Seriously though, whenever you feel bad about your art the best thing to do is STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING. Drop everything. Seriously. Get out of that negative way of thinking. Take a break, go do something fun just maybe, go play with your pet, call up that one friend of yours, grab taco bell, watch that series you’ve been putting off?? Watch some movies…. get some ice cream??? Ok.

Then when you’re not being all negative nancy about your art, you’re gonna want to to go through some of your recent works. Find stuff you like, stuff you don’t like. Compare the two. Make a list of things you like and want to keep in your art. Then make a separate list of things you absolutely hate and want to change. Basically you’re giving yourself an analysis. If you can, ask for feedback on these lists of yours as well to get another point of view. Once you’ve done that, you can start working on what you’d like to change about your style! Set some goals! It could be that you need some improvement in coloring or maybe anatomy, or maybe you want to draw more of something you just aren’t good at! (My goal in college was to get better at humans since I drew mostly animals..and well look at me now). Most of these things just require a good amount of practice and seeking out artists you like who have the qualities you want to add to your own works. It’s also helpful to keep art blogs of these people bookmarked so they can be a source of inspiration to you!

You’re basically never gonna feel good about your art unless you do something about it. You’re not gonna magically feel better about it overnight either after doing this for a short while. It’s something you have to keep at and give some TLC to constantly. You need to be more passionate instead of being more negative. It’s ok to feel a little down about your art, that’s normal and we all have days like this! But like, you can’t stay that way forever. Things aren’t gonna get better unless you want them to.

It’s funny cause I’ve been sketching out some ideas for a Sanji print since I was asked about one at the previous con I sold at. You know, a solo one. Him by himself. Probably one like Ace’s or maybe one to match Usopp’s.

But now I feel compelled to just throw everyone in there. Sanji can never be alone now. Ever. Can’t cook alone. Can’t pee alone. Can’t go for a walk alone. Can’t sleep alone. That’s it. Game over.

Sorry Sanji, but I don’t make the rules. That’s just the way it goes.

Abuhsuhs I’m gonna die from shaking so much because I just got out of my meeting with a recruiter from Disney animation and the response I got was way better than I was expecting and they’re gonna get in contact with after all their meetings alskskndbd

Pushing two non-mutual friends of yours together in hopes of them becoming friends because you feel as though their personalities are compatible is eerily similar to dropping off two of your pokemon off at the daycare center. Seeing them interact accordingly is like checking up on your pokemon’s stats to see how they’re getting along and just being so pleased about it. 

Then suddenly an egg might appear out of the blue and that’ll be okay too I guess.

I just got back from bringing over the first round of my stuff to the new place and met with the guys I’ll be staying with. This is how I was greeted.

"It’s really hard to tell, but are you over 21?"


"GOOD, DRINK UP. " and I was handed some hard mike’s lemonade. 


And then we got on the subject of anime cause I was unloading all my cosplay and artist alley stuff out of the car.

"Oh yeah we’re big anime fans here too besides the furry stuff."

"Oh me too, I’m gonna be working on some cosplay stuff..hope that’s ok."

"Ah, who are you working on?"

"Ummm Usopp from One Piece."



and then an intense moment was shared as we placed our hands on each other’s shoulders. Then he goes.

"you dirty crossplayer you."


I’m gonna be with such lovely people. We’re gonna get along jussstt fineeee.


I am

back from graduating today, I can finally use this reaction pic I’ve been saving all this time just for this very special occasion


I felt this way the entire ceremony, everyone’s SO EXCITED and I’m like “uh????”

I’ve got a month to figure out where to stay now since my parents are giving me the option to not move back home if I find something…somewhere…surprisingly. Hopefully I can find some people to move in with or something of that nature.

ALSO SUDDENLY followers out of nowhere, hello new people!! 

I’ll be a little bit more inactive since I’ll be gone this weekend and possibly longer if some friends wanna keep me after the con haha. But I’ll be around tonight finishing up a thing to email to my teacher… and hopefully, if it comes out alright, turn into a print.

Psst…. so thanks to a very generous friend of mine, I’ve finally acquired myself a 3DS XL and a copy of Pokemon Y..!!

So I’m looking to add some friend codes if anyone wants to add mine. My FC is 3711-8755-9943.

I’ll probably make a list of pokemon I’m looking to trade for soon, but as for now, if anyone has any shinx (normal or shiny!) available for trading, I will gladly take them. I guess I can give you guys scatterbugs for now…since I mean, you might want one from my region or something. I’m only at the very beginning here.

Ok so Lizzie was saying how she wanted to start sending me cards for every week I completed of my dieting..and you know I thought she meant actual cards, you know greeting card or whatever. I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS….

I feel like I just won an academy award for losing however much I’ve lost already. Idk I’m not keeping up with the numbers.