of extra content. BUT more importantly it spread so much more awareness to the target audience to make the series more well known.

I for one am super hyped because this could very much be one of the things to get EAH really out there for all the kids, which basically means success and more dolls (Legacy Day Maddie and Cedar you will be mine<33) People often forget that Mattel owns both franchises and while you certainly don’t need to be a fan of both don’t be upset at one franchise doing a thing when your perfectly fine with the other doing a thing.

As a lover of Barbie, Monster High, and <3 Ever After High <3 I really need to stop going on about this stuff. I just love all three and I wish people could be more respectful with their criticism’s