Uhm, well I mean, I feel like I know the Miz pretty well, but these days he’s, he’s added something to his game, he’s extra sneaky, he’s extra crafty, extra.. Annoying, I guess even though that’s his thing. Honestly it was a battle royal, it’s about gettin’ guys out and my pride had been lookin’ for the top dog in the fight, and I’ve never seen Sheamus lose a match; so I said ‘y’know what I wanna take this guy out myself’. And I felt it, y’know, I felt like it was me and Sheamus in that ring and the wwe universe beggingpleading for this one time to be this moment for me and for them and for all of us, and uh, I finally came out on top for a split second. And, uh, never take your eyes off the prize, I don’t know, I just, I didn’t see him, there was a lot of people out there it was a battle royal and I was focused on winning, focused on hanging on, focused on being the best damn sports entertainer and I wanted to prove it tonight. I wanted to become the new intercontinental champion not just because its a championship, not just because all this pride is on the line, but because I feel like I don’t just need it, I feel like i owe it to the wwe universe. To give them back something some tiny shred of everything they’ve given to me, and I put my body on the line every night.. and tonight was no different, I, uh.. classic Dolph, this close.. right from my finger tips, see ya.